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  1. Hope you're wrong with your assessment RiG! I would have thought the club might have had a look at Scott Boyd as possible cover. He's a decent enough defender and is being squeezed out over the bridge. Would be more than competent cover in my view and would be certainly fit into our budget.
  2. Strong line up, but Raven and Meekings missing. Are they both injured?
  3. BBC website confirms Draper is out, but no mention of Meekings' suspension. I'm sure I saw him listed in the match day squad too. I'm sure the club are on top of things tho'.
  4. The latest BBC report seems to suggest the case was dismissed because the incident had been seen by the match officials after all. The article states "In his report, referee Steven McLean had explained he had sought the advice of Alan Muir - the official behind the goal - and was told by him that he thought the ball had struck the defender's head". This being the case, should the CO have even been involved? Officials saw the "offence" but got it wrong. I thought the CO could only cite for things missed by the match officials?
  5. I know this has been mentioned on another thread (can't find it just now), but is there proper clarity on the most likely permutations that would see us qualifying for European football? As I understand it (& this could certainly be wrong!) the most reasonable possibilities are:- * We finish 4th in the league (behind Aberdeen & Motherwell) & Aberdeen play The Rangers in SC Final * We finish 4th in the league (behind Aberdeen & Motherwell) & Aberdeen beat Dundee Utd in SC Final Is that correct, and are there any others that could see us qualify?
  6. Really frustrated! Yet again team selection sets us up far too narrow and we are crying out for width. Eventually Yogi makes some changes and we get some width, ultimately resulting in a cracking goal from Christie. I felt we actually matched Motherwell pretty well & their 2nd was a real sucker punch. We certainly seem to get punished badly for almost all small gaps left at the back. Tansey seemed unhappy at being pushed to RB when Raven came off. When will Yogi get it - we need wingers playing on the wing, stretching the play, getting in behind defences. That's what we are go
  7. We were second best in the first half but improved in the second half. Maybe just about merited the win, and certainly needed it. Onwards & upwards now. I wasn't too keen on Vincent playing on the left as he instinctively kept coming inside leaving us very narrow. Glad to see Nick & Marley coming on, and think they need to feature more in coming games (especially if Dorans out). I think we can only have three of Tansey, Draper, Foran & Vincent playing at any one time. We'll gratefully take the three points and move on.
  8. So equally we can also completely ignore the following, and a lot more about the so called "shape of an independent Scotland", from the 670 page publicly funded SNP Manifesto published last November? Thirty hours of childcare per week in term time for all three and four-year-olds, as well as vulnerable two-year-olds. Trident nuclear weapons, currently based on the Clyde, removed within the first parliament. Housing benefit reforms, described by critics as the "bedroom tax", to be abolished, and a halt to the rollout of Universal Credit. It would be in Scotland's interest to keep t
  9. Bush

    Rex cards

    Is that definitely the ruling? I'm not doubting you at all, but just wanted to make sure this is the definitive position and not just your understanding of it. If correct, then we definitely need to just leave the red cards to stand for the greater benefit of having both Watkins and Tansey available for Sunday's game. It also gives a few of the fringe players a bit of game time to show what they can do.
  10. A really poor day all round. Should have being using a 4-2-3-1 formation against an in form team, not 4-4-2. The Celtic game should have been enough of a lesson on that front. Comedic defending & a soft penalty killed the game, & was hard to take. Tansey red might have been harsh, but no way we'd win an appeal. Watkins really poor decision & I would expect an appeal to be successful. What's the craic with those reds in terms of suspensions? If we appeal, I assume they'd be ok to play vs Hibs (hearing after it), but if upheld would they then miss the final? If so, shoul
  11. Hibs play Motherwell in the league on Saturday so, unless they win that game, a win for us next Tuesday would guarantee a top six finish. A really big week coming up which will define our season - cup QF, possible top six guarantee and cup final! Bring it on. I hope that, win lose or draw, the team do themselves justice in these games.
  12. Completely agree. We need to start with our best 11 & make it clear that we're taking them seriously. Once/if the game gets comfortable we can make some changes (like maybe Devine for Warren - build up a partnership with Meekings - Polworth and Ross).
  13. Bush

    John Hughes

    And what was wrong with his performance today? Picked the right team, they were creating countless chances and, on another day, would gave had 3/4 goals. Can't blame Yogi for this one in my view.
  14. The only thing that really neede to change was a wee lucky break. We pretty much dominated but Hearts seemed to have the luck in front if their own goal - blocks, saves & woodwork. Disappointed with the result as we really deserved much much more. Still, on another day we'd have won be 3 or 4 comfortably - maybe next week!!
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