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  1. That’s where I think Robbo will play Keatings maybe he is the guy to replace Polly
  2. Tough start but hopefully pay back time
  3. Fill your boots sir Stats from Soccerway I have also added Miles Storey just to see how he fares against our 4 signed players .Just to clarify the goal ratio is I goal per the number of starts or appearances so obviously the lower the ratio the better performance from the individual player. Sometimes we go with our gut feelings about a player but ultimately its the stats, especially with strikers, that should decide who we sign and play in the team. We certainly have good experience in White and Keatings and back up with Todorov and young Daniel so looking decent for the start of the season. Looking forward to even more signings and first game of the season.
  4. Aw its nice to be missed Feel all emotional now
  5. I agree with you about White going to Partick ,I’m sure he wouldn’t but the club could accept a bid for any player atm.
  6. Maybe he is coming in to replace White as I’m sure I read on P&B that Partick are very interested in White.
  7. Im sure Robbo will stay anyway.
  8. Maybe he is interested as most people would obviously want to look at an offer to decide whether or not its worthwhile to pursue. Dont like the club refusing to allow another club to speak to the manager as it can create bad feeling. Rangers were allowed to speak with McInnes but he said No. Robbo could do the same
  9. Poster of the year should go to Alan Simpson Funny guy He got me biting far too many times but he got me Well done 🤣🤣👍👏👏👏
  10. Alan you have lost it mate but it’s funny 😂
  11. Disagree we choked the semi final at the National stadium as we never played well at all as a team That did not happen in the playoffs at all imo
  12. Still never answered my direct questions tho Choking in the play off semis is that really what you think two debatable decisions changed the outcome of both games imo I don’t wish you to go away but wish you well in the future but cannot agree with your view of the season. Have a lovely summer
  13. On the flip side home fans dont offer same support as away fans.