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  1. Ten4


    Marsella`s on sick leave , seemingly !
  2. Ten4

    Hughes comments

    Left the talking on the pitch, I`d say.
  3. Thought you wrote " 1st place for this crap" and I kept on reading !!
  4. Ten4

    The world cup!

    I`ve just got to get something out of my system ! The Suarez incident was not the only worryingly odd thing in recent days shown on tv from Brazil. Did you see Roy Hodgson trotting in his suit & tie across the pitch with both hands in his trouser pockets ! !
  5. Ten4

    The world cup!

    NO tippy tappy tiki taki poopy woopy passes from Uruguay then, one big punt from the goalie & bang goes in Suarez`s 2nd goal !
  6. Ten4


    Have you just woken up. Where have you been? I`ve been waiting for your in depth analysis of the situation before I myself can gather my thoughts and all you can give me is
  7. Ten4

    The world cup!

    Anyone tell me why I always thought Laurence & Dougal were one & the same !?
  8. Ten4

    Russel Lapaty

    Maybe someone like Neil McCaan ? (Was he not after it when Pressley got the job)
  9. Ten4


    That's it in black and white They have to grin and bear it Will they have a Bamboo shoot out Better not let the Butcher near them
  10. Ten4


    There is one thing I know for sure- BUTCHER WILL WALK - probably tomorrow & the next day with Fritz by his side
  11. Ten4


    He must get the sack ! WHAT the Tell has he being doing the last 6 months jolly old poor chap he is now!!
  12. Ten4

    Butcher offski?

    Play Offski - PAY OFFSKI