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  1. We`re likely to pick up a couple of good quality loan players. But as in the last year or so the identity of these guys won`t be known until nearer the end of the transfer window when the bigger teams allow them to go. Scott Wright anyone? Plenty names and rumours I`m sure between now and then.
  2. ✔️well done for sharing your `news`
  3. Nothing short of promotion in May will be acceptable, anything else is a fail. Surely most fans will not disagree!
  4. Ten4

    Sh*7e the bus

    We `ll find out if he`s a flash in the pan soon enough - if he makes an arse of things
  5. Has any Manager left the club and became a proper success elsewhere. Cannae think of any. Is Charlie Bannerman still in exile??
  6. It was a reasonably exciting and dramatic competition. Not really 100% convinced about VAR though. I`ve not studied it enough in detail but what outcomes would have potentially changed without it. i.e would France still be Champions?
  7. Not sure so far about all this VAR stuff, it don`t seem right !!
  8. I am optimistically believing that this World Cup will be a great success and our wonderful game of football will flourish thereafter. The politics and crowd troubles will be getting the red card early doors I say.
  9. I think I will open a new `The Garry Warren` thread!
  10. All I want is a Royal Wedding Spitting Image special !?
  11. Who is it that's getting married ? And on cup final day too, must be a Rangers fan !
  12. Ten4


    Pull the Udder one....
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