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  1. on OTB they have the county version of this, and are all raging that rossco and munro are still in ICT shirts :lol:
  2. i'm unsure what the profit margin would be, I never asked. However my mate did say that JD were willing to sell errea ICT shirts in their shops with all proceeds going back to us in exchange for a JD advertising hoarding at the stadium. Seems a little short sighted when you think of the amount of people that shop in JD. Anyway i had a wee feel of the county top and it is by far better quality than what errea offers. I bought our new top 5 weeks ago because i love the design but after two washes it is literally covered in bobbles and it's not the first time that has happened with an errea
  3. (sorry if this is in the wrong area, mods move it if you wish) Was in JD sports at the retail park the other day and awaiting me at the front door was county home/away shirts and some merchandise. I know the JD manager well, so i asked what the abomination was at the front door? He told me that JD own Diadora and it is part of the deal that the nearest JD sports shop gets too sell their shirts. Fair play i thought. However he proceeded to tell me...... JD asked ICT first if they wanted to ditch errea (because they knew the hasstle the fans and club had with shirts taking ages t
  4. used to live next door to the guy when i was 6/7. nice bloke, and would let me play football with him in his garden. his brothers still live here as far as i'm aware
  5. were they occupying sections A and B in the North Stand on sat? that area looked a lot busier than usual on saturday. well done ICT lets see more of this please, especially with Inverness schools and youth clubs! personally i'm delighted that we've also went into Countys 'area' aswell haha
  6. Just been watching Sportscene and I'm sorry to say but the attendance problem seems to be a national thing. Celtic were given the long stand(opposite the main) and the 2 goal ends at StJs but only the long stand was full and there was only a total attendance of 6000. there was once a time when the OF would completely fill out their allocation whether they were on telly or not. Also Motherwell are riding high and are top of the league just now, there must have only been about 200 well fans at Dens yesterday. Very poor!! also Dundee have luckily ended up in the SPL but their end was fairly spars
  7. Haha brilliant lukey. Accompanied with our rendition of the wanyama song...... Oooooooo gavin morrison, Gavin morrison Gavin morrison Morrison Morrison Oooooooooooo
  8. Another terraced away day......BANTER :D
  9. Boohoo. Give the bairn some chocolate!! Like I said in my last post........who would be good enough and have the right pedigree to come in and take over?
  10. Ok, calm down dears We have two weeks to regroup and sort this mess out. If we find ourselves getting thumped up till county game then I'll push the panic button. If there's any repeat of march 2003 in the derby then ill make sure butcher eats the panic button! But I can't see it happening, butcher will spend these next two weeks gruelling them and they'll be ready for dons, BELIEVE!!!! Also, say Butcher left tomorrow. Who would have the right Pedigree to take over this squad? (If anyone says john robertson they'll get a virtual slap in the balls) Terrys here to stay an
  11. I would pay for two seats ;) Right another 98 to go.......
  12. On the atmosphere question........ Safe-Standing section = singing section = good atmosphere = a good, loud, supportive crowd! I understand it will cost a lot to make a safe-standing section but surely the positives outweigh the negatives and in the long run it will only benefit the club and support for the club!
  13. Unlike the fantastic St Mirren stewards who let us stand and enjoy ourselves..........at least until one lad took his shirt off when we discovered the newest SPL rule. Fans are not allowed to bare their torso. Either that or the female steward in question was just jealous that the lad had a better looking chest than she had. *Blushing* ;)
  14. Wed 29th. Just seen it on bbc football. Will be able to make this now as its my day off. Back on terraces :D BUZZING
  15. Great post!! Btw, you said you were from the North/west and also like the united. Have you at any time went to see FC United?
  16. With OTJ out would like to see TB trying a 4-1-4-1 formation of.... Esson Raven, king, warren, Gshinnie Draper Doran, Ashinnie, foran, ross Mackay It won't happen ofcourse, I expect to see a team abit like what Ajs has put with shane instead of Nick
  17. sorry if there is already a thread on this, but I have just come across the official print store on the main website. what a great idea and I'll certainly be purchasing a couple of pictures. I especially like the two pics of the stadium pre-2005, seeing The Shed again brings a tear to my eye, had many an enjoyable afternoon in there as a teenager! Was just wondering if there were any more pics of the Shed possibly making an appearance or if anyone had any other close ups of it? cheers
  18. Support the team regardless of the dross on display is not the way forward. sorry but running away when things get bad is NOT taking the club forward! However you and your family have obviously made your minds up and we can only respect that..................look forward to seeing you again on October the 6th Back on topic however, what do we do to get people in? I was reading last night that FC United of Manchester have given season ticket holders a 'free pass' to bring a friend to any game they wish. what a great piece of initiative. We could easily do something lik
  19. correct with correct spelling I thought someone as immortal as you would know a little Italian
  20. who is Callie? you can't even spell the team that you 'support' right! uncle Roy would warmly welcome people like you into his arms. good riddance!!
  21. 10% isn't actually a bad uptake...it's above national average. However, if you want to take them to games then all you need to do is ask.....drop me a PM or an e.mail to [email protected] and we'll see about organising ticket for you to take the kids along to a game (or two, or three). Thank you for the offer CaleyD. I'll pass this on to my superior and who will certainly be interested in this!
  22. Just had a thought. If the club is only able to offer school children 1 game a season, let's make it more a big deal! Put them in the main stand behind the dugout, near terry and the players. Let them go to hospitality at half time get a free mars and coke or something. They could come a couple of hours before KO and meet the players, get some freebies have a tour sort of thing.
  23. So there's 15ish PS in inverness. 19 home games a season. That means most kids are only going to get 1 game a season? Also let's put them in the unroofed west stand in the pishin rain in november? C'mon folks we and the club can do better than that! The same 10 or so kids when I was in school were garunteed a ticket for nearly every home game, that's why they kept coming back, they were going regularly!
  24. Someone said some local rangers fans who usually give us support have boycotted us. Sod them, we don't need them. Also some of the 'neautrals' are now going to see 'that lot' over the bridge. Sod them and their half hearted loyalty. We don't need these groups and need to forget about them. Our focus and priorities should be the community and youth of Inverness! We should be making sure that the youngsters of inverness are growing up supporting ICT and not the OF or 'that lot'. The club and. CJT need too work very closely on this! £16 for a concession is shocking! It was £3 for me w
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