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  1. Back in Brisbane now after a great trip home for the final.... how about an Australian/Queensland/Brisbane ICT supporters group. I know there's a few supporters in Brisbane.
  2. As a certain Mr Butcher said immediately after the cameras were turned off following his post match interview on wednesday night...... "I hope we feck the dons". Easy to see where his heart still lies.
  3. Perfect. I couldnt have written this any better myself.
  4. I'd take the silverware every time. League cup for sure.
  5. I hope he makes the bench. He was a breath of fresh air last night.
  6. As mentioned elsewhere on this forum, I am coming from Brisbane Australia for the final. Flight leave tonight. Also going to get to the Hibs game which is a bit of a bonus. Cant wait.
  7. Hey its the people who are choosing not to be there that will regret it if we win. That's their choice. I am coming all the way from oz for this. I wouldn't dare risk missing us winning our first piece of serious silverware. I'd regret it for the rest of my life if I did.
  8. I think ICT thrive on being the underdogs. Bring it on.
  9. Just wondering if anyone else ever named their pets after any football teams/players? My border collie dog is called Caley.
  10. Personally speaking, Brisbane would be nice
  11. HAPPY DAYS - 4 tickets bought for the final. Flight from Australia booked. Be there for the Hibees match too. Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. How many tickets have been sold now? I suppose there will be a mad rush on Tuesday morning. It'll be great if we can sell out our intial allocation.
  13. Can anyone tell me....if the league cup final ends in a draw after 90 mins is there extra time and penalties on the day or would there be a replay? I want to make sure I get to see ICT lift the trophy.
  14. Loving the cup final scarf. Just ordered myself one of those. Now roll on Tuesday when I can buy some tickets and then just flights from Oz to book and I am all set for the long trip home. Thinking I will even get in the rearranged Hibs match on the Wednesday before the cup final too. Either that or Motherwell (away) on the Wednesday after the final. I am thinking it would be good to be there when TB returns north though.
  15. Ahh-ha. great, thanks. i noticed that the aberdeen site said they wouldnt be starting to sell to the general public until Monday 10th March (all others - shareholders, season ticket holders etc will before this). I hope this wont be the case for caley thistle too. That leaves just 6 days for booking flights, and getting over there before the big day . If its the same for ICT then maybe I should just book the flights and gamble that I will defnitely get a couple of tickets.
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