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  1. This makes me wet. :D Would there be a place for fans vids? Vids of the fans singing etc.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I think its great the trust and Supporters club have merged which will no doubt benefit the club and importantly the fans. I just think the name is abit naff, but that's my opinion. I do however like the new badge. The blue and red C J has a ying yang look about it, pretty cool
  3. Non-members? I've been a member of the supporters club for the last 5/6 seasons actually!
  4. What a stupid name! How ponsy does that sound 'caley jags together' deary me. Caley Jags Supporters Association or somthing sounds a lot better!
  5. HAHA Dougal the casual. I always thought the county casuals wore tweeds and a bunnet? Obviously not :)
  6. What happened to Kyle Whyte? Havnt heard his name mentioned. He played a blinder in the testimonial against the tinks in may.
  7. Our most succesful seasons have come in predoninantly blue shirts. 2002-04 and 2009-10. The 02-04 actually had a torrid reception at first, everyone thought it was too much like the rangers top of 01-02 season. So maybe, just maybe......
  8. LOVE IT!! It is different, never had a top like this one before, but I think its classy. As I can't buy a season ticket I'll definatly be buying this to help out. My only complaint, the black 'stripe' should have been white!
  9. I want to sign a petition that Aberdeen should be relegated to SFL1 because they should have been relegated in 2000. Where was sporting integrity then franko?
  10. might I remind you.......we now give that to away fans which brings in more income!
  11. Might as well start a thread which will hopefully carry on throughout the season To start us off I have 2 amusing entries. Firstly where is Dougal? Take a look at this abomination! They have the Jailend and now the 'Wendy House'. So much for VP being the 'Superior stadium' now and secondly........ I have been reliable informed by a construction worker at VP that an 'old' Caledonian FC shirt has been buried beneath the new away stand. :lol: :bouncyblue: LETS ALL LAUGH AT COUNTY :bouncyblue:
  12. Now with Rangers gone, County have taken it upon themselves to be the new huns! haha
  13. Falkirk. Because it'll cheese c*unty off. :D
  14. DW sports at the retail park do shirt prints.
  15. Andy Kirk has become a free agent after leaving dunfermline. I hope the club would consider him as he can be prolific with the right service, he's great in the air and still has a few years left in him. What does everyone else think?
  16. Also, say the new rangers dont get voted back in. Who takes their place? Dundee or Dunfermline
  17. here is an interesting read for those who are worried about loosing the revenue from Rangers fans. It seems like its not so bad after all...... http://www.scottishleague.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3390
  18. too much like the one we had between 2008-2010. There's an errea template with thin stripes, really hope its something like that
  19. I've been reliably informed (by someone who has seen the shirt) that the new shirt will be 'predominantly blue'. I don't know anything other than that I'm afraid. So we may well be reverting back to non stripes . However i do hope that this person is just toying with me and it could be 'predominantly blue' with thin red stripes or something. Lets hope the club don't do the same mistake they did in the summer of 1994 when they mentioned 'predominantly blue'
  20. Now I'm a bit of a football ground enthusiast/anorak and what makes me and my fellow anoraks tick is not atmosphere (because fans create atmosphere not stadiums) its character!! And TCS is full of character. I cannot abide bowl stadiums like cardiff, southampton and middlesborough and the same goes with lego/mechano built grounds like livi st johnstone and shrewsbury. Frankly VP now falls into this category!! TCS on the other hand has the most unique main stand in britain, there's not another stand like it anywhere. We have two (temporary) tin sheds behind each goal which if our fan
  21. Perfect Renne. Very 3rd division esque reminds me of the 96-97 top :D
  22. That should be board.....I know what div
  23. Here is the new Grimsby Town kit http://www.football-shirts.co.uk/fans/grimsby-town-home-shirt-1213_15931 ICT bored take note! This template in blue and red will be a huge winner and I certainly will be first in the que.
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