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  1. Looked like Ridgers unfortunately palmed it into the net!
  2. Definitely missed Polly today! Midfield lacking without him. Very poor performance all round.
  3. That would be Ben Greenhalgh, his 'Follow London' brand. My son has bought a couple of the tops!
  4. CassICT


    Seemingly he played as a trialist for Dunfermline tonight in their closed doors friendly with Queens Park!
  5. Very impressed with the Club's handling of ticket sales and service. Phoned Club yesterday morning for tickets, details taken and tickets arrived this morning. Well done to all concerned !
  6. I was at Midmills when Donnie Munro taught art. It was probably sometime between 1976/79. I did 3rd - 5th year at Midmills, then moved to the new building for 6th year which was 1979/80.
  7. Dundee are at home to Ross County on 21st Aug that's why Dundee United game is on Sunday.
  8. Maybe I can clarify things here. We were at reserve game on Tuesday and my two young kids went to sit in the North Stand. They were told by Tommy the groundsman that they couldn't sit there as it wasn't open! From what they told me I get the impression it was said in a rather grumpy manner!!
  9. Nice to have met some of you on Friday night! Just to confirm 2adults + 2 kids for bowling night. Look forward to seeing you all then. Hopefully I've managed my first post!!!!!! :003:
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