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  1. None that I saw. Walked from the Stadium back to town. Lots of depressed looking Falkirk buses passed, but no trouble
  2. I've been told that there are no sizes over XXL left, very few available and none available in Victoria Centre shop.
  3. Well there could always be an exchange of bands or a wee fee fer a personal appearance ? Will probably stick to The Hoot at St Enochs before the game. God Knows where I will be after
  4. Are the Errea strip sizes still funny or have they fixed them to normal people's sizes?
  5. That's a shame. Guess I won't see you guys pre match then
  6. Have we sold out I3 then? I have no idea. I2 were on sale from the start to season ticket sellers.
  7. We have also been selling tickets in I2
  8. That's what I am wondering seeing as I live in NI.
  9. Wholeheartedly agree. Club should publish the progress of CF ticket sales. We are a small fan base club and should be open about this. I feel that the fairweather fans wil relish the glory on the day but for whatever reason don't/won't go TCS for the less "glamorous" league games. I would love to go to as many home games (and away games) as possible, but personal circumstances dictate otherwise. I think you will find that there will be a lot of fans who used to go to matches but for whatever reason are now living overseas who are making a trip especially for this game. If you are sug
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