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  1. Just before we start planning for next year's trip, and very belatedly (I haven't unpacked yet either), many thanks to everyone for making the Romania trip such a great few days. Alison
  2. Also Astra fans have only just done Scotland, I'm sure we'll be equally disappointed if we draw another Romanian team next year
  3. British Airways are having a sale which essentially gives you free accommodation (return flights + 3 nights in 4* star hotel < standard return fare). Thanks to DBJ for organising the buses So looking forward to the ultimate Caley Away Day.
  4. Worst game I have seen since the days of Brewster's return. I think it's far too early to start complaining about Terry, he has an injury list as long as his arm and there still is the need to gel, but we can't string three passes together and why we think we need to pass into the net is beyond me. I don't mind being beaten by Ayr at all, but the manner of the defeat was just awful. Also surprised at the stats. We had 18 attempts on goal? Really???
  5. Or rather WE are not allowed to stand. On the matchday report thread there's a link from CapitalCaley to the St Mirren board. The reason we aren't allowed to stand appears to be because there aren't enough of us standing... So the simple solution is actually to take 2000 fans and then we can do whatever we like.
  6. For those who weren't there on Saturday, it wasn't just a simple case of sitting v standing. People were made to sit down right after the goals had been scored. Reading the St Mirren board, the stewards obviously acted the same way towards their own fans. Do people really want an environment where you must sit down exactly 60 seconds after scoring or be thrown out? And the last time we went to St Mirren, we were able to stand at the back for the whole game.
  7. Not a bad result given our total lack of defence and the blind officials. Unfortunately St Mirren obviously decided the stewards were far too friendly on our last visit, and had sent them for re-training to Tannadice. Pity. But good also to speak to a couple of fellow CTOs.
  8. It would have been nice to have had a comments section so I could have explained why Ayr was the best away experience. Seriously though, it's difficult to give a proper answer to the more generic questions. What if you find two grounds really hostile, and the rest completely friendly? Basically what is required to improve the matchday experience (ugh) is standing / less power-trip stewards / alcohol probably in that order.
  9. I also thought "Is this a library?" strangely accurate. Thank god we were there to supply a bit of atmosphere. But was that weird thing with the wall of sound around 20 minutes in, when the whole place erupted for about 3 minutes? They didn't even make as much noise as that again when they scored. Oops, sorry - just realised this has its own thread...
  10. At Killie yesterday, there were so few home supporters that one stand was totally empty, one had hardly anybody in it, and actually all the home support together would probably have fitted into one stand. It's not just TCS having problems with attendance. The Airdrie games last year were amazing - fantastic facilities and a miniscule home support. And ICT without question.
  11. "Cillit-Bang, for an *rse so clean you can eat your pies off it."
  12. I will give ya a green dot fer that - we were in the Alamo and heard about this although the rumour was that you had all been asked to sit down !! But what the feck were you doing in Legoland and not the Alamo at 2.00 ? By the way - can ya see the fervour of the support on the site. Good to hear the drum away again as well Couldn't act for the Seating Defence League *and* go to the Alamo...though the real reason was I hadn't logged in for ages and wasn't sure which pub folks would be at...didn't want to end up in a bar with the likes of photo 23...
  13. Huge thanks to the chief steward yesterday. The first five or six of us arrived in the ground just after 2pm and were told we had to sit in our allocated seats (printed on the tickets) as it was club policy, and was necessary for their security and health and safety to know which seats were occupied. We said how unhappy we were about the set seating, as none of us wanted our allocated seats, and he said he would register our complaints in his report. Then after a long discussion where we suggested it would be easier for both fans and stewards if we could pick the seats we wanted from the ticket office in future, and he told us about what a pain some fans from other clubs had been, he suddenly said he would go and check on whether we could really just sit where we wanted. He came back less than the 20 mins he said, and gave us the all clear. Totally great bloke. So big thanks to him and his whole team for helping make a great afternoon, after what had initially seemed just a recipe for disaster.
  14. A fantastic moment of stewarding. You couldn't have made it up. But I'm sure Lee Cox was flattered by the all the extra attention :biggrin:
  15. An *rse where his mouth should be. I can't remember any United games where we didn't have a good support. And that's despite his p*nis-faced killjoy jobsworthy stewards.
  16. Fantastic first away game, may there be many more! One question - what was the Stephen Thompson thing about? I obviously missed what he had said (whilst happily contributing to the abuse in response ;-))
  17. What was Jesus Surname then? And is that easy to pronounce? What makes you think posting a link on the internet proves you can pronounce a place name? Get off the announcers back for pity sake, he did a job. Will any of his critics here be offering to take on the role? What on earth has whether I can remember the whole badly pronounced team sheet got to do with it? He couldn't pronounce the name of the club and most of the players' names. Fact. You think it's okay. I think it makes us look unprofessional. I didn't post the link as proof I can pronounce it, but to show that 30 seconds on google would get you a pronounciation if you didn't know how. Although indeed, asking Dani or the second announcer would have been the easy options. Anyway, thankfully Antwerp should offer less of a problem ...
  18. the simplest of Johnny Foreigner's odd un-English names? Such as? he couldn't even pronounce the name of the club Can you? I find it strange that the announcers role has become such an office of high esteem that it is envied by the masses. If you want Don back just say so, don't attack others when they are doing their own best. (a) Jesus - a pretty common Spanish name, which the second announcer got perfectly (b) Yes Clicky here
  19. Don't know who it was, but the first announcer said "I am not going to even read out the Spanish team" How offensive was that? No-one expects perfect pronounciation, but to not even attempt is nothing short of racism. More amateur hour stuff, showing us to be Highland hicks in front of our visitors. Get a pro in, if the amateurs can't cut it. Get Don back, he would have had a try. Totally agree, made us sound a bunch of bumpkins who couldn't pronounce the simplest of Johnny Foreigner's odd un-English names. Or be bothered finding out how. And he couldn't even pronounce the name of the club, which I thought was REALLY insulting.
  20. Cool. Thanks Renegade. Looking forward to picking one up before the Valladolid game. Maybe this is why he hasn't featured in any pre season games , hope it clears up in time for the Celtc game ! It would be quite appropriate though if the lumps exploded in a Septic player's face as Richie rose above him to head in the winner :022:
  21. Has anyone seen the back? Is it plain blue or is it swished as well? Richie has some red blobs under his armpit but can't work out what they are. Very nice though.
  22. alimci

    Jonny Tuffey

    Totally! And knowing that we had sung "Wish you were Tuffey" at the rest of the keepers in Div 1. Delighted, though I presume the Penalty King will still be Number One. But it's great to have two good keepers again.
  23. I hadn't really thought out that it wasn't going to be a capacity crowd...
  24. Does anyone know when tickets for the Antwerp/Valladolid games will be available?