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  1. Thanks Mantis I didn't think it was near Kingussie or Newtonmore and knew it was not near Dalwhinnie but it's miles from the centre
  2. I think it looks fine and it seems to please the Jaggies but wait for our next away strip it will be a blue top, white shorts and a hint of red and black on the socks
  3. I have no idea where that house is. I was told a story many years ago from a man who did work for a previous owner of Glentruim house who I think he said was a doctor and he claimed there was a spring in the grounds that was the centre of Scotland.
  4. Right in the middle of Macpherson country!
  5. Here is a monument nearby, should be easy now!
  6. weeman will be having a look as well but I don't think he has worked in the jointbox on the footpath as the cover is on
  7. Never bought a book from him but know where he stayed can't remember how I worked that out it's further along the line
  8. If you are right and not spreading a rumour I hope it's not over the bridge!
  9. I have it now and passed it many times without noticing it, just along the road from Laurence the bookseller who used to post on the forum, he might even stay next door.
  10. I have not worked in that box on the footpath as I would have remembered the gates as my father made ones almost identical for out drive in Benula Road. I might have passed the house but don't recall it.
  11. Glen Mhor, you are doing very well with your research and your website is excellent with the updates. I am looking forward to seeing more as you add more information which is great as if it is not recorded online for easy access or in a book it will be lost forever.
  12. You are a wee bit late reporting Reece McAlear but you are right that we were successful with our loanees last season and hope it will be the same this coming season. As STFU has said we need to recruit from within and we have good stock but we will need other additions as Robert says so we have a good mix.
  13. It's looking like Jack Ross is going to Dundee United so Billy Dodds will be staying with us which I am happy with for this coming season as we need a settled manager and team. He would be daft to go if he got the chance as others have not had success after leaving us for a bigger club!
  14. IBM


    I have been reading about the Loch Frisa and the locals in Mull are not to impressed as it is smaller than the Coruisk which is due to go back on the Mallaig to Armadale route where it was before.
  15. I am sure the proceeds go to the youth football as do the car park charges for games. Since the start I have had many wins big and small 😊 which I am grateful for. The big cheques Charlie delivered in person and the small ones were posted out.
  16. IBM


    Glad you had a good time and the weather was good as well. A beautiful part of the country when it's not raining. I bet your other half was wondering why you were taking all the photos of the ferries
  17. He might be related to Dougal
  18. Tranmere Rovers have signed former Norwich City midfielder Reece McAlear on a two-year contract. Good luck to him he did well for us while on loan.
  19. There is no word about the millions this even will have cost us the taxpayer! There was an event at Grebe Park in Drakies which I did not attend as I was enjoying such a glorious day in the garden
  20. Sorry guys I just read the back page this morning 🤣🤣
  21. From the P&J today
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