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  1. So despite being told weeks ago that he could leave, he failed to secure himself another club or leave the club, yet waited until the final day of the transfer window to do so? Right. Ok. Not buying it, sorry. Yes he did wait until the last day of transfer window and yes he has failed to secure another club but with no prospect of playing under Butcher he has left in order to be a free agent and for the following reasons. I pulled this explanation from the BBC website regarding transfer rules, "Players who are out of contract and do not have a club, can be signed outside of the transfer window if they are unattached free agents when the window closes".
  2. Although the official website reports Gillespie released by mutual agreement there is a bit more to the story than that. After a preseason of being ignored completely or being played out of position when he did get a game he approached Butcher and asked what his plans were for him this season. Butchers reply ? Your not in my plans, if you want you can go out on loan or if you can find another club we (ICT) will not stand in your way? and reason for this ?I will using my signings this season? effectively he was dumped one week before the start of the season. If he had?nt asked Butcher I just wonder when he actually planned telling him this. Butcher should have told Gillespie this back in May at the end of last season and given the player a fair chance to find a new club, most players are signed by clubs before pre season ever starts he has been denied this opportunity. Another kick in the nuts for the ICT youth system. Butchers management style sucks.
  3. Utter,utter rubbish. New signings looked poor, Stratford won the "I can kick the ball the highest competition" he is absolute mince. Hayes just kept running into people. Cox lively but no creation. Did the gaffer take Foran of for hastings to defend a one goal lead ?. Very strange if he did because we got stung immediately for that one. Just like last year, back four in disarray and Montrose gifted a goal. Plenty of work to be done if we are to stand anything of a chance. 2 games to go before the serious stuff starts.
  4. Dale Gillespie started at right mid Jamie Duff on bench By the way Struan Scott Woodhouse was playing for Clach !!!.
  5. Thank you Iain, I have thoroughly enjoyed following your progress during your time at ICT, I'm sad to see you go. There have been some great moments along the way especially with the U19s, the team included Woody, Dale and Duffers and was one of the best the club has produced so far, probably the first youth team from up here ever to compete against the south and even beat them, you were one of the reasons why. I'm sure there is a club out there that will appreciate your talents. Good luck in the future.
  6. You obviously don't know your team. Dale Gillespie, 19 , 6ft 1in, can use either foot. Plays anywhere in midfield Product of youth system and one of the few ICT players to represent Scotland at -19 level. Loaned out to Elgin in January (which can't have been a lot of fun for him, but experience non the less). Needs a chance to show himself and now we are in Div 1 there should be no excuses for this not to happen.
  7. Renegade why not bring your "prolonged posting hiatus" forward a little and start it now?.
  8. Good news for ICT, we need the reserve league to continue to develop our youngsters and give the rest of the squad a regular work out.
  9. I can see the reasoning for the final game being against Falkirk but I hope this last game of the season is non event for us, we need to be at east four points clear with the job done and survival secure. Hopefully the game will have a bearing on who goes down with Falkirk, St Mirren, Killie and Hamilton fighting for survival. Should be an exciting run in how ever it goes.
  10. GEO


    Very good news indeed, well done Jamie.
  11. Strong ICT team against a young Well side. Interestingly Barry Wilson played at right back and was captain for the day. Did a good job in that position, plenty of tackling and took on a few good runs up the wing as well. Possible defensive cover for next few games?. First half was a quiet affair but ICT had a couple of chances one for McAllister and one for Zanders, Rooney had a good penalty claim turned down. 0-0 at the turn. Second half was lot more workman like with plenty of attacking from ICT this was rewarded in the 18th minute when Rooney mopped up McAllister rebound to open the score. Rooney scored his second from the spot after Djedi-Jadi was brought down at the end of surging run into the box. Adam Rooney turned provider for the third, his cross found Zander Sutherland in the clear at the back post he cooly slotted home. Finally a fourth goal rounded off afternoon after Rooney rose to head goalward the ball rebounded into the path of Gillespie who hammered in a low shot from 15 yards. Good second half display allround with some good football being played. Final score 4-0. Highlights where the performance of Rooney 2 goals and an assist and Barry Wilson at right wing back.
  12. How about Wilson at right back?. Thats where he played today for the reserves and he did a good job at it too!.
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