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  1. Sporran will be fine but for Scotland games its normal practice that the stewards will want to take a quick look inside it.
  2. The East Stand is fine as long as you are high enough up.
  3. Danny Williams Ocean steals the win for Inverness
  4. I would go for new St Mirren Park. By virtue of living in Glasgow I don't I've missed more than one ICT away game there since it opened. Only other rivals to this might be Easter Road or Victoria Park.
  5. It has taken me a while but I've come up with a conservative estimate of 282 games going back to 99/00. Im sure my Dad would have taken me to plenty more games before then but putting an estimate on it would be difficult. I think I actually have a recollection of being at a game at Telford Street which isn't bad considering I'd have been about 4.
  6. First day in the new job will be the 13th of July, nightmare!!
  7. Glasgow city centre Close enough to even walk to the game.
  8. It has been a long, long time since I have posted on here but today's events have encourage me to come back and add my voice to the dissent. An utterly spineless decision by the SFA in an attempt to punish Meekings for the officials mistake potentially preventing him from playing in probably the biggest game of his career so far. All of this to appease on of the two most disgusting, petty, vindictive and arrogant "football club" in the country. I usually make it to Parkhead for an ICT away game once a season this will no longer be continued, I will not give a single penny to that club again. T
  9. So you are saying that you wouldn't want to risk having to play such lowly teams as, for example this season, Morton, Partick Thistle, Falkirk and Livingstone, who are obviously so much lesser teams than ICT ? Because each club would have different ideas on which to cherry pick and so a single proposal that got most of what was needed would have got part way there and made it easier to get the rest if it was really needed later. And of course the difference in class and ability between SPL teams and the current SFL1 is so great that they no top 4 SFL1 team could ever push a
  10. You are basing this on the premise that the whole point is to win prize money, and that is all the teams are playing for. Perhaps the idea was to stimulate the game through better competition and hence bring in more crowds, thereby encouraging the clubs by increased revenue and helping to attract individual sponsorship. Or maybe we are resigned to the fact that it is easier to watch it on ESPN or Sky Sports than to actually go safe in the knowledge that the club can get a cut of my £42.50 per month? No I am not basing it solely on prize money. What I am saying is I don't b
  11. I understand what you're saying about the re-distribution. But look at the overall picture. Under the new proposed financial restructure there would have been a significant decrease in the prize money for the top 2 in the SPL. Ok, there's a chance we may end up 2nd this season (fingers crossed) but for years fans have complained that the top 2 teams get far too much money compared to the rest. 3rd - 8th would get slightly less than what they would get now. Slightly less. 9th-12th would get around the same as they currently get. Teams 13-24 would have got significantly more than wh
  12. And under the current system it is impossible for teams to have no chance of Europe after 3/5th of the season ? The reports I have seen don't confirm either way if it was all protected measures or just the league structure. Even if it was just the league structure, then by offering the 9-3 more compromise has been given. The kudos you mention is one thing, they look good in the eyes of others and that in itself could bring in increased gates from away fans. "They helped us get a fairer share of the cash, I'll go to away games there". Fanciful I know but not impossible. An
  13. How? More money is would be redistributed from the SPL to the SFL so ICT would see a reduction in money through this avenue. 12-12-18 results in 36 games for the top 24 teams so that equals 1 less home game per season than now so again less money for the club. Sponsors are not gone to be queueing up to invest money in this product any more than they would now as it is still the same clubs just a different league system. So I don't see how it can possibly be financially a better package for us. Glad it has not gone through. I was going to paste in the financial re-distributi
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