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  1. I didn't know St Columba had a nephew called Killearnan. I found the grave of my 3rd great grandparents there although no sigh of my great grandparents.
  2. Yes the Black Isle near the shore. I thought weeman would have got it 😏
  3. Here is another view from the new cemetery across the road.
  4. IBM

    The season ahead

    We can hope but I still think it's going to be a long time before we can go to games and looking at the news from Aberdeen and County you had to go in and straight to your seats no crack at all guess we will just have to wait and see what happens but when the team starts playing it's 'come on ICT'
  5. Yes that's it the place my grandfather was born, I put it on as Mantis had posted one of Port Askaig on the Ferries thread that he took last week.
  6. Mantis must have spent all his time in the distilleries when he was on his holiday 🥃🥃
  7. No there are not many green hills in Benbecula
  8. Good photo wrong answer away southwest
  9. No. There are a lot of foreign sailors buried in the cemetery.
  10. No it's an island I thought you would know I didn't take the photo it was sent from a friend.
  11. This will be a hard one but Mantis might get it.
  12. It's a hostel somewhere in Sutherland I think 🤔 I will need to have a proper look on the PC latter