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  1. Wow what a difference. Well done to all
  2. Agreed I for one am glad its over
  3. Never actaully went to appeal but understand why you thought that due to statement , Reason it never went to further appeal with the FIFA case and was never heard in Inverness court was that following agreement from both sides lawyers Marius agreed to drop both cases, but hey don't let the facts get in the way of some good spin, can't say more than that
  4. CD is spot on in stating that appeal grounds are very limited. Await with interest but instinct tells me that there will be no appeal and perhaps this is just being used as a negotiating tool to try to reach out of court settlement on the forthcoming Sheriff Court action. Sorted , I can assure you that he will get an appeal, and this is by no way a negotiating tool as Marius would not entertain an out of court settlement. What Marius was perhaps a bit guilty of is being a bit complacent a Have been wrong before though........ Sorted , I can assure you that he will get
  5. Bit of an update , Marius has today reviewed the decision from CAS with his lawyers and there is both grounds and avenue for appeal. Marius will be appealing
  6. Presumably because this was a Court of arbitration for sport and is the final port of call, and that when entering into arbitration both parties agree to abide by their ruling on any matter as final, therefore there is no scope for appeal. Yes Johnboy that's correct
  7. There will be no appeal just spoke to Marius again ,
  8. Not much I can tell you at moment folks when I spoke to Marius this morning he hadn't been informed of the decision as yet
  9. Marius spoke with his legal team and there was no need for him to attend added to the fact that DInamo were not keen to let him leave just before a game. Marius sat through a recording of the case and has given a response to it by letter. As it was ICT that appealed the case they have to cover the costs of the appeal along with the costs of Marius's legal representation. I can assure you Marius has no doubts over the case.
  10. That would go down as one of the more bizarre sackings in managerial history, he just took the team up at first attempt and without having any real funds to add to the team has notched up a couple of decent results so far in the SPL. Granted it was a strange team selectiontonight but perhaps he was worried about getting more injuries to key players, after all it is how ICT do in the league not the cups that will keep Butcher in a job
  11. Robbo wont be taking the Cowdenbeath job....in fact I have it on good authority that he had an interview for the Killie job over the weekend
  12. Really great news...going up to Spl with confidence having kept most if not all the team in place a couple of additions and we will be in great shape
  13. No deal done, in fact nothing has really happened recently just waiting to hear when the appeal will take place
  14. Both learning their trade very nicely at ICT, next part of education is in SPL next season, keep improving at that level and they have a great future, far to early for them both to leave.
  15. Its been laid on free of charge, we don't even know who it is yet and some would rather it was cancelled, quite incredible.
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