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  1. Quite looking forward to being the most hated team in the SPL with these two signings.
  2. RIG loves Yogi more than Ryan Esson imho x
  3. Having a Red Card evening in Gateshead as I tweet ;)
  4. Best team in NE. Aye. Discuss
  5. Many ICT fans were outraged at the appointment of Yogi. Trolls such as 'Top Six Next Year' and 'RIG' vented their fury. But look at us now. Are the trolls ready to repent and admit that Yogi and Caley Thistle are made to be. Posted from the Nags Heed after our 7-6 demolition of Grimsby ;)
  6. Holding the AGM of the Gateshead FC / ICTFC Supporters Club, in Gateshead on Saturday. 2,000 should be in attendance. ;-)
  7. Great performance all round last night. My MOTM goes to Dave the Rave... if only that volley had gone in! Imagine the #Scenes. Brilliant atmosphere generated by the fans as as well. The Mallard was strengely quiet pre match. I think a lot of fans were dreading this one. But the players delivered and now they deserve a well earned rest. Could have and should have been more goals. Just listened to Adams interview. What a seething mess. You're going down with the Jambos!
  8. Just had a chance to read some of these comments. What an utter seethe fest. I was happy with the appointment (he was actually my 3rd choice behind Csaba and Shiels) and definately in my preferred candidates list. There's been many poor results / performances that have coincided with a ridiculous build up of games. However, I do believe we would have had more points in the bag if we had played a more direct style. This is dissapointing, and I do feel that perhaps Yogi has started to stamp his mark at the wrong moment. During a back log of fixtures when we are chasing Europe is not id
  9. Plenty of folk don‘t use the buses. I‘ll be meeting other central belt based fans late Wednesday afternoon and heading through to Motherwell. I don‘t go to midweek home games though. Not taking a day off work for it. I‘d imagine this is the same with most Inverness based fans regarding midweek away games.
  10. We may have a drop in gate revenues but we could still sustain a top flight club. CapitalCaley
  11. ICT do not ‘need‘ County in the same league.
  12. I hope they go down tbh. Then MacGregor walks away and they go into administration. Nobody deserves to lose the team they support. So I then hope they are liquidated, form a Newco County, start back in the Highland League and slog it out with the likes of Strathspey Jags and Fort Bill to avoid the bottom placed spot every year. Hello down there ;)
  13. Didn‘t see it but not sure why he would be complaining. Interesting to hear what the issue is. Only suitable football stadiums available are Celtic Park or Ibrox. Wasn‘t fussed either way. Both good stadiums.
  14. Not so sure about the weather. Wind forecast for Saturday is 20-25 mph. Strong! But playable. Showery Friday morning with sunshine Friday afternoon / dry Friday evening. Looks like from around midnight onwards on Saturday it‘s heavy rain. I suppose it depends on how heavy and how bad the pitch is. I‘m quite hopeful.
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