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  1. Mantis, are libraries not a valuable educational resource? Not only for the school or university student but also, and perhaps especially, for those members of the public who have left education and wish to broaden their knowledge base. Perhaps it is not I who has a narrow view of what constitutes education if you cannot see that self education is as valuable as schooling.
  2. Croylo, the argument put forward is reasoned given the topic which is being debated, you are correct with all the subjects you mention and they do deserve debate, the Gaelic mafia may not be the biggest benifitiaries of wasted resources but they are benifitiaries and this thread is about Gaelic signage. Health and education is not an emotional arguement, it is a very real and valid one. Gaelic has had it's time the future well being and educational advancement of the population should always be more important, Gaelic language adds to neither.
  3. Croylo-"so if the gaels want to promote their heritage let them. Just because it is not your heritage doesn't meant its not important." There is no problem with Gaels promoting their heritage so long as it is at their expense and not at the expense of others, libraries and leisure centres are in the firing line for local government cuts all over the Highlands at the moment, which is most important, having an ancient and dying language promoted on raod signs or the future education and health of the general population?
  4. RE the under 12s ticket, the under 8s ticket in 2008/9 did not include Celtic or Rangers matches I don't see any such restriction on the under 12s for this season anywhere or am I missing it?
  5. Got my letter about renewing today, no mention of prices but the free tickets for under 8s has been extended to under 12s and the 10% discount for buying a season ticket last year will be honoured.
  6. Strange how so many of our songs metion County or their players but we are not meant to have a rivalry according to some. There are people who claim Livingston are bigger rivals yet no mention of them in any chants at all.
  7. I told you already!! Dressing like that does not mean you can qualify to play for North Korea in the World Cup.
  8. Aparently Ronnie Browne is writing it, chosen because he is very good at making losers look like heros.
  9. http://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/Article.a...40814/?UserKey=
  10. @Gringo, did they not fly the Championship flag at the town hall?
  11. @renegade After reading the supporting England topic I would have thought you would rather watch the Chelsea/Pompey match as there was a far better class of technical footballer on display there.
  12. If there is no rivalry then why are so many of our songs mentioning County?
  13. @pullmyfinger I am sure if you speak nicely to the County ass manager he will oblige @Harry C that has to be one of the best comebacks I have read, all the County sympathiser have been served. 2-0
  14. Rangers are skint.
  15. There is a food for thought quote in that article, since I read in the signed/off chat, that Proctor is still unsigned. ?We are all just looking forward to next season now. You want to be playing against the likes of Celtic and Rangers every year and I?m looking forward to pitting my wits against them again.?
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