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  1. We're going from Aberdeen via Amsterdam on the 22nd 9.20 flight back on the 25th. We'll be in the airport pub from 8am if anyone else is on the same flight!!!
  2. Any word of tv coverage? Can't see it being on sky with the Champions League matches also on.
  3. Will definitely have a listen. Tuned in too late only to find Chick Young touting Butcher for the Aberdeen job!! Hands off.
  4. Was he not also involved when Lennon cheated to get Juanjo sent off, either the ref or 4th official? Lennon wasn't moaning about him then. I think this whole ref thing is ott but McDonald did lie in his report and he should have gone when that was discovered, how could anyone trust his reports after that?
  5. Very sad news, my thoughts go out to Iain, Craig and Lesley. Alison was one of the best and will be sorely missed. The Coia Bus to Tynecastle is also one of my favourite ever football trips, magical day.
  6. The latter. Those old enough to recall our Third Division triumph will remember that we had the title wrapped up well before the end of the season but the trophy was actually presented only at the end of the final game. As I recall Forfar rained on that particulae parade by beating us something like 4-1. Yes but if my memory serves me correctly that was the season Forfar pipped County to 2nd place on goal difference and those 4 goals against us were pretty important. Not that I'm offering up any conspiricy theories or anything :tonguecheek:
  7. Planning on hitting them all at least once. Already got the hotel booked for QoS game in December.
  8. Draw has been made, home to Montrose. Pretty decent, I'll be there for that one.
  9. For the first time in a few years I'm actually looking forward to the start of the new season. I've become disheartened with ICT over the past couple of seasons, the way the Board run the club is shocking at best and the icing on the cake was bringing Brewster back. I have been to games and given the team my support but recently the team and what it was doing had become less important to me, that my make me a rubbish fan but that's how it was. But now I can't wait to get stuck into the 1st Division, I'm already planning my away trips. I think it will be a tough task competing for the title, and I don't think we'll come straight back up but it will be nice starting a season with a hope of challenging again. I just hope Butcher is given the backing to create a new team capable of doing it. Roll on August
  10. Still think he'll be the one with the almight feck up that will cost us our place in the league. 1-0 to a 90th min penalty courtesy of the big man!
  11. Absolutely disgraceful performance. We had no discipline, no spirit, no belief and no talent. The only players who looked like they gave a damn were Tokley and Foran. Keep playing like that and we're definitely down.
  12. Phoned the club and they said they don't give refunds but we could write to them explaining the situation they might consider it. Should have no problems getting the train tickets refunded, just have to send them back. My Dad's got the tickets in Inverness so he's going to try and flog them in the Caley Club this afternoon, so if anyone's looking for some....
  13. Does anyone know if the club give refunds? We've got 2 tickets for the main stand for today but the train from Aberdeen has been cancelled due to the weather and don't really fancy taking the chance in the car. Would the club take the tickets back?
  14. We're down if Brewster stays simple as. We're 6 points off our rivals, I'm not counting Falkirk because I don't think they'll be involved in the battle when the time comes, 6 points is too much for our team in its current state to make up.
  15. He has to go now! He is ripping the heart out of the club and the board are just standing by letting it happen, its like they want us to go down. As for who to replace him, anyone could do a better job, that's how much I rate his "managerial skills". I would give Robbo a go until the end of the season, he knows the club, already lives in Inverness and has a genuine passion for ICT. The club may not want to give Brewster a pay off but I'm sure it would be cheaper than being relegated which is a certainty if Brewster carrys on.
  16. Utterly pathetic, this really shows Brewster up for the complete plonker he is!
  17. As heard from a variety of different sources within and outwith the club, the players can't stand Thomson. Brewster asked the players when he came back what they though of Thomson returning and they voiced their opinion then but Brewster ignored them and appointed him anyway. Its pretty obvious there is disharmony in the dressing room and it would appear that Brewster has lost any respect the players had for him lately, Ian Black had to find out from the boot boy that he wasn't travelling to Falkirk last week and it was nothing to do with his shoulder! Get rid of the both of them!
  18. He may have been born in Wick but he definitely grew up in Helmsdale, I lived there when he was younger.
  19. I didn't see the interview, did he explain why he said he was stepping down because of the growth of his company? It seems he's admitting now, which many of us suspected, it was due to David Sutherland's involvement. Personally I think having Sutherland in control albeit in a puppet master role is the best thing for us, we were in the best place we've been when he was chairman and things have been on the slide since he left.
  20. Maybe its a ploy to get more punters through the gates, offering lap dances at half time!
  21. Is this definitely 3pm on the 12th Jan? The reason I'm asking is that Hearts are at home at the same time and there's a rugby match at Murrayfield at 3.30pm. Would the police allow these 3 matches to be on at the same time?
  22. I think history is repeating itself, with us becoming the Dundee United when Brewster took over. I think he was really found out at United, he didn't have a clue how to turn things round and more fool our board for thinking things would be different with us. Yes Brewster was relativley successful with us first time round but that was because he inherited a decent squad, we may not have been high up the table at the time but the foundations were there. At United he inherited a disfunctional, disorganised squad where no one really knew what was going on. He wasn't a good enough manager to see what was wrong and be able to change it, in the end he was sacked and a real manager came in. Levin has turned that club around without changing too many of the squad. This season we are that disfunctional, disorganised squad and once again Brewster's lack of managerial ability is highly obvious, he doens't have the talent and know how to turn this around, we need him out sooner rather than later because we will be scrapping at the bottom for the rest of the season if not. Gretna have the means to strengthen in the January window and we don't, well not to the same extent they do. If something doesn't happen soon I really think we'll be playing Division 1 football next season.
  23. Brewster should take a leaf out of Sam Allardyce's book. On Saturday Newcastle were down 3-0 after 14 mintues. He hooked one of his defenders who was having a nightmare just after the 3rd. He was the first one to admit the team selection was a mistake and rectified it, yes they still ended up getting pumped 4-1 but at least he has the balls to change things early on.
  24. As I said he can only influence a game when he's on the park, he brought himself on against Hearts and scored the winner. A decent influence I would say. Last night he didn't have himself to play and seemed like he didn't have a clue how to change things, we played the same way right up until the end.
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