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  1. jwmski

    ICT's youth policy criticised

    It's just trolling. Youth policy is fine and will only get better. Wee team, wee population. They're just having a pop because they genuinely don't get what it is that enables this club to do what it does. Youth policy? Of course. Football policy? Great club.
  2. jwmski

    Pub for SC Final

    Magic. Party of 6 :)
  3. jwmski

    ICT Scarves Around The World

    The last two posts are gloatingly exclusive. Typical to boot. I wish I was from Inverness
  4. No but consistently bottom six
  5. jwmski

    Roll call & Team for Killie

    I'll be there Last minute decision to head up from Manchester
  6. jwmski

    Where do the ICT support originate from?

    1 Where were you born? Raigmore Hospital 2.Where did you spend your childhood? The capital of Strathglass 3 When did you start following football in Inverness? Mid 80's, my big brother got a couple of games on trial at Telford St but turned out to be far more skilled at drinking & smoking - Peter Corbett let me & my dad into the dressing room at half time for a cup of tea! 4 What is you current location? Manchester
  7. jwmski

    2013/14 expectations

    Top six and above County will do me just fine. A cup win would be just lovely too ;)
  8. jwmski

    ICT -V- Dundee Utd

    I hear what you're saying but that would mean them finishing above us & personally speaking I don't want that.
  9. jwmski

    ICT -V- Motherwell

    **** that ****. Inverness.
  10. jwmski

    ICT v Celtic Match thread

    That's the spirit...
  11. jwmski

    ICT v Celtic Match thread

    I agree top 6 would be a fantastic achievement, but this season has had a special feeling about it. No harm in trying.
  12. jwmski

    ICT v Celtic Match thread

    Right. Heads up. The quest for Europe.
  13. jwmski

    ICT v Celtic Match thread

    Commons off for the second half.