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    Spot on. St Johnstone in my opinion are our biggest obstacle to 3rd place!
  2. I've never really felt any media bias against ICT. The other night, however, was a little different. When a team from our country plays a team from another country, I would expect the commentary to be a little biased towards the team from our country. Just felt that we were the team from the other country!
  3. Don't think Brian has looked in to that side of it too deeply. I think he's just psssed off that we didn't win a game that was there for the taking!
  4. Oh aye, for the benefit of the ignorant, the previous one was Ardnamurchan Point!
  5. Passed it many a time on various ships and boats! Last time was Sunday!!!
  6. The most Westerly point of the UK mainland!
  7. Just seen this. Kyle of Lochalsh, obviously!
  8. CaleyT

    Billy Mckay

    Former Jaggies might dispute that! But do you think this Billy may also come back to Inverness? Always the chance he'll come back once he's past his best, like the other Billy did! He was still pretty good though! And former Jaggies will just have to get used to the fact that their team's shortened name is "Caley"
  9. Obviously Torquil was before your time, young man! Otherwise you would be well aware of the connection with "old sweeties"!!!
  10. I was thinking of one Torquil Macleod!
  11. First game I've managed to get to for a while. Can't remember seeing us so dominant in a Premier League game. And how the hell did Motherwell get that goal!??
  12. Scarlet, the road on the right is Rangemore Road which joins onto Caledonian Road. They run parallel to Fairfield Road which would be off-screen to the right.
  13. I'm actually quite optimistic about next season. A few rough edges to sort out but I really don't think we're all that far away from the finished product and the close season should provide plenty of time for him to hone his tools. Perhaps this is Yogi's best chance yet to achieve something big in Scottish football.
  14. Arse-ne is the manager of Arse-nal. Did they no have a striker called Arse-havn? Arse is a good thing to have in your name if you want to manage or play for ARSE-nal!!
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