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  1. Ten4

    Scotty ~ A Personal Statement

    ✔️well done for sharing your `news`
  2. Ten4

    Robbo extends contract

    Nothing short of promotion in May will be acceptable, anything else is a fail. Surely most fans will not disagree!
  3. Ten4

    Sh*7e the bus

    We `ll find out if he`s a flash in the pan soon enough - if he makes an arse of things
  4. Ten4

    Word Association

  5. Has any Manager left the club and became a proper success elsewhere. Cannae think of any. Is Charlie Bannerman still in exile?🐻
  6. Ten4

    Bairns Away

    Its a MUST win game!
  7. Ten4

    Russia - The World Cup

    It was a reasonably exciting and dramatic competition. Not really 100% convinced about VAR though. I`ve not studied it enough in detail but what outcomes would have potentially changed without it. i.e would France still be Champions?
  8. Ten4

    Russia - The World Cup

    Not sure so far about all this VAR stuff, it don`t seem right !!
  9. Ten4

    Russia - The World Cup

    I am optimistically believing that this World Cup will be a great success and our wonderful game of football will flourish thereafter. The politics and crowd troubles will be getting the red card early doors I say.
  10. Ten4

    Who wants Gary Warren to stay?

    I think I will open a new `The Garry Warren` thread!
  11. Ten4

    The Royal wedding

    All I want is a Royal Wedding Spitting Image special !😈
  12. Ten4

    The Royal wedding

    Who is it that's getting married ? And on cup final day too, must be a Rangers fan !
  13. Ten4


    Pull the Udder one....
  14. Touchy Touchy ! There were at least 4 others deserving of MOM , Austin, Chalmers, Trafford and, Oakley the best of them!
  15. Draw was fair result BUT we should've stepped up as they were there for the taking. Polworth MOM you must be joking!