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  1. kenthomson

    Shinty Hurling Roll Call

    If my memory serves me correctly, it's 4o mins each way (Hurling normally 35 mins EW & Shinty 45 mins EW) so could fit in nicely. I'm planning both.
  2. kenthomson

    Dave Grant

    So so sad and shocked. My sincere sympathy to Laura and family.
  3. kenthomson

    New Chairman Announced

    Scotty, have you heard Kenny singing? Actually he isn't too bad just hogs the mike a bit! Top class appointment.
  4. kenthomson

    Kenny Cameron

    Sounds like that is very much the type of position ... or at least co-ordinating those activities amongst the other staff. As anyone can see if they look back on posts where I have commented on Kenny, I am firmly in the "supporter" camp when it comes to him and his role at ICT. In my opinion, Kenny is one of the good guys and a perfect choice to deal with his peers at boardroom, staff and fan levels and to cut through as much of the BS, mistrust and other negative factors that have surrounded ICT for a few years now. He isnt afraid to listen to ideas that are not his own, he isnt afraid to at least try and address issues, and he isnt afraid to give a response even if one of the aforementioned peer groups might not like it. With TB in charge of the football team and Kenny in charge of the backroom team, I feel very positive about the coming season. I agree. Couldn't think of anyone better. First and foremost, Kenny is a fan without any airs or graces. I am just a fan without any hair.
  5. kenthomson

    A Terrible Tragedy

    The circumstances of this tragic and so undeserved event are already well documented but I would like to share my thoughts regarding the funeral on Tuesday. I had intended to do it yesterday on my return from Bangkok but for some reason, I was feeling rather unwell. Must have been something I ate. If anybody wondered how Lydia and Dougie had settled in Bangkok, the huge attendance of over 200 easily answered that. I counted at least 4 guys in kilts and that is no easy task considering the Bangkok heat. There were many different nationalities represented and it was very evident that Lydia and Dougie have made many friends in Thailand. The Buddhist service and cremation was wonderfully organised by the Thai wife of Dougie's boss (sorry don't know her name). It is hard to sum up the service but words that spring to mind are - beautiful, heartbreaking, emotional, peaceful, respectful and dignified. A Scottish flag was draped over Lydia's coffin and in normal Thai tradition; the monks gave their blessing and said their prayers. Naturally this was in Thai but I think everybody understood the meanings. Near the end of the service, the whole gathering filed up to Lydia's coffin, each with a single white flower, and we said our private good byes. If the first part of the day was traditional Thai, then the second part was very Scottish. We retired to Lydia's favourite pub for more than a few hours. There we celebrated Lydia's life, sang all the Scottish songs we could think of, and of course drank copious amounts of alcohol. I also took the opportunity to mingle with many of the company and it is quite clear that Lydia will be sorely missed. Sensibly, the media were not given the location of the service so there were no disrespectful interruptions. One journalist Andrew Drummond did attend the pub but he is one of the better ones and has written some kind words and if you Google 'Andrew Drummond Bangkok' you will be able to read his stuff. Not to be confused with the other journalist mentioned earlier in this thread who not only got his facts wrong but also distributed the pictures to the newspapers which caused so much upset not just to the family but to all that knew Lydia. Anyway, back to the important people. Lydia would have approved of her Thai send-off and the courage, dignity and integrity of Dougie, Roger, Patricia, Eddy and family has shone out like a beacon and has been admired and commented on by so many here in Thailand. On Dougie's return, he is organising a memorial service in Inverness and I am sure Lydia and family will get the turn out they so richly deserve. RIP dear Lydia.
  6. kenthomson

    Sergei Baltacha

    A fairly accurate account and since my name is mentioned, perhaps I can add a little more to what actually happened. A full board meeting took place in Dougie's office under his chairmanship and we were unanimous that a change of manager was needed. Apart from some disappointing results, there was also a good bit of unrest about his defensive style of play. Sergei had also not re-located to Inverness as promised and was spending more and more of the week back at his Perth home. Prior to his arrival at the meeting, we also agreed a financial package which we would offer to him. I genuinely can't remember exactly how much but it wasn't a great deal. When Sergei attended the meeting to give his football report there was much humming and hawing until I finally bit the bullet and said something like 'Sergei, I really don't think this is really working for either you or the club, perhaps we should work out some sort of settlement'. With the ice broken, Sergei quickly confirmed this was his feeling too and within 15/20 minutes a deal had been struck. So it was by mutual consent that he left the club but had he wished to stay on, I am sure that we would have sacked him. We also saw no need for him to go immediately and if I remember rightly we humped Ross County in his last game. The most amusing part was when I told him that we would use Allan Mackenzie as the club's solicitor and he should let us know who he wished to use. Sergei's response was 'Ken, I would like to use Allan too, can we go there together'. So the very next morning we met up at the Caledonian Hotel (as it was called then) and off we went to Allan's office to conclude the paperwork. We always got on well together and the whole proceedings took place in a most amicable manner. Sergei always conducted himself with great dignity and we thought it only fair that we should allow him to leave with the same dignity. Moving off topic, we considered that there were a good number of quality replacements but naturally were well aware of the success that Pele was enjoying at Huntly. After getting permission from his club, Dougie, Roy MacLennan and I were dispatched to meet Pele at a Nairn hotel. On the way through, we kept telling ourselves not to rush into this as we should also consider other candidates. After Pele outlined his vision for the club and finished interviewing US, we were totally sold. Nobody else was in the frame. Pele was the man we wanted and although Huntly required substantial compensation, a deal was finally agreed and a new era in our history began.