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  1. Punk N Disorderly

    Music for the team to run out too

    Bring it on home, Bring it on home, Inverness Caledonian Thistle... 😂
  2. Punk N Disorderly

    Fantasy Football 2014.15 season

    I never checked this thread until today, so I've joined up now. Already had a team in my work league, so hopefully I'll still have my points! Hope that's alright.
  3. Punk N Disorderly

    Word Association

  4. Punk N Disorderly

    The world cup!

    I decided in 2002 to support Mexico when Scotland weren't there, and Mexico have been at every world cup since. So I'll stick to tradition and support them again.
  5. Punk N Disorderly

    Elena Baltacha

    Truly saddened. RIP Elena.
  6. Punk N Disorderly

    Vote for Liam Polworth #2

    Voted for Liam Polworth. I do feel a wee bit bad though, as I work for Ayr United and Brian Gilmour just came into the office...
  7. Punk N Disorderly

    New Home Shirt 2014-15

    Yeah, I just read that on P&B. Weird.
  8. Punk N Disorderly

    New Home Shirt 2014-15

    Something like that, yeah. If the decision was mine, it'd be stripes, but something like this could be an interesting change. And it's still fairly close to stripes...
  9. Punk N Disorderly

    New Home Shirt 2014-15

    What about something like this Kaizer Chiefs shirt, but in our colours? I think it's pretty smart.
  10. Punk N Disorderly

    Competition - Post Split Points

    Let's hope the rest of the guesses are 15 points from 15 then, and that this theory is correct!
  11. Punk N Disorderly

    Ex ICT player in MLS

    Davide Xausa played for Vancouver Whitecaps, but that was before they were bought over and joined MLS...
  12. Punk N Disorderly


    If I recall correctly, Landon Donovan was strongly connected to Fulham for a while... different spelling, but phonetically it fits pretty well. didn't happen though.
  13. Punk N Disorderly


    I looked at the top scorers of the U20 league and saw that Ross County had a player called Tony Dingwall. I also remember Stephen Ireland scoring for RoI. Any other players who's surnames (or first names) match their club or country?
  14. Punk N Disorderly

    Old ICTFC tops

    This is my favourite strip we've had... Probably because it was the first one I owned.