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  1. Honestly I am totally bewildered by your observation. So half glass empty attitude imo. We didnt need to capitalize on the goal we needed to keep a clean sheet and win the game which is exactly what we did. I can understand the anger after Arbroath but cannot for the the life of me understand the negativity after Saturdays performance. Some of our fans really like to micro manage the team, wonder if they would like the same done to them in their workplace. I somehow think not. It really is just depressing on here at times.
  2. Rig we had shipped 6 goals in 2 games, so Im a bit surprised you didnt see the good performance on Saturday. We go one up in 16 mins and managed to keep the lead for the rest of the game with the team fighting and defending in an organised fashion. We went top of the league a few weeks ago against Alloa and were unable to keep the lead for 5 mins then went into a slump culminating in the shambles against Arbroath Saturday was back to the fighting spirit we showed in the play off games last season, I for one thought in the circumstances of a virus running through the club was an outstanding performance and could be pivotal in defining our season. 2 clean sheets in a row, through to a semi final , 3rd in the league compared to 4th ,more points this year compared to last year at game 14 and the fighting spirit back. Whats not to like Rig ? Of course we are not brilliant but lets face it neither is Scotland national team but we are only 2 games away from qualifying for a Euro final. I feel the same about us if we can follow this up with a win at Alloa we are on our way to the premiership playoffs and the win against Dundee will have been the turning point to get us to second spot. We are then capable of getting to the final and one game against premiership opposition will cap an incredible season. Its not all about pretty football its all about character and we had that in abundance on Saturday. Saturday to me was exactly the opposite to the feeling I had at Arbroath. I got my belief back We need you to get your belief back too because you are one of the best posters on here. Keep believing👍
  3. A real team performance yesterday, every player seemed to know their role and executed it very well. Defended as a team and managed to keep another clean sheet. Probably the best team performance of the season, well drilled organised and won against a team that should be challenging for promotion if we go by budget. Well done to every single player and the management who made correct substitutions at correct times imo. Only one goal scored but thats all you need if you keep a clean sheet. This result was top drawer.
  4. Funny you say that because Im sure half of Whites goals that he has scored for us has been headers 😁
  5. No Vincent does too but for some reason Robbo prefers Carson Looking at assists from midfield this season in league top 3 are Keatings 4 Vincent 2 McGregor 2
  6. Agree as Ive posted elsewhere , get the defensive side of the team sorted and we will be in play offs, compared to last season thats the one big red flag as we have conceded 8 more goals but have scored 3 more after 13 games.
  7. Well I would have certainly kept the two players who have scored most goals this season on the pitch for the latter part of Saturdays game. however the problem is we have now leaked 8 more goals in the league compared to same time last season. We have actually scored 3 more so its obvious its the defence is the problem but Robbo keeps trying to blame both areas of the pitch. I mean blaming Toddy and Donaldson for half chances , maybe Storey should have done better but the manager seems to see half chance as glorious chances but at least we are scoring more than last season. So as ive suggested maybe we have to have 3 centre backs at back and have cover from wingbacks to protect our back line but whatever we do we need to stop conceding so many goals. Last season at same stage P13 W4 D9 L0 F16 A10 21 points 4th in league This season P13 W6 D2 L5 F19 A18 20 points 4th in league Its so clear that the defensive side of our game just needs to get back on track and we will be ok for playoffs
  8. Dont think its lack of effort, would probably say its lack of direction from the management thats the problem, we went two down on Saturday and yet it took some time for changes to be made. when it was made it was the lone striker this time Toddy who was replaced by White when imo he should have put white alongside toddy as both of these guys are jpoint top scorers so far this season , we needed two goals to get a draw however like for like change. Cast your mind back to queen of south away last season when we came back form 3 goals down to snatch a draw, in that game he changed the formation after losing goals to play with 2 strikers and yet in his post match comment he said he didnt have a clue who we got back into the game. I thought at the time surely he is kidding but maybe he was telling the truth because why take your joint top scorer off and replace him with Mitch Curry who is more of a winger than striker and keep thetwo guys in the middle who have scored most this season and surely have at least a better chance of scoring. If a manager has a plan B then he can use it immeadiately not hesitate and waste more minutes discussing what to do when going two down.
  9. Think we should try either 352 or 442 as the 4231 isnt working at the minute.
  10. It was a shambles today and no leadership from the sidelines at all. Why Robbo didn't try Toddy and White together immediately after we lost the second goal is bafflling and play Curry wide to replace Storey who had another poor game. But no he just replaced like for like after about ten minutes which is a very slow reaction on his part . Did he not have a clue what to do to change things? However its looking as if something has gone wrong since the Alloa game where we had actually gone top of the league for a short time until we conceded a late late goal. How can a team that were minutes away from being top fall so badly, Last four league games 1 win 3 lost since then. Could it be something as drastic as Robbo has lost the dressing room ? It appears he has lost the fans support and when that happens his days will be numbered. For anyone not at the game today , make no mistake Arbroath hammered us today and deserved their 3 goal victory. This was so much worse than last week. It needs sorted asap as the fans deserve better than this shambles.
  11. Not in the areas that were causes for concern before today Another 3 goals conceded and another loss.
  12. Agree with all you say Kinsmills and the teams league position and points tally has actually improved at the same stage compared to last seasons league campaign under Robbo.
  13. Lots of moaning on here since the defeat to Dundee utd which concluded a third of the seasons games. Strikers are gash, Robbo needs to go as we were not improving etc were the views of many on here. So I decided to compile a little report card to see if this would highlight areas of improvement and causes for concern. So as you can see we have actually improved in many areas as our league position, points tally, our wins.our draws, our goals scored, the number of players getting on the scoeresheet and the number of players who have had assists have all improved compared to last year in the league. The major cause for concern is in defence with the goals conceded which has actually gone up by 50% which in turn has led us to losing 4 games when in fact we hadnt lost any last season at this stage. One poster, think it was Satan called for new defenders, and he was lambasted but he maybe isnt that far off the mark.
  14. Actually White is good at holding the ball up and bringing others into the game. The problem is sometimes we resort to playing crazy balls to him which he has no chance of flicking on or holding up. He very rarely loses a ball at his feet and a high ball is always going to be 50/50 chance of winning and he wins his fair share of them. As for his goalscoring he has been consistent during his career and imo should be our main striker. White has scored 21 goals for Inverness the same number that Toddy has scored in his whole career. Your comment about game intelligence of White is directed at the wrong player imo. Having watched the Queen of South game and spoken to 4 other people who were at that game where Toddy played the full 90 would certainly put him in the frame for your comment. So I could understand fully why Robbo chose White v the Arabs instead of Toddy.
  15. Well maybe have a look at Whites last two goals for us and there is the answer. Two fantastic balls into the box from wide areas from young McGregor and Tremarco and two equally fantastic finishes by his head to score. Against Morton he also slotted the ball away well by a lovely pass from Vincent White is a very decent striker imo who needs more decent service from his team mates on a regular basis Its the lack of creativity from midfield that is the problem not the finishing from White. He dosent hide in any games Ive watched him and gives 100% He has become the scapegoat for Saturdays defeat when we lost 3 goals which is incredible. You would have thought he missed a barrowload of chances in the game. Unfortunately for him he has become the new Liam Polworth and gets the blame for nearly everything that goes wrong on the park.