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  1. Any advances on a singing section? I really think its needed!!
  2. At the 03±04 semis there were ppl outside the ground selling flags on sticks. £10 a flag i think it was. I would rather buy a waving flag from the club than filling some random weegies pockets!
  3. I hope there will be a designated singing section to spur on the rest of the fans like the 1st fixture. SectionE was bouncing on the 5th. I hope L_G and the club will look into this!
  4. Butcher thread on OTB now closed after todays news. Also after last nights result their theory that we are "imploding" seems to be somewhat misguided. Maybe Terry should buy more houses in England? :D Bunch o FANNIES!!!!
  5. Well that's me missed both Feb 8th and now Oct 31st lol never mind, listened to both on the radio going mental in my living room If we dont get Celtic or Hertz in the semis, would you still want to play at a 1/4 full hampden? I remember the semis against dundee and pars the atmosphere was crap, put a downer on the whole day. a 14,000 crowd against midden at Easter road would be better. what you think?
  6. As good a manager Butcher is,(and he is good and perfect for us) i just think the other names in the hat are more appealing such as shearer, curbishley and Di Canio. Butcher is tried and tested in England and has sadly failed each time, on the other hand he's perfect for scottish football. Sure Ipswich is his boyhood heros and he played and became a legend there but for some reason I'm really not worried at all about him leaving
  7. I wouldn't worry what the Scum says. They get their information from trolling footy forums and taxi drivers down the barras
  8. HAHA the 6766 crowd at TCS on friday was bigger than the whole capacity of their shoebox ground. Also i see in the U20 league table we are 3rd and they are bottom. So much for that "super-fantastic Elite Academy" they keep going on about.
  9. They're all crying on OTB now because before the game we played a Cher song which has really peeved them off. I can't think what song it was but its proper got them all offended like ra'sellick fans. One has even stated we have no class because of this behaviour Also just wondering if anyone has any videos of our end at all? I'm sure i saw a few people with their phones out
  10. Just want to say well done to everyone who was in sections E/F in the north stand on friday. The noise created was unbelievable. Even the old grannies in F were standing and sing at the end. The mass bouncy at the end was sheer bedlam. I remember many games in the enclosure which were mental but this is the 1st time since TCS became all seater that the north stand really flourished with noise. Would love to think this is the start of and intimadating, noisy and passionate home support but sadly probably not. I do believe standing helps and if section E was to become an official standing/singin
  11. I remember that. But it was when we were in the 2nd division, 1998/99 season i believe. Queens came out the tunnel first in our yellow away top so i cheered. then on came ICT in our normal home tops. i was all a bit confused lol
  12. You know Mantis i have been thinking about that game all week. In early 2000 we were going into that game with high hopes and in better form than county (a bit like just now) but they still won with the flukiest of penalties ever. I don't like getting over confident about derbies because absolutely anything can happen. In Feb 2003 I was giving it the big'un to all my county mates about how we would thrash them and on paper we should have. they were battling relegation with Alloa and we were still pushing Falkirk for the title at that point but they still won 5-1, something which i've nev
  13. Just wondering when and where was your first derby, what was the score and do you have any amusing recollections of the day? My first derby was the first derby of the 96/97 season in Dingwall. In fact it was my first ever away game. I was 7 at the time and i believe the game finished 3-1 to ICT with Iain Stewart getting a brace. i was standing in the Jubilee terrace just to the left of the goal with good friends Allan Milligan and John Stewart which i'm sure many of the 'oldies' on here will know from the old Caley days. One amusing recollection is that the game stopped for 10-15mins a
  14. If however he puts on Rick Astley again, please just switch it off!!!
  15. Why would we want to play a rankers song? Or a Liverpool one ;)
  16. Surely our biggest victory over them was the inverness cup final 1995. 5-2 I believe it was. And back then the inverness cup was taken more seriously and both teams fielded their 1st teams so you can't exactly say it was diddy game. It was Mikey teasdales debut for us aswell I think?
  17. THIS FOR END OF THE GAME (if we win)
  18. The Liquidator at the start of the game and One Step Beyond if we score. both these tunes have become unofficial anthems on the supporters bus chase the sun would be pretty awesome also! and this little number for when the farmers enter the field.......
  19. Goodness knows what 'CallieAnne' is doing with her saturdays now which is soooooo entertaining because the last couple of saturdays i have had following my team have been very ENTERTAINING WE ARE CALEY............COME ON
  20. it wasn't JD Inverness or the manager who spoke to ICT, it was JD as a whole
  21. tbf its a very old one. probably get some money for that antique now lukey
  22. your dead to me!! Atleast I don't own an Oldco shirt
  23. JJB owned the rights for Oldco merchandise from 2005 - August 2012. However just recently Charles Green striked a deal with Mike Ashleys Sports Direct to be the main retailer of Sevco as of now, which will see rangers kit suppliers be Puma as of next season. JD only opened in Inverness retail park last july
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