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  1. Gregor

    Inverness Ct -V- Falkirk

    listen up folks Oakley 7 league starts 4 goals White 8 league starts 4 goals Anyone with any knowledge of football will know these stats are very good. Stop blaming the strikers and look at the other end of the park and maybe you will find where we need to improve.
  2. Gregor

    Edinburgh City - Scottish Cup

    Good point but its rugby and a different mindset from teams and fans. In football most clubs have a critical fanbase and we all want to win. Im no different I would rather watch a winning team than a team playing awesome football and losing. My gripe is not so much the critics but just picking out certain players to blame on a regular basis as I feel football fans aee guilty of that on a regular basis and therfore a scapegoat is all that is bad at the club. Its happened here with White , sure he isnt Ronaldo but he is nowhere as bad as some say. I have tried suggesting different formations as we have to find the correct formations to suit the players at the club. The buck stops with the manager he picks the team and since he has come back to the club has done well and I applaud him. However imo we have some really good players who we have use coreectly to get the best out of them.We saw a major glimpse of that at Dumfries in the latter part of the game with reverting to two up allowing Polworth space in middle of park to create and have the physicality of White and Austin beside him which helped make space for Walsh and young McGregor on both flanks. But what did we do against Edinburgh City , yes we played 2 up but put Polly out wide and played two players , Welsh and Chalmers who have played this season as defensive midfield players , and all of a sudden asked them to be creative in central mid. So Im not surprised it didnt work. Most managers would say if you get the spine of team cortect then you can build on that I feel that we have that in 5 very decent players below then add the width to this team and go 442 Ridgers Donaldson McCart Polworth White We all have opinions and that whats great about football. Being passionate is what being a football club supporter is all about and we at Caley are no different and sometimes this spills out to being over critical. I honestly believe we are only a little tweak away from going on a winning streak if we play to the strengths of the players we have at the club.
  3. Gregor

    Edinburgh City - Scottish Cup

    🤣🤣 hiya pal
  4. Gregor

    Edinburgh City - Scottish Cup

    Caley Girl Please accept my apologies didnt mean to offend.
  5. Gregor

    Edinburgh City - Scottish Cup

    Waken up people its a team game all players have to take responsibility and the management too.
  6. Gregor

    Edinburgh City - Scottish Cup

    yawn yawn
  7. Gregor

    Edinburgh City - Scottish Cup

    Cant believe you pick out White as the only one to complain about after that disgrace of a midfield performance. As I said before White is a decent player , who just happens to be our top goalscorer, but is the scapegoat for many fans.
  8. Gregor

    Edinburgh City - Scottish Cup

    Well that was a disaster of a performance and once again the usual blah blah of blame the strikers on here. White in particular is the scapegoat lol. The midfield was a shambles no creativity at all .Polworth did hee haw but miss a chance to score, he cant play wide right so why does Robbo play him there. Walsh couldnt make a decent cross all day cant miss the first defender. Why are we playing 2 defensive midfielders in central midfield no creativity from Welsh or Chalmers but thats not their game but Robbo picks them as central midfield, Madness imo after we did so well in latter part of game against Queens with Polworth central as a two and young McGregor came on wide. There were two misses from Austin and Polworth which should have been converted , but in reality we really need to get our midfield sorted to create more opportunities to score Polworth should be playing central, but he was bad today as were all his team mates in midfield.Walsh created nothing today, its no wonder as he never lifts his head to see his team mates in good positions. Have to say the pitch is a disgrace no wonder some managers have a right song and dance about these pitches. We will beat them at home but cmon we really need to uo our game creatively because that today was diabolical.
  9. Gregor

    ICT Xmas Dinner

    Absolutely fantastic gesture well done to all involved.
  10. Gregor

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    If you were at the game you would have seen the difference two strikers on at same time makes to the dynamic of the team,it allows more space for others like Polworth and Walsh as the defence have to keep their wits about them to cover the two forward players, imo both Austin and White did really well when introduced and helped change the outcome of the game. This isnt a critiscm of Oakley regarding the game on Saturday as one up top leaves the striker a bit isolated, I feel we really need to go all out attack on Sunday and two up front as a partnership would help greatly.
  11. Gregor

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    We need to sort out the silly mistakes at the back The strikers are fine just need to play two of them up top and get decent balls into box. Been saying this for weeks, on Saturday we needed 3 goals to just obtain a draw, cmon we need to wake up and stop blaming the strikers. Will say it again Thank God for Ridgers,apart from his dashing out of box on Saturday. However that first goal was shambolic and we need to be more disciplined as a defensive unit when we are attacking and not through as many bodies forward.
  12. Gregor

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    Below is a quote from a Queen of South Fan taken from pie and bovril " We really should have been out of sight with the number of good chances we created before JR changed the game. I was both surprised and relieved to see White and Austin on the bench today but boy, did they make a difference when introduced. Fair play to JR as he must have thought we have nothing to lose, let's go for it and see where it takes us." Hopefully Robbo goes two up top next week v Edinburgh City Well done to all the team today fantastic fightback.
  13. Gregor

    ICT record onnplastic pitches

    Only lost 27% of games so not too shabby
  14. Gregor

    Partick -V- Inverness CT

    tbf you are absolutly correct,didnt think it was a great performance at all.Thats why I will continue to bang on about changing formation. I understand that on Saturday it was difficult to do so with losing Calder, having Tremarco and Rooney injured, however we really need to be looking to change to a formation that is a bit more attacking as we are allowing teams to have a real go at us with the existing formation. Sometimes attack is the best method of defence. Partick should have been out of sight in the first half ,and they are a team who have been rubbish recently. Thank God for Ridgers because the defence just got opened up again so easily at times. Also it was interesting to see you only gave a 2 to Oakley ,but that dosent make him a bad player, but highlights the difficulty of the position of playing one up on his own, we have 3 good strikers on our books surely we have to start utilising them properly. Having said It was a brilliant victory and a wonderful goal from Walsh ,good to see midfielders chipping in with goals. Wins are what we want no doubt about it ,hopefully we can start to be a bit more confident in ourselves and really go for teams and get some decent wins on board , after all we are 24 games unbeaten which is no mean feat at all. A win at Queens with a good performance would put us in a great position going forward.
  15. Gregor

    Partick Thistle -V- Inverness CT - Preview

    ok apologies it wasnt how I read it tbf. Good preview very informative👍