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  1. The money saved simply has to go back to the fans, whether it's through lowered ticket prices, or subsiding something like a display or the buses
  2. Ref was shocking today, worst i've seen in ages
  3. I'd love it but no point embarrassing ourselves and not filling the stand while doing it
  4. Disgraceful from Aberdeen stewards coming into the stands and chucking people out for no apparent reason and full on taking someone out and not even helping them back onto their feet
  5. Would be nice if JD could do something in return like subsidise the supporters bus as a way of saying sorry
  6. No wonder the club is so poor if we can't even get kits on sale in peak buying time.
  7. Really? Annoying tbh, terrible designs and only being able to get from JD isn't the best
  8. Whatever it is I hope to god it isn't Carbrini again
  9. Bet most people who had them were going to their first or second game and have gone back to supporting Celtic or Rangers
  10. We deserve to go down just because of this and it's 100% happening next season
  11. One win in 8 and it was a 3-0 win against the League Cup champions, how? How are we actually this pish, honestly..
  12. Exactly, Wedderburn has the turning circle of an articulated tank ffs, he's dreadful. And even if we haven't seen much of Hughes what we've seen is utter ****
  13. Seriously? Something has to be done about this clubs shocking contract policy. If we keep on letting our players leave for nothing or next to nothing and signing utter pish like Lopez, Wedderburn and Hughes we're going to end up in the championship in no time.
  14. A lad a few rows infront of me was periscoping the Hearts game at the start of the month Think the club should do something to Dundee I think it is, who have a stream set-up for overseas viewers
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