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  1. Just seen that Ayr have signed Logan Chalmers on loan for the season. Possibly makes his debut against us tomorrow.
  2. SteveA

    Dundee Away

    Who's playing where today? Struggling to see who lines up where. Is Carson in midfield and Harper and Delaney full backs?
  3. Good looking line up. Hopefully Duffy at right back and Carson in the middle with Allardice with MacGregor in behind Mckay. No Oakley, assume he's another injury?
  4. An absolute shambles from start to finish. Not one player deserves praise in my opinion. After the awful performance last week I expected to see a reaction and for us to come out all guns blazing but it didn't happen. Mcgregor didn't play well yesterday but he's better suited to playing further forward. If Dodds would sign a proper right back Carson could move into midfield with Allardice and Mcgregor which would make us more solid. I can't beleive we still haven't signed any full backs since Rooney left. It's complete madness. Everyone can see it bar Dodds it seems. The other problem I've got is giving out long term contracts to players that are constantly getting injured. Welsh and Doran are good players but neither can stay fit for any lenght of time. Walsh is another who gets injured a lot. We saw how weak the bench was yesterday due to us having a smallish squad. I realise everyone can get injured but these guys are getting injured regularly and missing large chunks of the season which we can't afford. We need to make big improvements because the last two weeks the performances have been horrible. There's just been nothing about us, no fight, no desire and its a worry. Let's hope we can turn things around quickly.
  5. Find it strange that Delaney and Daniel Mackay have been dropped. It will be interesting to see Boyd start. Can't say I've been overly impressed by him so far. Hope he proves me wrong today though.
  6. I can't beleive we were so bad last night. One or two players maybe did OK but the rest were awful. The players must take responsibility but Dodds has to take most of the blame. Yes we got a good result last week but selection and tactics need to be decided game to game. To play Hyde against Tiffoney was ridiculous. Surely Dodds would realise Hyde would struggle against one of the best wingers in the league. If he didn't he should of done after a couple minutes when Hyde had been beaten easily on two occasions. To not have a natural right back still is unbelievable. Carson needs to be moved back to midfield and a proper right back has to come in.
  7. Agreed it would be nice to have Welsh in there but it would also be nice to see Welsh stay fit for a long period. Always seems to play a few games then gets injured and is out for weeks. The problem is he's so injury prone. It's really frustrating with him. If Carson went into midfield we then don't have anyone to play right back. Again it shows the madness to not sign full backs.
  8. It's unbelievable we still haven't signed a natural right back.
  9. Even if we did make an approach to Allan he's come out and said he wanted to remain at home and be close to his family so that would immediately rule us out. For some to say we didn't try hard enough to sign him is pretty unfair. Even if we did make him an offer there was no chance he would relocate up to Inverness permanently. Sometimes there's nothing the club can do.
  10. Anyone any idea if the injury to Ram is serious or not?
  11. ICT Partick Thistle Dundee Ayr United Raith Rovers Queens Park Morton Cove Arbroath Hamilton
  12. I thought he was heading to Raith. Happy with that if he's coming back to us though.
  13. Yeah I'm pretty sure the trialist was Zak Delaney. He did fine but played centre half which seems a position we are well covered in, especially with Max Ram signing. It's full backs we need to recruit.
  14. Don't know anything about either of these guys but Boyd in particular is pretty underwhelming. For a striker his goalscoring record is really poor playing mostly in the lower leagues.
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