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  1. Over the years since the North Stand was constructed in December/January 2004/5 there have been some whispers about a name change to the stand. Such like, The Northbank, The Bridge End and even one bawbag suggested the Caley Kop I have always thought it the greatest privilege for an ex player, manager or Chairman to have their name Christened on one of the home stands. Tonight we have heard the solemn news that THEE greatest player and legend to have played for the Red and Blue of ICTFC has decided to leave. However i just find it totally unfathomable to think that Rossco will have nothi
  2. here are Errea's new templates for next season. this is my preferred choice, the camden shirt. blue with white and red pin stripes please! http://www.errea.it/ENG/detail/grp=competition-man/prod=camden-shirt-ss-ad/idgruppo=112/idprodotto=D100 I do very much like Mansfield Towns new home shirt also. Imaging the same template with blue and red http://www.football-shirts.co.uk/fans/mansfield-town-201213-home-and-away-errea-kits_15220
  3. loved the caley - county one from 1996. That was my first Highland Derby in Inverness. didn't even know there was highlights of that game. brought a tear to my eye as i was 7 at the time. great to see TCS with terracing also (how it should be!!). what i remember most about that game was the fans shouting "SUMO" at the county keeper, "Dig a hole" when a county player flopped over and how after King Stewart scored that beautiful winner somehow the county fans quickly disguised themselves into concrete steps, amazing! Just wondering if you or anyone have any more vids from the early 2000s in
  4. HAHAHAHAHA we'll be doing that at the other end next season. except the words will be "Lets all laugh at C*UNTY, lets all laugh at C*UNTY ha ha ha ha"
  5. Friends of the family, Allan Milligan and John Stewart (Caledonian fc regulars) took me to see CT in April 1996 at Telford Street, i was 7 at the time. Caley won 2-0 i think and straight away i was hooked. I've always been quite proud that i can say "I was at Telford Street" and that I've seen ICT in every division. but we always stood on the terrace just to the right of the main stand, never in the howden end (sorry IHE). Although I do remember the pie shop at the back of the howden end. i thought it was great how you could que for a mars bar and watch the game at same time!
  6. was at the game with Lukey and AJS and like sandy said above, probably the best away day for singing I've been at for a very long time and that was without doubt because we were allowed to stand! Last night the back three rows of section E were all standing (we didn't make any noise however cause there was fook all to shout about) and we were never bothered once by the stewards. Which brings me to this question for CaleyD as he asked for fans ideas on safe-standing a few weeks back. Would the club be prepared to allow the back 5/6 rows of the section E to be a designated standing/singing
  7. It's getting to that time of year again when we wonder what next seasons home strip will be. Personally I would love it if we got shot of errea! The quailty of the strips are always pathetic and reminds me of the fake tops you can get abroad. Also with c*unty having nike i feel almost jealous of them. However I've lost all hope that we will ever get rid of errea because as far as I'm aware we get paid to use their shirts. So, what (errea) design would you wish for in the 2012-14 seasons? I like Brightons last two home shirts. I have a link below, just scroll down untill you find th
  8. I would help!! I'm a strong supporter for safe standing and also a huge football ground enthusiast. I would even go as far as saying im abit of an anorak in that area I believe there is alot of positives with safe standing and I've been desperate for ICT to take full advantage of the new legislation. Not only would it improve atmosphere but i'm sure it will eventually bring cheaper prices and allow a wider audience to football. hopefully more adults would be willing to take more children who would hopefully continue to support the club for years. Also i use a football ground site forum (
  9. supercalifragalistic was played before the celtic scottish cup game last year. was a good laugh although i don't know if i could stand it every week. if we just played it against celtic then that would be good. giving them a right good "get it wrapped roond ye". another beauty is local hero by knopfler. has been played a couple of times at TCS before kick off and due to the film being filmed in the Highlands would be apt for this team and area! however, Caledonia, its just got to be! i can totally imagine everyone holding their scarves aloft while the teams come out the tunnel
  10. On the seeing and experiencing it side, maybe we could ask the safe standing roadshow to come up to Inverness before the end of the season. If we allowed them to put up their railseat prototype outside the ground before a SPL fixture this would allow fans to view and try it out. Then we could properly gauge the popularity of safe standing at TCS after that. http://www.safestandingroadshow.co.uk/
  11. An idea could be to put 100 railseats in Section A to guage the popularity of it? it might be a case of more people will get interested once they have seen it and experienced it. Also would the supporters trust be prepared to pay for some of the railseats? There was a case at Chelmsford City last year when the supporters trust raised the money to build an enclosure for home fans at their ground. Maybe that is something which you could look into? http://www.chelmsfordcityfootballclub.co.uk/clarets/roro-project I also came across the sight http://www.arenagroup.com/index.php/products/
  12. Caledonia!!!!!!!!! the words to this song are fantastic. "Let me tell you that i love you, and i think about you all the time" PERFECT!! and its a good tune, unlike highland cathedral dour rubbish! luke mackay - what about "the popcorn dance"
  13. For once, i agree with DalneighCaley in that not all fans use this forum especially those who want to stand. like me for example, i have only just signed on but that is because i wish to state afew things about this subject! The majority of the guys in Section E do not use this forum but do however want safe-standing. i can almost 100% guarantee that. I'm also pretty sure that most guys will be happy wherever it is!! I can only think of one occasion since TCS became all-seater in 2005 when the singing section has been 'bouncing' and that was when we used Section A in the mainstand. (
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