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  1. I desperately want to see change. Part of me wants to go ahead with these plans because i want to see change but part of me recognises it is completely ridiculous. Also this structure has been tried, tested and failed in other countries. I can see a situation where the top 8 is mildly exciting (for those at the top, which in a couple of years will be the OF). The middle 8 doesnt change anything and the bottom 8 will be desperately boring! Also i dont understand the modern conception that a 16/18 top tier will bring competition. Looking back through history between WW1 and the 1950s only M
  2. Any odds on butcher being contacted?
  3. Yes I have to say I strongly agree with what Forza has said here. Every time I visit Grant St it's like stepping back into a wonderful past world of cherished old memories of football as it used to be in Inverness. I am a strong believer in Inverness playing an ongoing part in the Highland League and that was why the whole merger thing became that bit more acceptable to me when Clach pulled out of the negotiations. The HL was founded in Inverness, on Bridge Street, and of the seven teams which completed the first season in 1893-4, six were from Inverness.... Clach, Caley, Thistle, Citadel, Cam
  4. Gutted! Was hopingg to get my football fix this afternoon down GSP havent been there since 07 due to work and ofcourse caley. Actually havent been in GSP since they tore down the wine shed. I bet it feels more open without it. Used to love standing there as it reminded me of my young days in the Howden End. Hopefully they'll build an enclosure of some sorts in the future. Learnt many a new word in that wine shed :)
  5. Fev i believe the man your club is looking for is Derek Adams. He is somewhat familiar with BARNS......
  6. Yogi hughes and gary bollan o-O is that the best you can do.... TB aint going anywhere, everyone just chill
  7. Is their a singing section? I really dont want another farce like dingwall with 200 people. Squeezed into 70 seats!!!
  8. After the penalty award in the replay and the header off the bar, I stand by my idea of what the north stand should be called :D Or what about 'The Ross Tokely BOOOOO stand'
  9. Tade misses one on one with reguero. Fecking surprise there......
  10. Just seen it :D Legendary!! Get me rory macalister.... Hahahaha
  11. They go for a PSG look these days. They foresaw a clash with ICT and feared the immortal one :)
  12. Cant get it on my phone. Any chance of uploading it to youtube, that works on most phones!
  13. Id rather be alongside 3000 LOYAL supporters than have a crowd of 5500 with 2000 'johnny come latelys'
  14. For me, this is 100% true! I started following ICT in 1996 as a 7 year old and have no affiliation with the two old clubs, however, i am well aware of the merger history and i like to personally remember both teams and their histories and even go as far to say i support them BOTH. This is because to me, Caley and Thistle are like older brothers who created the finest club the Highlands have ever seen. This is why, like me, we should CELEBRATE the merger and stop bickering about it! And with the whole strip thing.... If you were to ask any of my generation, what is ICTs identity? I bel
  15. Dougal, as of today there are 82 likes for the page. Thats including myself and a few other ICT fans no doubt. But still 82? WOW sooooo many that we are missing. And by the look of it most of those people are the sevco 2012 fans!
  16. what i've always struggled to understand is the mentality of a County supporting refusenik For example..... 'Hi i'm a Caley fan who hates the Jaggies so much i would rather support a proper Highland team like RCFC than some plastic franchise FC.' 'Hi, im a Thistle fan who hates all Caley tinks so much that i can't stand supporting a team in 'predominantly blue shirts' and would rather support County' So now instead, both these hardcore Caley and Thistle fans who were against the merger are standing side by side the same people they are supposed to Loathe so much, not only that
  17. I actually just read this myself the other day regarding c*unty, it's funny you should also notice it Rene, made me LOL big time!!
  18. A month before christmas, no wonder!
  19. We easily took 6000 to hampden in 03 and 04 when our average attendance was 2000 so dont see your point alex. Im disapointed we never got the new 6000 capacity East stand. I reckon we could easily take 5500. I honestly cant see hearts taking 15000 aswell, maybe 10,000. I can see a situation where Hearts have 3 half filled stands and our one stand is packed out with some unlucky few not even getting a ticket. This hasnt been thought out well! However i see Hearts have got a Singing section. I hope our club provides one for our vocal support, maybe on the upper tear. I hope we dont end up w
  20. Dont understand what all the greeting is about. I thought the article was actually a very fair and accurate acount of how well and how far we have come as a club. I took the wicker man thing to be a light hearted joke.
  21. Paul sheerin score a hat-trick against alloa in the bells cup final 99 which we lost! That loss still hurts :(
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