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  1. I must admit I was surprised in Billy McKays reaction when he scored. There's something I like seeing from players who don't celebrate against a former club, players who have enjoyed their time at a club and acknowledge what the club has done for them. Some players have respect and hold back from celebrating. Was anyone else surprised? Maybe I'm too sentimental towards him, maybe he was releasing his frustrations from his time at Wigan, maybe trying to win over Dundee Utd fans. I'm probably looking too much into this but I was disappointed in him.
  2. I think we're capable of turning this round, I wasn't too impressed with Astra on Thursday night. West Ham is a great incentive to fight back and Aberdeen's 3-0 away should be good inspiration to our lads that Scottish clubs are capable of a result in Europe.
  3. One funny post I came across on St Johnstone forum was them celebrating qualifying for Europe 4 seasons in a row for them to say congratulations to Rangers for qualifying for the Challenge cup 4 seasons in a row hahaha!!
  4. All the singing and chanting from Saturday is still going round my head...
  5. Back into work today, had a look to see the staff rota for 16th and 23rd July and there's already 3 folk on holiday. There's no chance being able to make an away trip. Just hope we qualify for 3rd round.
  6. Doh! They are obviously unseeded like us...
  7. The teams from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia are probably the worst choice for us travel wise. There's no team from Armenia or Israel in the list?
  8. gyles


    I almost past out when we scored the 2nd... With all the wild celebrating in stand I needed to calm down a little.
  9. As a youngster growing up in Nairn in the 90s, it took me a while to have any affirmation to a team. Most of my friends at school supported Rangers or Celtic, especially Rangers whilst they went through their 9 in a row. A few mates supported Aberdeen since they were geographically the closest club in the Premier League. However I just couldn't buy into following a team which felt so far away. I could have even supported Nairn County but it was always frowned upon to like someone at that level. It wasn't until 1994 when my father would talk to me about Inverness having a new team merge and
  10. My biggest worry tomorrow is complacency, so yeah no one should take anything for granted. But as you say I also feel confident about tomorrow so I have expectation of a good result.
  11. There's a very different feeling on the approach to this cup final on comparison to last years league cup. I'm putting it down to a number of factors. The Scottish Cup being a more prestigious competition with more history. The final is at Hampden the home of Scottish football and not Celtic Park. We are also firm favourites unlike last year. I guess last year what I was feeling was hope of winning, this season is expectation. If any of this makes sense haha!!
  12. In 1995 at the age of 11 I was given my first ever Caley Thistle home top as a birthday present from my parents. 20 years on and I still have this prized possession and amazingly it still fits!! I'm in a dilemma of choosing the 95 or this seasons home top. It's a big decision...
  13. It's like Christmas is approaching and Friday is Christmas Eve. I'm struggling to sleep at night for being so excited!
  14. Aberdeen played in their new home kit yesterday and is for sale already.
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