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  1. I'm stunned with Dodds comment about not working on the back four yet. The foundations of any team is built on not conceding goals. If you dont concede goals you don't lose matches. To be nine days from the season starting and not to have done any work on the back four is unbelievable. If he's not bothered to work on it play Deas and Devine who played for the majority of last season together and get Broadfoot on the bench.
  2. How was Broadfoot? Wasnt overly happy when he signed and haven't been overly impressed in the previous two games. Was really surprised to see him made captain tonight.
  3. In his interview on the radio after the Petehead game Dodds said it was another striker he was after. One with pace. I like the look of Ryan Fyffe, he did really well on Tuesday so he may be used for cover in defence.
  4. You could sit anywhere you wanted, as long as you kept your distance from others. Every other row is closed off. It worked fine for me.
  5. Just out of interest what was your main problem with Andy Bannerman? Surely it wasnt just because he read out a long list of rules, which I guess were given to him by the club to read out.
  6. I'm possibly in the minority but I thought the stadium announcer guy was really good. Also have the club improved the tannoy system? I normally sit in the main stand but was in the south stand and the sound was so much better than I was used to.
  7. Who is Hennem? Is he another youngster?
  8. Someone mentioned it was Jevan Anderson. Russel Anderson's son apparently. He looked ok, no better than what we have in my opinion.
  9. It may be the easy option but these guys are still quality players. To be honest I cant see many players signing for any team at our level because they are desperate to play for them. Manny Duku wont be signing because he saw us last year and thought he would love to play for us. He's signing because he wants to play football and we offered him that chance. All we can do is hope that any new signing comes in and gives 110% and does his best for ICT. If they do that then I'll be more than happy and have no concerns about where they came from or why they came.
  10. Why is it an embarrassing move by the club? If he's out of contract and wants to move on what can the club do about it.
  11. Could say the same about this but I guess nobody else is really that bothered to bring it up. 👍
  12. Unreal signing for Brora. Hope he can stay fit and get a consistent run of games. Will be a superb player at that level.
  13. I might be wrong but I'm sure I read there was a trials game for players that have been released from clubs.
  14. Wont be Paul Sheerin. Has been confirmed as the Falkirk manager.
  15. Maybe I missed it but did the club come out and announce McKay had left? Has it been confirmed that Vincent is away?
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