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  1. Was looking back at the game and what a midfield we had. Tansey, Draper, Watkins, Doran and Christie. Player for player can't be beat it, can it? I dont think so
  2. I've never heard of Stuart Morrison, who is he and why would he be such a good signing?
  3. Its Dundee that are holding all this up supposedly and not us. According to Sky there is a technical question mark over the competence of Dundee's no vote. Partick along with ICT voted no.
  4. SteveA

    ICT v Morton

    Really impressed with Lewis Toshney. First time I've seen him play and thought he looked really good. After that performance he must be looking like our first choice centre half. Let's hope he can stay fit and get a good run in the team.
  5. I might be wrong but did Robbo not say that any departures would have to be a week before the window shuts so we have time to get replacements in?
  6. What names have you heard? Remember when Donaldson signed many called him a "jobber" as you put it. He didn't turn out too bad did he?
  7. Storey off at half time and Brad McKay on. Rooney supposedly right wing. Trafford off and Carson on 10 minutes into 2nd half.
  8. I cant believe McHattie starts. He was terrible last week. Is McCart injured or just dropped?
  9. Ridgers McKay Donaldson McCart Tremarco Trafford Vincent Rooney Keatings Walsh Todorov If Rooney is fit I'd like to see him start in a more attacking role. Storey isn't a winger and Doran and Curry were poor yesterday.
  10. We should be so much better than we are. We have good players and a good squad. We have exciting attacking players yet we don't play to their strengths. We bypass them all the time by playing aimless long balls to a striker who doesn't hold the ball or win many headers. We need to get the ball on the deck and get our wingers on the ball because that is where we are most dangerous. This long punts up the park is garbage. Sort it out Robbo.