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  1. dan_ict

    Tickets for Ross County

    Roughly how many tickets to County have for our end? Anybody know?
  2. dan_ict

    end of the world

    Looking for survivors, Did anyone else survive the earthquake ?
  3. dan_ict

    Alternative Split

    Then what would be the point in the split ?
  4. dan_ict

    ICT -V- Hearts : Matchday Thread

    Apart from the ref, my day was ruined by some d*ck screaming at everything in section G. Couldn't ignore him because he was sitting right behind me.
  5. dan_ict

    tuffy starts for northern ireland v scotland

    Not looking good for Tuffey
  6. dan_ict


    http://www.foddy.net/Athletics.html This might be the most difficult and fustrating game i have ever played. My P.B is 10.7 metres
  7. dan_ict

    merged : 6th Round (QF) draw

    Am I correct in saying that it took a last minute goal from a guy with a very long name to put us out of the qaurter finals a few years ago ?
  8. dan_ict

    Yesterdays Attendance

    I will wager there will be plenty of empty seats tho....which, all things considered, is a pretty poor show! I really doubt that
  9. dan_ict

    What keeper for the Quarter-Final ?

    Would be unfair to drop Tuffey. Big Tels got some decision to make
  10. dan_ict

    Yesterdays Attendance

    I agree with dougal. If the low attendance this was a one off I would ignore this thread but I'm begining to see a patterns in the cup games, not just at TCS. Where are the usual 3000 home fans that turn out for the league games The mind boggles
  11. dan_ict

    St Midden Roll Call

    Me + 2