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  1. Do you go to away games or just home games?
  2. 3 players below are not on list Tom Walsh who is second top scorer Polworth probably top for assists White who is top scorer and probably will be important in the playoffs Just think it should have been open to all players like we do on the forum for match days. Strange one imo
  3. We are top of the away league but unfotunately we are 6th of the home league which has cost us the title. Maybe if the home fans got behind the team in the same manner of the away fans then we would maybe produce more points. In reality its the same team so I dont think they decide not to turn up for home games. Same team different atmosphere so maybe Robbo was correct few months ago
  4. Correct even if what Jack says and we bottle it and lose our next two games we go into final game of season against Dunfermline 3 points ahead.
  5. Thats a bit of a depressing post Cmon I tbink we have a great chance to have a real go at them. Hearts struggled against Partick and many of their own fans think they are s###. But then again you dont think too highly of your own team 😂 Couple of wee omens about our Scottish cup run Jordan White is the current top scorer left in competition with 6 goals only second overall to Dobbie on 7 Joe Chalmers has just won goal of the the last round. So cmon its not all doom and gloom. Lets make some noise and support the boys.
  6. As I said top playera miss pens One of them just missed one for Man City Maybe they should have a look at our under 18s lol Keep expectations reasonable folks
  7. Yeah why dont we play the young lads on Saturday then?
  8. I actually think we have a great team spirit at the moment and just like Watford did yesterday the players desire and support from the fans can take us through.
  9. I Didnt say more than 65% was not achievable but 100% is unreasonable
  10. The best players in the world have missed penalties so chances are we will miss pens too . 65% conversion rate could be improved on I’m sure , but expectation levels like your good self is unrealistic.
  11. Exclude the penalty shoot out we wouldn’t be going to Hampden so we can’t exclude them 😐 Just need a bit of perspective and I did say we can improve.
  12. Lets get this in perspective According to my memory we have had 14 pens this season including the penaly shoot out. We have scored 9 and missed 5 so 65% conversion rate , oh how the yes voters in Scotland would yearn for that %. So in reality we have scored more than we have missed but I do agree that we can improve, but to constantly go on about it especially when management does the same isnt helping the players when they step up to take a pen. Donaldson Polworth Welsh White Doran These guys have all missed pens during a game this season, but lets remember 4 of them all scored in the penalty shoot out to take us forward in the Scottish Cup. So next week when we are all at Hampden it was goals scored from the penalty spot that got us the day in Glasgow. On yesterday game some great summing up already in the forum from Rig Caley Stan and others,great to hear about the players having photos with the wee lass in her first game. Fantastic result.