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  1. Off to Stevenage on 3 year deal.
  2. My father, a season ticket holder since 94 and at Caley before that, has just told me this will be his last! How many more are there like him?
  3. David Davis is returning to Wolves, It was his decision.
  4. I am sorry, the buck stops with the manager. He is a clever operator who has many of the fans and the media eating out of his hand. But the table or the goals against record does not lie. We have a management team who were international defenders, but we could not keep a clean sheet against 11 traffic cones! I will continue to back them and the team, but lets cut out the nonsense and stop thinking we are in a false position. At the moment we "talk" a great game, sadly the manager or the players don't back it up.
  5. French left back joins on 1 year deal after being released from Barnet.
  6. caley1980


  7. It's disappointing ICT don't seem to want to embrace the idea of web highlights, for what ever reason. Even more frustrating as people have offered their time and expertise. The idea of involving the media course at Inverness college seems to be a very good one, beneficial to both parties. As I have said on a previous thread I feel the SFL need to examine the use of the web to increase exposure of their product. Tv companies are not going to show the SFL, the budgets are not there. But with co-operation from the member clubs a web based goals round-up is a possibility. It could be produc
  8. On the evidence of the season so far we will be involved in a relegation scrap. I still burst out laughing at the managment, players, fans and media, who not only talk about us being promoted, but being one of the favourites! Have a look at the table, it says it all and has done for weeks. We are simply NOT good enough.
  9. I wasn't there, but I am told by those who were he was very poor. However booing individual players from your own team is completely destructive. Fans have every right to be frustrated at by all accounts was a terrible team performance, but picking out individual payers, booing them during the game and as they are taken off ! something I have never done or ever will do.
  10. The club should be looking at putting match highlights on the web, it increases profile and could act as another revenue stream. I am afriad fans who don't make it to most games are in for a stark reality check on media coverage, NO SFL highlights package has been agreed with the broadcasters (STV BBC) the odd live match will be on BBC ALBA as last year. It's just not cost effective for the tv companies to show an SFL highlights package , so it's up to the clubs and the SFL to find other ways to get their product out there, surely every club should have match highlights on the net?
  11. Earlier this week, as someone who has given up one of his two season tickets, the club sent me a christmas card and a letter asking me to buy a half season ticket ! If it wasn't so sad it would be funny! I feel I would have a claim under the trades description act. My admiration goes to all those who are still attending TCS, you deserve so much better.
  12. As has been said there is no room for sentiment in football, but I can't help feeling this is yet another blunder! The fabric of the club is being ripped apart, we seem to be stumbling around with no plan or direction. Never mind I am sure freeing up Barry Wilson's wages will alow us to get Ritchie Byrne!!!!!!!
  13. We can't see a game out, and never look like keeping a clean sheet! I laugh when other teams say in the media Inverness is a difficult place to play! 5 league wins in 10 months would suggest If I was opposition manager I couldn't wait for the next trip up the A9
  14. Very weak defence, and the most inexperienced forward line in the SPL, We were always going to struggle this season Will we have any money to change things in the Jan window AND would you trust our Manager with the cash ?
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