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  1. IBM

    Betfred Cup

    Anyone we can beat once we finally can plat football safely
  2. It is where I thought nowhere near Ballinluig you were likely sitting on the picnic benches beside the river. I will see if anyone else can get it.
  3. That's not Ballinluig is it? Looks like somewhere I have had dinner in a few times but not sure about the new bit at the back
  4. If they were to dock points it would only have been 2 that's what big clubs get!
  5. Robbo is looking for 3 more players. From today's P&J
  6. The photo was taken from the Keppoch road junction the photo is Kinloid where my old neighbours were born.
  7. It must be a hard one will see if the wee green men in Lewis let Mantis home to have a go
  8. Plus a big fine should be imposed on the club for breaching the rules.
  9. There is a caravan park there now and the mast is 4G
  10. 8 self isolating now I hope they were not out on Saturday night!
  11. That's a good start and will give us supporters a bit of a lift while we wait patiently for the season to start.
  12. If you don't find anymore Mantis is away until the weekend he might be hiking over the hills in the highlands taking more photos
  13. I have passed the road end but never seen Spynie Palace. I will have to see if I have a photo of the porridge tanker for you
  14. IBM

    ICT Feeder Club

    Probably peanuts
  15. That's going back a bit, it would have been Mcewans Export and Tenants Lager (not much choice then) I hope you didn't take her to the Star Inn Stornoway
  16. I have no idea on that one it just proves there are plenty places to visit nearer home
  17. I worked with a guy who in his early years had worked in a chicken factory near Aberdeen and would not eat chicken or even ****-a leekie soup! A double Bacardi and Coke never bothered him though
  18. I had a quick look on the phone at lunchtime and thought Keith but not sure so I left it till later but beaten to it!
  19. Your photo should give a good clue
  20. It's not really leaning my wife took the photo This memorial is is on an island
  21. The clue for this one is the wee man in the photo is me