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  1. Och well that's it sorted it's Neil Lennon then
  2. From ICTFC site. Kevin McHattie has signed a new 2 year deal which keeps him at the club until the summer of 2021. Martin MacKinnon has also signed a two year extension with the club and Daniel Hoban has signed a one year extension. Manager John Robertson said: “I’m delighted that all three players have extended their contracts with the club.” “Kevin played in various positions for us last season and I’m delighted he has committed his future to the Highlands for the next two years.” “Daniel was on loan at Forfar last season and didn’t get the game time he hoped. However, we feel he has a great future at the club and, alongside Cammy Mackay, he can put the pressure on Mark Ridgers for the first team jersey.” “Martin has been outstanding for the youth team for the past two years, winning back to back titles. He’s a young goalkeeper that Ryan Esson rates very very highly.”
  3. From what I remember McCart was one of the few who put in an effort that season.
  4. IBM

    ICT Feeder Club

    I think your right with the last paragraph!
  5. We still have Daniel Hobban who was out on loan.
  6. We will need to raise funds and buy him a bottle
  7. I hope you are right regarding Coll and I hope we can keep Trafford as well as you have said he has improved a lot lately.
  8. Was he not getting regular starts over White at the start of the season?
  9. McCart Chalmers Rooney Referee - terrible Chris Sutton - worse than terrible
  10. You are right Yngwie and Hearts got help with the first one!
  11. He will soon have a Wikipedia entry once he has played a few games for ICT
  12. You are lucky Moray Jaggie when I was working phones were for speaking on not for watching football and I am not that old I hope you get to see the game, I will have to take over the TV from my wife for the duration of the game.
  13. Don't be like that 🙈 I hope to see you next week 😊
  14. Let's hope he is a good replacement for Polly.
  15. Come on DD we will see Polworth again in an ICT shirt he is only out for two games!
  16. Spot on Huisdean! We have to go and stuff them on Friday.
  17. I agree we need a pathway for youngsters to progress but I am certain that the Highland League will not accept a colt ICT team.
  18. It will definitely not happen so the club will have to think of something else.
  19. That sounds good and early signing is better than waiting till the end of the transfer window
  20. You will be hoping for a double as usual and I hope so as well.
  21. From the north stand I think it was going in without a touch but delighted nevertheless
  22. Indeed it was and they have played very well when I have seen them this season. Well deserved 👏👏