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  1. mdj1988

    Next Season

    Personally I wouldn't be sad to see the back of LDZ. Haven't seen much action from him this season. I remember shouting at the tv regarding his performance in the last game of the season when we went down. He's not as commited at putting the ball into touch and cost us quite a few corners in the past
  2. mdj1988

    presents from the players

    I bet Rossco could still bring down half the wingers in the SPL with those sandals on. Fair play to the guy, the sun was shining!
  3. mdj1988

    Party in the Park

    Can't say I was keen on Rod. Any speculation to the identitys of the dancing girls yet? Jailbait perhaps?
  4. mdj1988

    Fans - 2 good, 2 bad

    Good call. The players knew what was going to happen on saturday and the look on their faces in the dying minutes of the game said it all as the north stand nearly spilled onto the pitch during a corner! Do you think that the players would have preffered a few claps from the main stand? We are at serious risk of becoming like those sunken faced Aberdeen fans at pittodrie that applaud throw ins and go back to checking the scores on their phones when there team isn't winning. As supportors we are welcoming yet we are frowned upon for our encouragement. It's time something was done.
  5. mdj1988

    Tokely considering an offer

    Over the moon!
  6. mdj1988

    SPL Roll Call

    Pittodrie is technically a home game for me so I'll be making the 5 minute trek down every time, seeing as we'll hump the dons every time we play them :004:
  7. mdj1988

    Bulvitis: Deal or No Deal?

    It all depends what Tokely does I guess. Certainly Ross would be a better choice for right back given the language barrier, as Grant Munro doesn't do a lot of shouting. From what I've seen its Esson who keeps the back 4 in line
  8. mdj1988

    SFL First Division Player of the Year

    Thoroughly deserved. Remember the days of him being terry's super sub? he'd score with about 15mins play on the pitch. Clinical finishing
  9. mdj1988

    Player Of The Year Poll

    Hayes - breaking uo the wing, sheer pace, didn't let anyone hold him back Esson - good performance as always, organised us at the back, miraculous save 1st half Rooney - Always making space, finishes 9 times out of 10
  10. mdj1988

    Fans - 2 good, 2 bad

    I ended up in the north stand section D, as it turned out I was next to a 12 year old kid, but he didn't have any problems singing along! If you aren't going to sing then your aswell to watch the match on teletext! At the end of the day it was a 200 mile round trip to give my club the backing they deserve and I'm not going to let anyone ssh me.
  11. mdj1988

    Post-Match Thread : ICT -V- Dundee

    I think I'm glad the 2 sitters Eric Odhiambo missed were at the away end to be honest. Goal was magic. Great to end the season on such a high. Be funny if Adam Rooney's 27 goals defeat Wayne's tally for united this season :huh: