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  1. Right here me out! I absolutely love our Pink kit this year and I know many others love it also. After tonight's skudding of the Village People and superior performance, it was like watching some exotic Foreign side like Inter Miami or Palermo! So it's about time I reckon that we all get behind the idea of PINK becoming our new home colours. No more "too much blue" arguments, or "not enough red and black" worries, or "It just looks like a Rangers shirt" concerns. Yes, pink and black is the way to go from now on.... Who's with me?
  2. I'm glad to see CJT have finally appeared from their own seclusion to announce on fb that they want to hear from fans. I sent them a private message along the lines that they need to outline our disgust to the board asap. I even suggested the starting of a petition asking for the club to offer a discount. Cable guy hits the nail on the head. A £50 discount is far and above a decent compromise where fans are rewarded for their continued loyalty after last season and the board receives much needed funds. I fear that many people are going to be put off renewing their STs and then the
  3. Where the hell are CJT to stand up for the fans in this? Clearly going by many Facebook posts on the official fb page, many others are also outraged, and rightly so. I really feel the fans need to pull together and show our feelings to the board. The prices went up last year and the club said it was to ensure we could compete for top 6.......we got relegated. And so the board keep the same prices. We are being treated as a cash cow and I'm fed up with it! Sorry for the rant but I couldn't buy a season ticket last year because I couldn't afford one and same applies with these
  4. A name I have just seen at 12/1 on a betting site, and a name I've not heard mentioned on here yet is Steven Presley. I'd imagine he won't be everyone's cup of tea and he has failed miserably down in England but you could argue that he was a success at Falkirk. I understand the point ICTChris was making earlier, regarding analytics etc. However Presley was manager of a club who had just been relegated, lacking in funds, has a similar support to ourselves and he managed a win ratio of 43%..... Worth a shout? Just a genuine question, wondering what other people's views on Presley are
  5. There are two points we must look at here in defining who can manage us. 1) We are a club with limited budget and 2) managerial statistics. 1) we have a limited budget with limited resources. In my opinion the two best managers we have had that could work within that environment were Steve Paterson and Terry Butcher. Both managers had the eye to catch good, youthful and experienced talent on the cheap! Paterson dipped into the Highland league and lower Scottish leagues, whilst Butcher obviously had connections with the English non league. Therefore our new manager needs to have expe
  6. As a shareholder and co-owner of F.C. United of Manchester, I have seen the benefits of supporters owning or part-owing their own football club first hand. Another example of a perfectly well run community ownership programme, would be the 'Foundation of Hearts' group as well. This thread excites me and I hope once CJT get their house in order, this is something they will pursue in the near future and put a definite motion on the table for us to sink our teeth into.
  7. Just putting it out there. Would it work if TB came back as a DoF role to mentor Richie? Both guys have a great relationship or they did anyway
  8. If the Young Team fail to produce a banner that says "WELCOME TO HELLGIN", I'll be disappointed...
  9. The blame solely lies at the managers door tonight. As soon as the team sheet came out I knew we were in for a beating. We don't have any fit out and out strikers at the club so therefore benches all our attacking options in Storey, Williams, Roberts and Polworth. I mean it's complete idiocy!! In the first game against Hibs it was evident after 20 mins that the 4-3-3 wasn't working, our midfield was exposed and Polworth was out his depth at RB. It took Yogi until the 72min to make a change and 2 mins later we scored. Tonight we were set up all wrong to begin with but again it took
  10. Do we have the same Falkirk supporting friend? Lol. My friend said exactly the same, plus that he will become stubborn playing certain players continually out of position and the majority of his signing will prove somewhat 'iffy'..... Pretty similar to ourselves sadly. He called it the 'Yogi Effect' a terminology I suspect we will become familiar with :(
  11. Apologies! I believe you can still buy Going Ballistic in the shop. Not sure about Against all Odds though. However Charles Bannerman is the author so maybe drop him a pm?
  12. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me you have more videos like this? There used to be a channel on youtube called Caleyclips which had loads of games from our early years, anyone know what happened to them? As for the statement the OP made, I used to have that attitude and cringe every time I heard the mere mention of the merger. But after reading Going Ballistic and then Against all odds, I believe we should be doing a lot more as a club to embrace the two former clubs. Both Caledonian and Inverness Thistle were institutions of Highland football with independent and successful histories. I reme
  13. Dearest Forum friends... After some thinking, I write to simply apologise for my outburst during the early hours of Saturday morning. I believed that I had all the facts but sadly my ignorance got the better of me. I would like to thank L_G for her time to 'put me right' whilst we messaged on Saturday morning. I do believe I was given some 'half-truths' from the people I had been in contact with, but clearly it was not the WHOLE truth. To give you a little background information, three of my best mates were banned for 3 months by the Club in 2007 during the Mike Smith/West Stand Sin
  14. Firstly I wish to state I have a couple of close friends who are board members of CJT and I don't want to be seen as having a 'rant' at them but personally I can't just 'put this situation to bed' so to speak. The events of this past week have left me with a bad taste in my mouth and I feel there is to many pressing questions which need answered. Going by that brief statement from CJT earlier, it would make you think everything is now hunky-dory, but quite frankly I think it's a sham and I'm not prepared to sit back, kow tow and take it as Gospel. After speaking to one of the lads
  15. Thanks for the replies. Is there a group meeting at Central station by any chance? Il tag along ;)
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