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  1. Looked nervous. Dropped the ball early. Let in a goal from a corner. Yeah, he's only third choice and he played as well as he could. But it's still his fault we let in the 2nd goal. That's a 2-1 win. If he's not to be blamed for not being good enough then it can't be ok to have a go at Austin or White for not being good enough either.
  2. Nah. ICT were best in the match. Falkirk had a few chances but were never in control. The subs just made for a scrappy game at the end.
  3. Dodgy keeper cost us. Polworth a different player when switched to the centre. White unusually quiet. Macaulay (however it's spelled) looks good. I'm fairly happy dominating an away game before injuries and only losing due to a third choice keeper.
  4. Have to agree with Gregor. If you only play one player up front and no genuine attacking midfielder, then, unless they are far too good for this division, there's going to be a lack of goals. Abandon this 4-2-3-1 formation. There's patently enough evidence that we dominate possession without penetration. Take a chance with two strikers. It's the only way to have a chance of scoring enough goals.
  5. Really need to play a second striker or an attacking midfielder with a goal threat. Especially at home.
  6. We dominate the middle because we play 5 midfielders. We have possession without penetration. Our sole outlet is White against 2 central defenders. No-one there to get knock downs or to make a late run to draw markers off White. I'd take the chance of giving up some possession and see if Austin can take that deeper role. He's got the skill but can he be badgered into giving his all? Not convinced but, without buying, no-one else can do it.
  7. Thanks for explaining ? It doesn't matter how they're scored but playing a 5 man attack doesn't mean more goals. Tactics have always been important. A more natural attacking mid/forward would mean more goals than a poacher in a 4-2-3-1 system.
  8. I don't think it is finishing. It's the central attacking midfielder. ICT is converting midfielders to forwards. But that system works best when you have a forward that can drop back, like Foran or Sanchez in the past. David Platter was terrific at it as he was a converted attacker. Get someone behind White and the goals will go up.
  9. Is it down to the loch I fear? Play your best players: OFW, Raven, Warren, Polworth, Vigurs, Trafford, McKay Play players that can possibly get better: Seedorf, Bell Play the best of the rest in a formation that maximises our strengths, i.e. midfield and defence. Now I know many of these best players are past their best or have other weaknesses but they are still our best. With the lack of goalscorers and creative talents, that means getting point by other means than a striker. So, probably wingbacks at this stage: OFW Seedorf Raven Warren McKay Tremarco Traf
  10. I considered the diamond formation myself but I don't think we are strong enough. So, what have we got? A couple of the new full-backs that seem best at going forward (as is Tremarco). Our current central defenders are dodgy, plus the GK needs added protection (although I'm also in favour of OFW playing again). In the background, we have our captain and a very good defender, although perhaps not what he was and a proven full-back that could convert to a centre-back. For me that spells three centre-backs (Raven, Warren and McKay), with attacking wing-backs (Seedorf and Tremarco/Calder). Vi
  11. How about we just go for: Director of Football: Steve Paterson Manager: Terry Butcher Assistant: Maurice Malpas Attack Coach: Richie Foran Technical Coach: Charlie Christie Fitness Coach: Craig Brewster Defence Coach: Sergie Baltacha Youth Coach: John Robertson Actually, that's not bad! I'm sure they'd all get on (I think they might!)
  12. Just gifted, I guess. Why are you not?
  13. Yeah, better to sign someone who has limited experience in managing a first team but, when he did, it ended in failure, rather than a manager with a track record of success. As for not being a clogger, how do you know? You been watching Aberdeen Reserves lately? All most of us know is that he got his only professional team relegated and once played for Inverness. Ross County finished top of the Development League. Why not sign their manager? Or Partick Thistle's? Or Falkirk's? All of whom finished above Aberdeen (as did many others). It's because he once played for Inverness...a
  14. Danny Lennon did brilliantly with Cowdenbeath, getting them from the Third to the First Division on no money. I also applaud what he did at St Mirren, winning them the League Cup and got them into safety, only to be stabbed in the back and for Saints to crash to relegation without him. Poor at Alloa but overall that's a much better record than either Darren Dods* or Paul Sheerin have had. (*although I wouldn't have much of an issue with Dods stepping up)
  15. If Mourinhou's so good, how come he gets sacked? Biggest bullies? Alex Ferguson. Jocks' Stein and Wallace. Brian Clough. If it works, it works. Craig Brewster always seemed nice. So what?
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