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  1. I may be in the minority as a supporter who has recently begun to attend more regularly recently, due to finally being able to get the odd saturday off work. It is disappointing that there somehow seems to be even less of an atmosphere than the last time I was able to attend regularly - which is going back a while to be honest (pre 2007). The club is still young in comparison to many other teams in Scotland, but I agree more needs to be done to attract younger fans to come to home games. I remember being in primary school and getting the odd free ticket to home games. Does anyone know if things like this still happen? Fair enough, this is probably back in the old 2nd or 1st division days...
  2. Bring it on home, Bring it on home, Inverness Caledonian Thistle... 😂
  3. I never checked this thread until today, so I've joined up now. Already had a team in my work league, so hopefully I'll still have my points! Hope that's alright.
  4. I decided in 2002 to support Mexico when Scotland weren't there, and Mexico have been at every world cup since. So I'll stick to tradition and support them again.
  5. Truly saddened. RIP Elena.
  6. Voted for Liam Polworth. I do feel a wee bit bad though, as I work for Ayr United and Brian Gilmour just came into the office...
  7. Yeah, I just read that on P&B. Weird.
  8. Something like that, yeah. If the decision was mine, it'd be stripes, but something like this could be an interesting change. And it's still fairly close to stripes...
  9. What about something like this Kaizer Chiefs shirt, but in our colours? I think it's pretty smart.
  10. Let's hope the rest of the guesses are 15 points from 15 then, and that this theory is correct!
  11. Davide Xausa played for Vancouver Whitecaps, but that was before they were bought over and joined MLS...
  12. If I recall correctly, Landon Donovan was strongly connected to Fulham for a while... different spelling, but phonetically it fits pretty well. didn't happen though.
  13. I looked at the top scorers of the U20 league and saw that Ross County had a player called Tony Dingwall. I also remember Stephen Ireland scoring for RoI. Any other players who's surnames (or first names) match their club or country?
  14. This is my favourite strip we've had... Probably because it was the first one I owned.