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  1. CaleyAlly

    Tickets for tonight

    Just wanted to make sure before setting off. Can you buy tickets for tonights game vs hearts at the stadium before the game? Thanks in advance
  2. CaleyAlly


    Don't criticise any players on here you will have the red dot brigade after you, Wedderburn is easily one of the worst players i have seen play for us and i have no idea what hughes saw in him to sign him
  3. CaleyAlly

    Contract Situation

    Letting Vincent go but keeping Horner?
  4. CaleyAlly

    Hearts -V- Inverness CT

    How is Horner playing for us? Never seen a worse player
  5. CaleyAlly

    Joint Statement Regarding Pyro at Matches

    No Pyro No Party
  6. CaleyAlly

    New Away Strip

    Does anyone know when the kit will be available? Also will it be available with long sleeves?
  7. CaleyAlly

    Replacement Striker?

    Calum Ferguson posted on twitter a couple of weeks back he's injured not sure if hes still out and i though sutherland was more of a winger?
  8. CaleyAlly

    Fraser Fyvie

    Hibs supporting mate told me we are looking to sign him, as he doesnt want to play in the championship
  9. CaleyAlly

    Pub for SC Final

    I dont live in inverness, will i be able to get 3 wristbands?
  10. CaleyAlly

    Pub for SC Final

    me + 2 others, no kids
  11. CaleyAlly

    Dundee Away Roll Call

    if i can find how much the student ticket is i'll be there
  12. CaleyAlly

    Lewis Stevenson

    Tremarco is alright would rather we got another player in there was a news article not long ago saying that the reason we brought in ryan baptie was because shinnie was leaving, not sure if yogi is going to give him a chance unsure about mccourt think his wages would put us out of contention anyway
  13. CaleyAlly

    Lewis Stevenson

    Seen on p and b we are (apparently) in for hibs left back Lewis Stevenson as his contract is up at the end of the season, thoughts?
  14. CaleyAlly

    Inverness CT -V- Celtic (Cup)

    I may well be older, and indeed, now in the minority. However, the Scottish Cup final is a bigger deal for those of us who watched games at Telford Street, Kingsmills Park and beyond. Much of our core support are youthful and are a massive part of the club's future - they have grown-up with, and embrace 'social media'. But there's also a significant proportion who haven't. I heard about the twitter feed from the game on Radio 4 Sports desk - and believe me it was NOT complimentary! We were spoken about with disdain, and the chuckles of embarrassment were quite excruciating - and frankly, they were taking the ****. Sometimes, all publicity is not good! I doubt they'd still be calling us "little Inverness ceilidh" if we perhaps presented ourselves a bit more professionally on these 'platforms'. Sorry but the cup final is a bigger deal for you because you watched games before a lot of our support was even born? A lot of my mates from school and uni have text me saying the twitter is brilliant and they wish their teams was a lot more like ours
  15. CaleyAlly

    Replacement Striker?

    What's daryl Duffy up to these days?