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  1. Iain

    Celtic fans in North stand.

    I'd just thank them for giving us £££££££££. Unless their were starting fights, is it really a problem?
  2. Iain

    Contract Situation

    Been a long time since we consistently gave contracts of these lengths out. Kenny Cameron has got to be given credit, doing a great job
  3. Iain

    Revenue Streams

    Is this the result of downsizing? Is our bench going to filled with 12 inch tall people next season? The joke comes from the fact Subway, a sandwich chain, are our new sponsors and they advertise their product as 'subs'.
  4. Iain

    Should Hughes be SACKED?

    Right enough, half a team all under contract leave a team to go to another for free......happens all the time
  5. Iain

    Contract Situation

    In the few games I saw him when he was subbed on he always impressed me.
  6. Iain

    Should Hughes be SACKED?

    I wouldn't give John Hughes credit for getting Tansey back, he would have had very little to do with it apart from saying "yes, I'll take him".
  7. Iain

    Contract Situation

    I don't understand why neither manager has given Connor more of a chance.
  8. Iain

    Not just result sore yesterday

    Maybe they're not always over reacting.....
  9. Iain

    Should Hughes be SACKED?

    Yep, hence why I made two seperate points in my post. He's presided over our worst ever home defeat (5-0) and now equalled our worst ever defeat (6-0 v Airdrie) since he's taken over. Butcher lost 6-0 at Celtic too. But that was with a second string team out.
  10. Iain

    Celtic -V- Inverness C.T.

    After the semi he'd have been my choice to take it.
  11. Iain

    Celtic -V- Inverness C.T.

    Great post....not out of reach at all!
  12. Iain

    ICTFC U20s

    1-0 down already
  13. Iain


    Last season under Butcher, from mid December to end of season we won 6. In the same period this season, Yogi has won 5 already. Similar form to last season.
  14. Iain

    ICT - End of Season Idea?

    Not sure that we are all biting our nails to the quick at the tension of battling with St Johnstone for fifth place. *4th with United and St Johnstone
  15. Iain

    Vote for Liam Polworth #2

    You need this http://www.hidemyass.com/ 10 or 20 times....as many votes as you like!