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  1. Higginbotham has signed for Real Kashmir in India. Nesbitt has signed a 1 year deal at Morton.
  2. They want Strachan as technical director supposedly.
  3. Kevin McHattie has signed a new 2 year deal.
  4. Decent player not much more. Doesn't score or create much and certainly doesn't put his body on the line for the team. We could easily use his wages to keep more important players. Not a great miss.
  5. Maybe not a popular choice but Harry Paton from Ross County could be a great signing. Did well at Stenhousemuir and was good for County towards the end of the season. Probably wont get a look in next season with them with all the midfielders they have. Could be a perfect replacement for Polworth.
  6. According to Pie and Bovril Partick are interested in White.
  7. Thought MacDonald would of started in place of Walsh. Are we playing Mcart left back and McHattie in midfield with Chalmers pushed into left midfield?
  8. Why is it Tuesday if Ayr are 4th but Wednesday if ICT are 4th?
  9. That's a good point. Almost guaraentess our play off place. Will have to be some turn around in goal difference to deny us it. Delighted for Darren Macauley to get a goal, after a full pre-season he could be a great signing for us.
  10. Josh Meekings was sitting a few rows in front of me
  11. Shaun Rooney was absolutely abysmal
  12. Confirmed as Saturday 13th April kick off 1215 at Hampden.
  13. It's a huge week for us now. Beat County and Morton and things will be so much more positive. Lose both games and Robertsons position must be under threat. 7 wins from 24 games makes pretty grim reading.
  14. If Robertson said that he has gone way down in my estimation. Trying to deflect the blame from himself even though his team selection, tactics and substitutions were horrendous. There was absolutely nothing to get the fans excited about watching that today. Taking on a centre half and defensive midfielder when we are two down hardly helps. Embarrassing comments from the manager.