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  1. hislopsoffsideagain, I hope you have the necessary badges and experience to manage an SPL team. If you have, did you apply in November? If you have, why was Yogi chosen ahead of you? Secondly, I'm certainly not a friend of Willie Collum, but he's not to blame for this Red Card. While Shinnie may have a point, 49 out of 50 refs opt for red in this situation. Thirdly, I agree with those who say that Billy Mckay needs a rest. The alternatives: A false 9, as we say in Germany, played by Christie, Foran (if fit) or even Tansey, or give Adam Evans a chance.
  2. One thing I don't understand in the winger discussion: Don't we have a left footed winger for the left side? If we do he should be played there if it's 4-2-3-1.
  3. One thing on the 2nd goal, apart from that I blame Meekings more than Brill: A German goalkeeper let back passes roll under his foot twice in the last 9 months, resulting in own goals. His name: Marc-Andre ter Stegen. This guy not only still has all chances to be called up for the World Cup, but will most certainly move to Barcelona this summer. Why should a keeper in the SPFL be treated like here if another who gets 100 times his salary makes the same mistakes?
  4. Those idiots at UEFA, FIFA etc. should be sent to closed wards for their megalomania first, and after that to a nice cell (I'm tempted to say Azkaban) for corruption. Has anybody asked players and especially fans about their wishes? I doubt it!
  5. Well, dear Mr. Pimple, there's something like proxies which you can set on a UK IP. Then you can watch the BBC videos in Canada like I can see them in Germany if I need to. To find a site listing free proxy addresses just type "proxy" into Google.
  6. Really? Or does this account include 1976 against Germany and 1980 against Italy where it was Czechoslovakia, including some players that would now be named Slovakians instead of Czechs? But no matter, tell Yogi to look for new players in those two countries!
  7. My thoughts on Christie: Sign him up for 2 or 3 years, then send him to a Championship team on loan with the condition to have him started when fit. Take him back after a season and he might have our own Stevie May.
  8. Wonderful. And I can't believe I actually agree with every single word in a post by IHE
  9. No it wasn't. Meekings got the ball first, confirmed by TV pictures and Mark McGhee!. Could have been given but would have been borderline while ours was a stonewall penalty. Mark McGhee also confirmed that the push on Foran wasn't enough for a penalty. So let's rest this.
  10. While you're correct about yesterday, gordie, I was writing about the two comments above mine, accusing an ICT player of selfishness in an absolutely negative way. The strange thing being that many complained about the same player not starting the match.
  11. Oh how I love the Invernessian negativity. Too bad I didn't realize this when I first visited the area 18 years ago
  12. I know it's on TV but not live .Yesterdays game was live on T V but it didnt stop thousands of fans coming out to support team. Sitting watching it on TV two hours after KO is hardly support. Just what does this team have to do ??????????? Sorry for rant but just saying it as I see it !!!!! Yesterday was a Sunday with lots of options to get there by public transport, most of them returning by 10 p.mish.. Motherwell is on a Wednesday night with no options of that. Most of us will have to work on Thursday morning which is not very nice when you come home around 2 p.m.. Most of us have to look how to pay mortgage, food, insurances etc., many for a whole family. This won't be made easier if they get sacked from their jobs for not meeting expectations because they run off to a footie match during the week. So I can fully understand that few will take the trip down from Inverness. But I'm sure that the central belters will be there and make the club proud with their support!
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