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  1. He was the one plus for me. Looked quite accomplished, but got little hep from those around him.
  2. Can’t believe we have wasted part of our budget on Broadfoot and Gardyne. Both hopeless. Would have preferred to give our kids a game, couldn’t be any worse. Drapes played centre half for Cove and probably didn’t need to go for a shower afterwards. Communicated to his fellow defenders throughout, something Broadfoot seems incapable of. Not sure what he brings to our club.
  3. Worst performance I can recall. Outdone for desire, fitness, quality. All by a part time team. Pretty shameful
  4. a game with very little in it, and always likely to be decided by a mistake. Our final ball into their box was dreadful, and always ended up behind our strikers. Expect Sunday to be another tight affair, as really nothing between the teams.
  5. Defence looked worse once Col went off and McKay went to centre half, was always a case of trying to hang on after that enforced change. Cant believe we don’t have the guile and savvy to see a game out, not a bunch of kids we have playing.
  6. Agree with pretty much all of the above, but think the biggest thing we lack is pace throughout our team. Too slow and ponderous, and sadly with Tremarco out the team it is sadly evident we have no leader on the pitch, willing to demand more from the other players
  7. Not often I don’t enjoy our games, but that was turgid. Jordan White is not mobile enough, doesn’t hold it up well enough, or good enough in the air to play the lone striker role. When we played it long, in the unlikely event of Jordan winning the header, the 2 wide men were 30 yards away front him and not in a position to react. When we got the ball on the ground we did create problems, but didn’t do it often enough. I think we have better players than this, but there again I don’t see them every day in training.
  8. Am I not right in saying Nick has already turned down a short term contract with us, and was hoping to go and play lower league in Spain? Would be good if we could sign him, but doesn't look like he sees any future with us.
  9. Like any new manager Robbo will, and should, be judged on the results after he takes control. I understand some of the scepticism, but in the grand scheme of things we aren't the most attractive of propositions, (finance, crowds, salary, to name 3) how many of the people mentioned would even want to come here? I can't think of getting excited at any of the names linked to the job, so to that end this doesn't put me up or down.We keep being told it's difficult to recruit players to the 'far North' so maybe it's the same issue getting a manager in. I wish Robbo every success, in the same wa
  10. Bottom line Is this was the only sensible decision going forward. Have to separate Foran the player from Foran the manager. As a player was everything you want, quite the opposite as manager. Lessons to be learned all round, but we have to move on in an upward manner. Unfortunately due to mismanagement at both Board level and Management of football side, a lot of people's jobs are at risk.
  11. Have to agree with all of the above re youth development. Growing up , AstroTurf was the surface sold on making first touch and passing better, yet as a country we produce fewer first class players now than we did when kids played on streets and in fields with jackets as posts. I know the game is greatly different now, but kids are over coached from an early age, instead of letting them enjoy and learn to love the game before we get into serious stuff.Do we think Patrick paying £4m for training facilities will produce more talent and better end product than currently? Can't see it myself.
  12. Wow, we are chronically bad. Playing a keeper who looks well less than 100%, and a team selection based on a Wooly pick n mix. I feel sorry for the fans who have made the trip, are being conned at what that are having to watch. The club accepted our fate months ago.
  13. Post match Richie says he is 90% to blame for the position we are in and the players 10%. Much as I admire his honesty, the 10% improving is not going to do much. He has been shown amazing loyalty by the fans, given what has been on offer this year, and any other manager would have made to walk the plank a long time ago. If we want to stay up we need to have a change of manager now, if we want to survive in the championship next year the change needs to be made at the end of the season. Much as I like Richie, he clearly doesn't have it. We are really on the edge of the abyss.
  14. a tad worried by line up. looks like a team bereft of any width, given Aberdeen have decent wide men, looks a free run at our full backs
  15. Big call whether we play him again this season. Is he really going to be 100% committed to the predicament we are in just now? In our position we need everyone to give 100% to try and save ourselves. Not a go at Tansey but if our survival is to depend on a 50/50 tackle where injury is likely, will he stick his foot in? He isn't playing for his future, that's safely tucked up now.
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