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  1. Not quite correct 33.3% of premiership clubs voted for an investigation whereas only 10% of Championship clubs voted in favour that one club being ourselves. So what does that say about our fellow clubs in the Championship.?
  2. Polworth and White will link up well as you say at Motherwell if that is club where Big Jordan is going to . However life will go on and maybe some will get their hopes of Storey through the middle for next season whenever it may begin. My sentiments are exactly the same as yours which I have highlighted in bold from your post as you have put it better than I could have.
  3. Think we can compete but agree with ICT PAILEY it will be for playoffs if Hearts are relegated.
  4. It was actually one of the best sportsound programs Ive ever listened to, very informative.
  5. Thats great, it really hits home when family are affected.
  6. yeah Im sure they will ask for your advice lol
  7. Nice touch at the end of the end of the podcast. Well done lads.
  8. and your point is exactly?? You and a few other people seem to think it was given against us because we were playing Rangers, well Rangers have had plenty of decisions against them too. Sheer incompetance from the ref but the panel is a different story.
  9. This decision had nothing to do with Rangers so your Orange Lodge jibe is totally out of order. if you would care to look at social media or have a look at Rangers forums you will see that their fan base are as equally outraged as our selves regarding the decision of the referee. See below a couple of the many comments on Rangers Follow Follow fans forum all supporting our statement. Iloverangers87 Well-Known Member Yesterday at 10:07 PM Excellent statement. The fact that wasn’t overturned is an absolute joke GazzaG Well-Known Member Official Ticketer 44 minutes ago A player sent off against us, and yet you can't find a single Rangers fan who thinks it was a dive and that the appeal being thrown out was a joke. But somehow the SFA have managed to find a panel who think it was simulation. Super Caley going ballistic must still be gnawing away at them. I think RIG has summed it up as this decision is in response to Robbos outburst after the game , however I think Robbo was quite correct in his assesment of the referee. The statement from the club is excellent and it leaves the SFA without a leg to stand on. The decision to uphold the original decision of the referee is a disgrace and the whole of Scottish Football knows it apart from the 3 panel members.
  10. Try and start being a wee bit positive mate,so negative for one so young
  11. Alloa were the form team in the league when when we played them. You just proves my point. Expectation levels of fans ?
  12. Think the commitment is always there, just not appreciated by the crowd as they think we should be beating the likes of Alloa and Arbroath. But when we play a team from a higher division then the expectation levels are not as high from the fans re the result. The result always clouds the judgement of most fans and can lead to judgments on the commitment of the players.
  13. Didnt notice that at the time thanks for so kindly pointing that out ?
  14. Must be Livi cameraman highlights cos its mostly Livi on this and not usual quality highlights that we are used to.
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