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  1. I don't think there will be any players coming in in January, I think the 6 months deals are to get us through the horrible injury list we have. Getting some of these guys back fit and well may be like a new signing for the team. My only real concern is that we have so many players out of contract at the end of the season. We have a lot of players I'd like to see us keep at the club. If the board realise many of us think this is a concern. I am sure they do and that they know what they are doing but I'd still like to see some contracts being renewed/extended. I'd like to see points on the
  2. "It's got a bridge AND a castle you know..."
  3. That's very harsh! We've not had a good start and things are not looking particularly rosy either but I think we all know we want to keep Yogi here. (obviously not the folk who are desperate for the day they can say "I told you so - never wanted him in the first place" but we'll ignore them)
  4. I agree, I think they would ask for around that. However, their financial problems are very well documented and I believe they'd settle for anything over £20k.
  5. He's off to Preston apparently.
  6. If we have money I'd like to see us try and get El Bakhtaou (sp!) from Dunfermline. (If we don't he'll just end up at Hearts)
  7. If we got Stokes on loan for the season, when you think of that financially, ie: how much his wages would cost us over a season it works out financially as a very god deal. Providing we still get at least £500,000 for Ryan of course. (I'd still rather we didn't sell him to Celtic)
  8. If I find any of you wearing an ICT top with your jeans like this nugget you will be mocked. And possibly have a pie thrown at you.
  9. Jon Daly is at Raith?!?! WTF?! He would have been ideal. Even on a 6 month deal. Very surprised at this signing.
  10. Yeah, I think we miss Warren and Meeking massively. 10 injuries is madness!
  11. Maybe "Absentees" is the wrong word then perhaps? Saying that we "have lost our entire first team" is distorting the situation in a very negative way I feel. We have lost 4 players who are very hard to replace, 5 if you include Ofere. However the club/management did what they could to retain these players. These players have gone. They are no longer concerned with ICT. Our current squad, injuries and weaknesses (ie: scoring goals, not conceding) are our concern. Again, players out injured v those who are not then I can see a point to your comparison. Otherwise I just feel it's negativity
  12. I don't understand why you are listing players who have left the club here. Players who we have out injured v those who are not I can understand the comparison. But what's the point in listing those who have left? Why not just put Dennis Wyness in there too?
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