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  1. What a turn around for Toddy. He was superb on Friday and yet another goal tonight. Really delighted for him, his attitude and commitment is great. Brilliant that he's now adding goals to his game. He's hitting from just at the right time.
  2. Beat St Mirren and we go away to Kilmarnock or Montrose.
  3. Todorov had been really good so far. His hold up and link up play have been excellent.
  4. If the result stays the same we move into the play off places on goal difference.
  5. Another good win for us. At this stage of the season I couldn't care less about performances. All that matters is grinding out 3 points. I'd gladly take scrappy 1 nil wins every game until the end of the season.
  6. Nice to see the bench looking so strong. Lots of options and experience to come on and change things if needed. Let's hope though the likes of Allan and Lyall can come on when we're 3 nil up and not to try and save the game.
  7. Delighted for Dan Mackay to get the goal. Seemed to get a bit of stick for his performance on Friday. I think we forget he is only 19 years old. He's not gonna be a world beater and be on it 100% every game. Not many teams, if any, in the Championship will be starting the majority of games with three 19 year olds that have come through their youth programme.
  8. I'd rather get a player or two in than another coach.
  9. If we dont get some kind of reaction from the players tonight we never will. McCann had a go in his interview after the Morton game then Allardice and Duffy have come out with stuff about how we've been embarrassing and not good enough and been in a relegation scrap. We'll see if talk is cheap or are the players up for the fight after tonight. Huge game and for some reason I think we might get the result. Maybe based more on hope than anticipation though.
  10. What a shambles that was. These guys are just not interested and so far have shown they have no desire to fight for our club. The performances have been a disgrace. I've never seen a team so poor and so limited in skill and ability as this one in all my years supporting the club. Here's hoping we can survive this season and somehow get rid of these **** poor players we have playing for us. Maybe then we can get guys in who will care about playing for ICT.
  11. I think we're lucky in that we have 3 very good midfielders to fill 2 positions. It's probably the position that we are strongest in. I agree I would of liked Carson to start but as others have said he's just back from long term injury. I'm sure Welsh and Allerdice will do a good job and if needed we have a quality sub in Carson waiting to come on and make an impact.
  12. Let's hope we get to see him wear it! Any word on how long he's out for?
  13. I'm happy with this appointment. It's like a typical ICT signing, a guy who has faltered a bit elsewhere and comes in with a bit of a point to prove. He's got a very good knowledge of Scottish football and seems to have a bit of authority about him. Really looking forward to see how this goes.
  14. From what Dundee fans say about McCann I dont think there's any way he will allow anything like that to happen.
  15. Is Keatings not our usual penalty taker? Storey is usually a terrible striker of the ball, why on earth did he take it. Storey is a disgrace if he has gone against team orders and demanded to take it when hes not the designated taker.
  16. Someone mentioned Ian Auld was doing the commentary tonight.
  17. Maybe my expectations are to high but 1 win, 4 draws and 2 loses is rubbish. In that time we've played Alloa, Arbroath, Queens and Morton. Irrespective of having games postponed if we are serious about getting into the play offs these are games we should be winning.
  18. Pathetic. Same as always. We create very little, have plenty of rubbish shots from distance then take Todorov on and punt long aimless balls at him. Why not change tactics or tinker with the formation. Even when we make subs its usually like for like. We must be so easy to play against because we do the same thing every week.
  19. I'd like to see us try - Ridgers Duffy Devine Deas Harper Welsh Carson Allardice Keatings Storey Sutherland
  20. Really happy with this signing. Looked good when he was here before. Doesn't seen to have played much football since he was with us though. Lets hope he can produce more moments like the one when he scored that cracker against Morton.
  21. Another poor result. We really need to start winning games. Tricky game away to Dundee next but then we have 3 home games against Alloa, Morton and Queen of the South. We definitely should and need to be getting maximum points from these matches.
  22. McKay and Todorov at centre half. No Deas or Devine. Vincent starts with Allardice and Carson on the bench. Strange line up.
  23. Its Hearts they play next. The winner of that game plays Stranraer in the next round.
  24. Slightly of topic but the scorer of one of our most famous Scottish Cup goals David Raven starts for Marine against Spurs in the FA Cup today. I wonder the odds on him scoring a late winner today!
  25. Great opportunity for Daniel Mackay to come in and start the next few games. Would really look forward to seeing what he has to offer.
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