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  1. We're going from Aberdeen via Amsterdam on the 22nd 9.20 flight back on the 25th. We'll be in the airport pub from 8am if anyone else is on the same flight!!!
  2. Any word of tv coverage? Can't see it being on sky with the Champions League matches also on.
  3. Will definitely have a listen. Tuned in too late only to find Chick Young touting Butcher for the Aberdeen job!! Hands off.
  4. Was he not also involved when Lennon cheated to get Juanjo sent off, either the ref or 4th official? Lennon wasn't moaning about him then. I think this whole ref thing is ott but McDonald did lie in his report and he should have gone when that was discovered, how could anyone trust his reports after that?
  5. Very sad news, my thoughts go out to Iain, Craig and Lesley. Alison was one of the best and will be sorely missed. The Coia Bus to Tynecastle is also one of my favourite ever football trips, magical day.
  6. The latter. Those old enough to recall our Third Division triumph will remember that we had the title wrapped up well before the end of the season but the trophy was actually presented only at the end of the final game. As I recall Forfar rained on that particulae parade by beating us something like 4-1. Yes but if my memory serves me correctly that was the season Forfar pipped County to 2nd place on goal difference and those 4 goals against us were pretty important. Not that I'm offering up any conspiricy theories or anything :tonguecheek:
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