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  1. Fantastic 3 points for us. Typical stewards trying to ruin the atmosphere though. Someone got thrown out after about 2 minutes. Any need?
  2. Your 'patter' is getting extremely tiresome. DC's fishing attempts are laughable as well.. Good effort. Nail was firmly hit on the head with Taffy's picture though. The thing that speaks loudest for me is that there aren't many people, maybe none at all from Section G posting on this thread. Although IHE must be smug as feck with all the fish he has been catching this weather. I'm from section G and I have posted several times, I don't think many of the guys at the back use this forum anymore, mainly due to ridiculous wind up threads like this. Whatever happened to slap on the wrist don't do it again, instead we have multi-paragraphed rants and childish bickering between adults?! And us young 'uns are supposed to be the ones acting like kids?
  3. Think thats absolutely ridiculous, violence, personal threats, go for it. Chanting? You're away with it min!!
  4. I think the whole thing with this moving seats carry on is this. It has been apparent for the last couple of years that section G is where we all sing, this was made especially apparent at the tail end of last season. Surely people in close proximity to this (aside from the family section) should have had the foresight that it would be the same this season and could have bought their new season ticket over summer in a different place if they are not happy with it. I guess there are a lot who did but judging by the reactions here and at the game's there are some of the mentality that 'I was here first' , well that may be so but it doesn't mean anythings going to change just because its the turn of a new season.
  5. dannydoo


    Yeah, not a huge fan of these low short throws. I noticed on Saturday that Proctor continually just threw it to Hayes even when he was marked by two players.
  6. I'm in, possibly with a +1
  7. Completely agree with you, amount of people up in section G and F as well that were slating the team, saying that certain players should never pull the shirt on again, and twice I heard that this is the worst Caley team ever!? Get a grip. Leave the negative attitude or don't bother coming, its the 3rd league game of the season for god sake, give them a chance. Not defending the performance at all however negative attitudes really affect the players morale, just look at the state of Aberdeen last season, don't think their dreadful constant booing atmosphere helped them at all. And personally I was shocked that Nick Ross came off as he seemed to be leading the attack, but he received abuse for his performance? The only negative he has is that he has a small frame and can get thrown off the ball, I think that Sutherland shows you the other side of the coin in that respect.
  8. Exactly. Surely they must have some sort on insurance on them anyway.
  9. Saw him going mental too, didn't know the camera had been damaged, just saw it lying on its side and assumed it had been knocked over. I have to say as a 'young guy' that I disagree with running onto the pitch mid-game, infact I hesitated for a couple of minutes after the final goal as I assumed everyone was running on to the pitch to celebrate that, didn't even hear the full-time whistle. Think a lot of it was to do with bravado as well.
  10. I'm in the middle of watching mine now, anyone else spot the linesman getting smacked in the head with the ball? Think its about 13mins in.
  11. YASSSSS!!!!! 6 points left to be taken from us, fill your boots boys, the league's ours!! :D
  12. Don't have a caption, but noticed a couple of things, is that a goalie top Foran's got on? Also the guy behind him's always up the back of section g, is he/are you on the forum?
  13. Megabus is your cheapest bet, me and Caleyjag got return tickets leaving Aberdeen Saturday at 07:15am and geting in Glasgow at 10:50am for ?12.00 each, we're saying at my brothers in Glasgow Saturday night and getting bus back up Sunday. Have a look on megabus.com if you want the cheaper option (the trains cost a fortune) Yeah, noticed that, I'm usually ?15-?20 return to Inverness on the train, its more like ?45-?60 if you go to Glasgow, how they can justify that I don't know. Plus I would have say another ?10 for the train to Ayr. Its alright though, I'm going from the Inverness side, staying with family and supporters bus in the morning so thankfully I will get to the game.
  14. Really want to be at this game, travel's a problem though. To the people travelling from Aberdeen, how are you getting home and are any of you returning the same day or doing over-nighters?