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  1. I honestly believe we can push Celtic for the title this season.
  2. It's all very well putting a positive spin on our 'great season', but truth be told we should have been miles clear of St Johnstone by this stage. Looking back at all the games we dominated, all the sitters we missed, all the sloppy late goals we've conceded. We will never have a better chance to qualify for Europe, it was there on a plate for us and we totally blew it, allowing a much weaker team to trundle over the line ahead of us.
  3. Considering the Sheik has spent over £500,000,000 on the playing squad at city since he took over you can't blame him for having high expectations. They were tosh in europe this year.
  4. Hogg looks super fit to me. He made a run all the way into the DU 18 yard box at one point yesterday, haven't seen an ICT centre half do that since Nauris Bulvitis. I think he'd add a bit of much needed bite to our midfield in the absence of Foran and Draper. Agree on OTJ, think he's a bit too Barrowmanesque for a pressing, high tempo, scrappy game like next week. Although his long range shooting could come in handy on such a mickey mouse small pitch.
  5. I hope they win today. Worst case scenario is neither Highland team getting into europe.
  6. They need to win. Let's sit in and hit them with pace on the break. Reguero Raven Meekings Devine Shinnie Hogg Taylor Sutherland A Shinnie Doran McKay
  7. The negativity in this thread is OTT. The players put in a massive shift yesterday. They were out on their feet at the end. We dominated most of the game. On another day we would have won by a comfortable margin. It was a bit of a freak result imo. Sometimes your luck just isn't in. At least it's still in our own hands and we have one of the most exciting spectacles ever to look forward to. A highland derby for europe.
  8. More like we wish we could play them every week.
  9. In contrast to County, who cheated and dived their way to a defeat.
  10. Don't know what I enjoyed more, the three points or Dererk Adams customary meltdown.
  11. Don't think we've gone off the rails. It's more of a repeat of the start of the season. We're playing good football, creating lots of chances but not getting the breaks in front of goal. Meanwhile every duff pass, shot and cross at the other end of the park seems to ricochet straight into the path of an opposing striker for a tap in. We're just running bad, not playing bad.
  12. Esson Meekings Warren Devine G Shinnie Draper Doran Roberts A Shinnie Foran Pepper
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