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  1. Good luck Scotty. Hope all goes well!
  2. Talking about the real world aye. Funny statement to make when your opinions are on people you haven't met and have a hypothetical opinion of by the looks of it.
  3. Well no because you attest your distain for him and others here on another popular forum don't you? ?
  4. It's not really though is it.
  5. Ouch I'm sorry to hear that. Thanks for explaining everything to me I didn't realise it was such an uphill struggle to keep the buses running week in week out for the season.
  6. Yeah it definitely isn't an easy situation but it does seem a little unfair that there is a 50% increase in price to one age group which doesn't generate a lot if any income at all whilst the adult price is frozen. Did the 13-17s group pay £20 last season? If so just ignore me.
  7. So am I right in saying that the only change to pricing here is that parents are going to have to pay a 50% fare increase for their kids aged 13-17 to get the bus and cover this unexpected cost? Or did the pricing from the beginning of the season stated in another thread not stick?
  8. What happens if you are drawn away to one of the teams out with Scotland financially? Does the club get subsidised travel and accommodation or is that left to them to fork out for?
  9. What fantasy league are you using?
  10. Just myself please.
  11. When reserving a seat on the event for the bus link do you just confirm you are going to the event or do you have to leave a review? I don't have the option of leaving a comment. Cheers.
  12. All the fans around me in the semi wanted to sit for the game I got tutted at whenever I stood up and I was only sitting down to please those behind me the rest of the time. Would much rather be in a section where people can stand and sing like the wee section of folk in the corner section at the semi. Dougal you have to bear in mind there will be neutrals and those that only appear saying they are Inverness fans when its a big occasion like the final. I had a couple in front of me at the semi that spent most of the game eating each others faces off rather than watching the game ffs!
  13. You would think we were bottom of the league the way a lot of folk on here are speaking. That or we were Billy Mckay FC. He's at Wigan now deal with it. We have goals in the team and we are 3rd because the team got us there not one guy. He doesn't need replaced we need to play to the strengths of the players we have. As for saying the club is actively trying to stop us getting into Europe that is a total joke. And our younger players are in a Development League if I'm not mistaken where individual development is more important than the standings in the league. But aye our club is doomed becaus
  14. Part of me thinks there should be a rule stopping clubs and players announcing who they have signed/are signing for on pre contracts. Also Aberdeen making the announcement rather than letting Shinnie himself decide when to break the news (Hayes managed to do this by blanking speculation on his future for weeks) isn't unprofessional per say but it does feel like that in my opinion especially with us being big rivals right now.
  15. Doran doesn't have a weight problem. He probably moves around more than the majority of players on the park can't believe the slating he's getting on here. He gets forward, he comes back, he tackles, he shoots (albeit not very well most of the time) but he is deffo one of the more consistent performers in the team!
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