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  1. OK, I'll upload the same footage to a different channel without putting the link here. If it gets blocked within an hour I'll believe you.
  2. No, blocked by CaleyD who is in hyper management mode. Absolutely feckin ridiculous, like the SPL would care if 3 minutes of Hearts v ICT was on YouTube. Only really posted it so Conor could share it with his family and friends back home. Aaargh. Carry on like this Don and you'll have no one left to "manage".
  3. Well I wonder who did that. Cheers CaleyD for not leaving that alone for a while for people not in the UK to see the last minute goal. Guess I'll have to post it on my other channel.
  4. Conor Pepper last minute goal v Hearts.
  5. Uploaded the 3 minutes of injury time to YouTube here.
  6. I wonder if they'll respond to bigjohn's comments. Measured it on Autoroute at 4.5 miles so you'd be doing well to drive it in 15 minutes. The aroma of landfill stench, sewage works and burning dead bodies isn't a winner for me either.
  7. Thanks but I think I'll stick to passive-aggressive for now
  8. You're right on my fecking wavelength there bigjohn. I hate the way some people think that rules are for others to obey and don't apply to them. Witness the boy racers parking their gaudy pieces of sh1t in a disabled/parent & child space as close to the supermarket as possible. Grrr... You should get involved more as you seem to speak a lot of sense!
  9. Esson Raven, Warren, King, G Shinnie Doran, Draper, OTJ, Foran A Shinnie McKay Sub: Mathieson, Meekings, Ross, Sutherland, Morrison, Polworth, Oswell
  10. If the official YouTube channel doesn't want them I'd happily convert them and put them up on my channel. I think the club are looking to place ads on all ICT YouTube content, whether it's on the official channel or not. All means income for the club so the more content that is out there, and the more ads that are clicked, the better off the club will be.
  11. Don't think they'd want my crappy quality vids on their shiny new channel! All looks very promising. Like the idea of producing our own highlights too as long as they don't come with commentary in a broad Invernessian accent (like mine)! How far back does the archive footage you've got go?
  12. Good to see another ICT YouTube channel. The 1990s archive YouTube channel is here.
  13. Well one similarity is that they both pass themselves off as feminine but I doubt either are. Over to you IHE...
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