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  1. There's been an accident at Tore roundabout: https://trafficscotland.org/currentincidents/details.aspx?id=c156994
  2. Callum Ferguson has a back injury.
  3. The club say that they are expecting to be allocated 500 standard match tickets for the game and there are more than 350 people booked on to Dalgetty Bay Jaggy's buses. There are also fans on the plane which the club has chartered and I am assuming others may have made their own arrangements to get to the stadium. Is it just me, or is anyone else concerned that we may not get enough tickets? Don't want to get there and not get in!
  4. Myself + 2 please
  5. Tickets go on sale tomorrow: http://ictfc.com/news/club-news/1206-league-cup-final-ticket-information
  6. Wondered this myself after watching last night. Maybe someone that sits in the main stand can enlighten us? I heard it and think it was directed at the press box. He shouted something like "write about that".
  7. I've had e-mails from them too, and you are right Top Six Next Year that it started just after the e-mail that wasn't bcc'd. Have asked Highland Eventz to unsubscribe me.
  8. I agree. Definitely prefer Duff playing in defence and Russell needs to start.
  9. I agree with you completely Yngwie.
  10. QoS have played same number of games as County.
  11. Zabriskie

    Club shop

    Thanks for that info. I got through this morning and got my tickets.
  12. Zabriskie

    Club shop

    No, it rung for quite a while and then went to voicemail and i already have left a voicemessage and am waiting for the reply back and revbirdog, i did phone them at half 3ish. I've had the same problem trying to get tickets for the Ross County away game -tried numerous times on Tuesday and eventually left a message. Called in at the shop on Tuesday night and was told that all the tickets they had been given for this game were sold and Ross County had sent more which would be on sale on Thursday. Same yesterday - tried loads of times and then left a message and no-one has got back to
  13. I love it...but don't hold your breath for a response!
  14. Sung to the tune of Mistletoe and Wine: Christmas time Valium and wine Children indulging in serious crime Dad's on the heroin Mum's oot her tree Christmas is great When you come from Dundee!
  15. Well it's obvious that you weren't at the game today. I was and can assure you that Rooney did not "do nowt". He ran all over the place and would have been my second choice for MOM (after Hayes).
  16. http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/scottish/s...One-action.html
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