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  1. Reading this weeks North Star at the in-laws just now. Rather amusing. Adams still bleeting on the same old rubbish and the North Star completely agrees with him lol! I agree with DJS that someone ought to have a word very soon about his behaviour, buts lets be honest here, this is County we're talking about. The whole region north of the bridge is seething in bitter jealousy because they thought after last year they were now the Highlands best. But sadly after only 3 games against us they are beginning to realise that its still the same and we are actually better than ever. And they are s
  2. I love it how they are saying that we are bitter and seething over vigurs and 'hes got under our skin', while they have a thread on reguero and continue to greet bout shinnies celebration in the 1st derby. One word to describe their behaviour.... Riddled!!
  3. If you have ever wondered who the numpty with the big russki hat was........well its me! At the turnstile last night got asked to take it off to see if anything was underneath it lol. That was the extent of my search, pretty pathetic tbh Ps. Incase you were wondering, i was very warm last night :O)
  4. I see in todays P&J that Forres have won the best football club pie award this year. Just wondering if anyone has sampled the mosset parks finest range?
  5. OTB is in meltdown seriously i actually thought i was on TalkCeltic the paranoia is too much In all seriousness, game was a bore and we were sluggish all night. they were better second half but not fantastic and didn't do enough to 'claim' victory. At end of day we scored 2, they scored 1. Simples! Also I really do think the ref over both games did a good job and was fair with both teams! that troll vigurs however is frankly a simpleton. what a tit, no class what so ever. He has the talent but it seems no brains and I now see why Butcher got rid of him. Feel sorry for the bitt
  6. Surely if the club shop is selling flags with sticks it should be ok, then again you never know with stewards
  7. I believe from what ive read the problem in germany is not because of 'standing' but because the Ultras are consistently using pyrotechniks. And the pyros that the germans use would put our smoke bomb to shame. They have flares, flare guns, flashbang, fireworks the lot and they send them off when and where they like often haulting games. In britain you have police, first aiders and stewards. In germany you have all that but also Firemen because of the constant threat of flares being thrown onto pitch or in the stands. I get the feeling the authorities have had enough and are threatning ta
  8. Saturdays goal against the bitters was for me the best. Just the way we did it. they had won, they were through to the draw. The whistle should have went at the restart but thanks to vigurs and brittains gloating celebrations we get a chance, then a corner then with absolutly last kick, a goal. To do that at your rivals home place while theyre singing cheerio at you is the best feeling in the world. It felt like a win! Rankins humdinger against oldco comes in a close second!
  9. Regards to standing, on saturday there must have been about 300 people squeezed into 150 spaces and not once did i feel in 'danger'. The only thing that i felt was a danger was the seats in front (whenever we scored i was always bashing my shins off the seats). It was like being in an old 1980s terrace, all squashed in, jumping about and swaying. IT WAS FECKING BRILLIANT! I dont understand why the scottish prem was made to have seats compulsory when you think of the low attendances compared to England where all seated stadia is really needed to control 30,000 or so people. And how are the
  10. Oh dear. He's turned bitter like the rest of them....
  11. We should make a giant cardboard lid to put on top of the shoebox, then it'll be complete
  12. Ridiculous idea. The thought that a team who finished 7th(west brom?) could potentially win the CHAMPIONS League is just silly! Nothing wrong with its current format although I would change the Europa League back too just a knockout system, all games seemed more appealing that way. I get the impression no one really trys in the group stages in the EL.
  13. YES MATE!! My english team are Palace. Always liked them because your badge is basically the same as ours and you also play in red and blue stripes :D:D Welcome to the forum anyway! Also You and the Holmesdale Fanatics are welcome anytime to a game. EAAAAAAGGGLLLEEEESSSSS!!!
  14. I see todays attendances also haven't been realesed yet! I did hear at start of season that celtics ST sales were down by 12,000. Ofcourse celtic fans say its because of the price but personally I think they're grieving more at the fact rangers have gone.
  15. So does Cooper have to share the managerial barn or does he get a new one?
  16. Simples, Rangers continue to get 45,000ish in the league although in the 4th tier. Celtic loosing a lot more support whilst as champions. Don't want to be embarresed
  17. Right, lets say you want to buy my history. If you want we'll even do it properly and get a legal agreement drawn up. Does that mean you went to my primary school? Does that mean you set fire to my/your neighbour's back garden in 1982? Does that mean you got knocked out by a golf ball when you were 15? What exactly have you bought? Taken from the Napoli site.... "Despite the fact that Napoli were playing in such a low division, they retained higher average attendances than most of the Serie A clubs, breaking the Serie C attendance record with 51,000 at one game.[31] The fol
  18. Aaahahaha bcz I believe Rangers the 140 year old club are still the same club that's in the 3rd division, but you don't Alex then that's means I'm clearly a rangers fan LOL. A) Been supporting ICT since 1996 (longer than a lot of people on here) B) my 'other' team as a child was actually Hearts Oh dear alex, thought you were better than that
  19. Like I said new company bought old company assets ie RFC 1872. Also when Napoli went tits up in 04 they bought old Napolis history in 06. So I believe it is possible Also when Fiorintina AC when bust in 01 or 02 they reformed as Florence de Fiorentina (or something like that). Had to change badge and weren't allowed to use traditional purple kit, instead wore all white. But I believe in 03 they won a court case which let them play in purple again, use old badge and are now called ACF Fiorintina. Rangers haven't had those problems and are using same kit, badge etc
  20. Team/club still same old Rangers FC founded 1872. Only the company name has changed from, The Rangers FC plc (now liquidated) to The Rangers FC Ltd.(Sevco franchise 5088). Mr green buying all the assets from the oldco and putting them into newco ie history, badge, stadium, kit etc. Can't believe after recent findings people are still happy to 'have a dig' at rangers. All along HMRC have been lying and now not only RFC but the SPL and the national game is in a precarious position. Hearts are clearly feeling the effect along with a few others. Our own club even needed an Emergency meeting
  21. I grew up supporting the club when crowds of 1500-2000 were the norm. I think im fairly right in saying the first home game after feb 8th there was an attendance of 1700 or something lol. Saturday was the 1st time in 8 years we dropped below 3000 and only by 52 or something. I see some people have joked about people not making the game bcz of being at the kirk, well i know of quite a few where that was indeed the reason. I had work along with no doubt a few others. Not to mention that its a month before christmas and folk are obviosly saving and lastly, it was on the telly! I'll worry if our n
  22. Ye its not the greatest but i believe it will be better and more competitive than the current farce. My ideal league would be 3 leagues (prem, championship, div3) of 14 with everyone playing 3 times each, 39 games a season. 2 times isnt enough and 4 is to much, 3 for me is perfect. The bottom two of prem and Champ get automatically relegated and replaced by top two. 3rd bottom and 3rd top have 2 legged play off like what they do in bundesliga. HL champions and East. Of Scotland champions have a play off with the winner playing the div 3 bottom side in a play off.
  23. SFL voted on it today. Glad to say the colt team idea has been quashed and a 16/10/16 league structure has been voted through. Delighted about this. Biggest chance for real change in 13 years. I hope the SPL grow a pair and vote it through aswell! Theres a link for it on bbc, couldnt get it cz im on ma phone
  24. Thats right OCG county made section G of the south stand a singing section in october. It could be easily done for us, however, from what iv heard this weekend we have only been allocated 1200 tickets. The reason for this im unsure but the away stand at the shoebox holds about 1900. I believe The club wanted to have a singing section or allocate a few rows to the sectionE lads but this has been made difficult bcz of the lack of seats made available. If uncle Roy has done this to make it look like we cant fill our end or for an advantage, he's a bigger kant than i thought So, only t
  25. I wish that was the case cap. But we all know unless those who want to stand and sing are together, there will be no atmosphere from our end!
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