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  1. Here is another nursing home, that wasn't a hotel.
  2. It's now a Nursing Home south of Inverness.
  3. I voted for Rooney as well for the same reason and Harper as well
  4. A rather dreary looking hotel but where?
  5. It's on the Black Isle and no longer a newsagent.
  6. It was the first unmarked police car with in car speed detection and video camera which you can see in the top centre of the windscreen to be used on the A9 and when the locals got to recognize the registration number they would change it. At the time they had 10 different plates along with the road tax for each plate! I never had to sit in the back and watch a video
  7. No south of Inverness where you do some photography. It was still there about 5 years ago
  8. There will be nothing tomorrow that will give us any hope for football next season but i will hope for these points you have made Robert.
  9. It might have been ok to exit that way if you were going to Ullapool Does anyone remember this car?
  10. Mantis will have passed this many times and there was an old telephone exchange across the road.
  11. Yes that's it up the hill behind the chipper.
  12. Two of the best young players we have and I think we will have to rely on them to make it with the main team.
  13. I agree with you on this one but if it comes to a vote Uncle Roy has already stated that he would vote against it and other clubs in the lower end of the league will vote the same for their own interest unless the SPFL think Hearts may have a case against them and pressurize clubs to vote yes.
  14. Here is a 1974 Ford bus for Robert, I don't know any more than that. The cars parked are Ford Granada Mk1, Volvo 123, Hillman Hunter GLS and Ford Escort Mk1 estate. The Hunter GLS registration SST4 was owned by a Mr Morrison who was an inspector on the buses who I think stayed on Oldtown Road in Hilton and his son Gordon was a Typewriter Mechanic with C H Webster.
  15. Yes I think he got a 2 year extension.
  16. Your a bit slow with this one! It's south of Inverness up a hill from the old A9.
  17. Och roby have you not worked out GogglesWalter is Neil Doncaster
  18. From this weeks Courier, a very young IHE