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  1. Yes they put in new drainage before relaying the pitch.
  2. I will be going but it's good that you guys are doing this for our distant supporters and those like Robert that can't make it.
  3. Not a lot once all expenses have been deducted by the SPFL!
  4. Report for Alan Simpson Report for everyone else thanks Robert
  5. In addition to the links that Scotty sugested there is a link in this forum for Butchers of Inverness although not much in it. There is a mention of Munro and Coffey Butcher in Dalneigh, I don't remember the Munro but did know Mike Coffey who had the butcher shop in Hilton. He died earlier this year but his son also Mike stays in Inverness and works for John Munro Butcher in Dingwall.
  6. Miles, from the Inverness Burgh Directory 1938-39 A Munro is a Butcher. and David Munro was a Clerk of Works. I have no idea if they were related but this might help someone older than myself who might remember if there was a Munro Butchers in Inverness.
  7. I think the whole Project Brave has been a "jobs for the boys" exercise at Scottish level creating lots of extra admin jobs in the central belt and is costing small clubs a lot of money they can't afford. Is it any better than what clubs had in place before?
  8. Bad news on injury to Sean Welsh.
  9. Great win for the team today 👏 I hope our supporters enjoyed their away day 😃
  10. Great win for the team today 👏 I hope our supporters enjoyed their away day 😃
  11. IBM

    Hugh Crout

    Hugh was also the same outwith football and always had time for a chat when you met him. As many have said above a real Gent.
  12. We were lucky to see the best of him during his football career great player for ICT
  13. Meeting for non-shareholders next Tuesday in social club.
  14. From today's P&J
  15. I notice no one is asking for the highlights this week
  16. IBM

    Hugh Crout

    Hugh will be in his late 80's I worked for him at C H Websters 1974-1975 and he was a great boss.
  17. IBM

    Rainbow Flag

    I don't know but we had won all our home games when it was flying is that a coincidence?
  18. Well summed up Jed. Gave it away today!
  19. You may be right IHE but they have no money 😜
  20. Yes another clean sheet for Rigers would be great and a couple of goals for us!
  21. It would be a black ball from me on that one he is now a Coach at County!
  22. IBM


    It's all to do with the money with Ian McCall going to Partick a full time side that still seems to have a bit of money at present although the Lottery winner has withdrawn his support. If we keep playing as we have started the season we have no reason to fear Partick although McCall will have them well fired up.
  23. Where did the BBC get this photo?
  24. Another game this season where it was not easy to pick the best 3 players as all the players had a good game. Unlike last year when the team was so poor at home it was difficult to pick 3 who had played well.