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  1. davie


    There's not much that makes me contribute here nowadays but this does. RIP Simon. Unfailingly bright, sunny and optimistic whenever I saw you at away games. https://breathingspace.scot/
  2. Whisky is gone. Cheers Billy Boag. Can't believe no one wants the gloves......c'mon, get bidding.?
  3. Aye, said that I was going to do an online auction on Facebook, twitter and here as part of the fundraising effort. I started with lot 1, a signed football from County (thought it best not to put it on here) but lot 2 is different. Signed gloves from Mark Ridgers and a bottle of speyburn single malt whisky. Bid away if they appeal by sending me a DM
  4. £430.39 raised this afternoon. This makes every one of you heroes and I'm delighted. If you want to do more, I'm at http://david. [email protected] cheeeers!!
  5. Could still do with a couple of people to help me with the bucket collection this afternoon. If you can, meet at the front door of the stadium at 2pm. Get a bucket, shake it, collect cash. Return it to me before 3 then enjoy the game. I'd be grateful. Ta.
  6. Ladies and gents, we are going to do a bucket collection at the home game against Arbroath. If anyone is willing to help by shaking a bucket at people before you settle down to the footie, would you meet me at the front entrance any time from 1:45 onwards. It's for a good cause, we'll be delighted and the first round is on me............Give us a shout if you can . Ta a million, Davie
  7. Tannadice the day. 137 miles and a sore backside to see us chuffed by a man with a rubbish haircut. Ach well, at least you could sponsor me for the hardship https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/David-Balfour6?utm_campaign=lc_frp_share_transaction_transactional_||_donation_received_||_nth_donation&utm_content=3079ddba-a233-40dc-b2c7-6b8763cd942d&utm_medium=email&utm_source=postoffice&utm_term=1564781394341
  8. Hi folks, I'm fundraising again... This time, it's a three day bike challenge in Norway at the end of August. Guess what? It's a bit hilly and not at all easy. I'm raising money for a lovely charity called world at play, who organise play and sports in refugee camps and for disadvantaged kids all over the place. It's a good thing. Support me if you can at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/david-balfour6 Cheers
  9. I’m probably the most lapsed catholic that I know but I have to say that I find some of the responses in this thread crap beyond belief. I had thought, for years, that sectarianism was a problem that existed in the central belt and was largely absent here. I wonder how I got this so wrong, so: “Oh dear, grown men on a night out using swear words. I won't be losing any sleep over it”. So is a clear statement of sectarian hate acceptable? If it’s not acceptable to sing this in the middle of Glasgow on a Saturday night, it’s not acceptable anywhere. Using the expression “F**k the P
  10. mods, you need to get a hold on this now. don't know who Mr gadgie is but what's being said here is bordering on religiously motivated hate speech. which is a criminal offence.
  11. Tell you what. If you had chanted in public that my sister was of dubious morality, I’d have been a damned sight ruder back to you than Liam Polworth was on Saturday on twitter. I’d have slaughtered you publically. For a guy who, according to weekly shouts from the stands and in these forums, doesn’t care and is downright lazy, it’s a common shout that has its origins in a pack mentality and precious little to do with reality. I’m lucky. I’ve been granted access to our players over the years in a capacity that has allowed me to see the reactions to success and failure close up and personal and
  12. I think manfers apology for his language was magnanimous. what it doesn't need is a moderator to keep fuelling the fire. according to twitter, the club are looking at this, so action will hopefully be taken. let's leave it at that
  13. see other reply. it's not about criticism it's about verbal abuse.
  14. this is utter rubbish. you evidently didn't hear the nature of the abuse he got, or his family for that matter. Yes he didn't have a great game but tell me who did.
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