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  1. I am looking at the costs of attending away fixtures in the Scottish Premiership for the Scottish Football Supporters Association (SFSA). While the recent BBC price of football survey shows that the cost of attending an away game has either stayed the same or fallen, some SPFL clubs are still charging more than £20 for an away match ticket. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/34506759 The SFSA and the Football Supporters Federation feel that this is enough for away fans to pay given the cost of travel. Given that ICT are geographically isolated in comparison to other clubs, I wondering
  2. Leapfrog Anyone? INVERNESS CALEDONIAN THISTLE welcome fellow high fliers Hamilton to the Tulloch Caledonian Stadium this Saturday. Both teams will be keen to forget recent losses and continue to compete at the top end of the table. A win for Inverness would see them jump above Hamilton on Saturday in the season long game of leapfrog. Caley Thistle currently occupy fourth in the SPFL table, following a one nil loss against Celtic at the weekend. John Hughes’ men have been ever present in the early stages of the title race having gone undefeated in October. Hughes felt his side wer
  3. I'm happy to help out too. I no longer work evenings and weekends so I should be able to make more games.
  4. Keep going lads, water the seed and get educated....
  5. The fact Hughes said in a live radio interview words to the effect of "I'll need to watch what I say because you don't know who'll be listening...." just hammers home the lack of faith I have in his management at the club. Frankly its becoming harder and harder to deny.
  6. Totally unacceptbale. I await to see what Hughes has to say. Really not enjoying us at the moment.
  7. Which team has something to play for again?.....
  8. No he shouldn’t be sacked but if he keeps this torrid form up much longer then I don’t know how his job could be tenable. I was disappointed in Hughes’ appointment. I would have rather had Kenny Sheils, Paul Hartley or even Jimmy Calderwood. At the time I accepted that although Yogi wasn’t my first choice I would give him a chance. We have been utterly abysmal under his leadership. Prior to the Partick game we went five games without scoring. We managed one home win which was against a team two tiers below us (in a reply I might add). We have only won two in a row once. Under Butcher
  9. Esson and Warren in the team for Saturday please.
  10. Whats next? We dust ourselves off and give it a good go against Motherwell. I do think we need to look at the way we play. McKay looked isolated up front and I find it baffling that we haven't looked at more attacking options. With the exception of the League Cup semi its been a gloomy few months and we really need to change that.
  11. Thank God people like him are becoming increasingly irrelevant in modern Scottish life. By the sounds of things he watched the game whilst drinking at home or in the pub. He was probably just annoyed that he wasn't being buttered up by either half of the Old Firm or people who still take what this joke of a human being says as verbatim.
  12. I could tolerate a bookies I suppose if it was a good deal.
  13. I ordered for me and eight others on Monday. Can't wait.
  14. I am happy as long as we get a decent deal and it isn't a payday lender/pawnshop/bookies.
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