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  1. I heard a rumour MacGregor could be back for the St Johnstone games. Supposedly broke his cheekbone but could play with a mask protecting it. It would be nice if it was true.
  2. It's hard to play direct when the ball keeps getting blown back towards our goal. Keep it tight first half then go for it second half when we have the wind in our favour.
  3. I thought Danny Devine was superb last night. I wasn't overly happy when we signed him but in fairness to him he had been really good this season.
  4. Great performance and good use of the squad by Dodds. As some have said I was also really impressed by Lewis Hyde. The fact that it seems he can play various positions is also a bonus when we have a smallish squad.
  5. He returned to Clach on loan for the season I believe.
  6. Did Samuels not sign a permanent 18 month contract?
  7. Really, really good performance. We were under the cosh for 5, 10 minutes after we scored the first but it was great to see players throwing themselves in front of shots and Mackay making some great saves to keep us ahead. There seemed a real determination and fight about the team today. For me that was Carsons best performance in a long time but I thought McAlear and in particular Sean Welsh were outstanding, completey dominated the midfield. Looks like we could be timing our return to form just at the perfect time.
  8. I didn't notice anyone celebrating like we had won the league. I did notice for the first time in many weeks fans talking positively and been greatly encouraged by a performance and result. To beat the league leaders going into the weekend so comfortably is something that should be celebrated.
  9. I'd like to see us go with something like this today Ridgers Devine Broadfoot Deas Pearson Carson Welsh McAlear Walsh Hardy McKay
  10. Where have you heard that Roddy isn't showing up for training? I'm no fan of Dodds but for a youngster breaking into the first team and not showing up for training Is a disgrace. Can you please tell us all where you are hearing this from and what the issues are because to make such accusations about a young player is bold move. Please enlighten me?
  11. Hearing Scott Tiffoney is out injured for Thistle tonight. Big boost for us if he is. He looked really dangerous for them in the 3 all draw. Easily had the better of Carson in that one.
  12. No we couldn't. Partick play Raith Rovers. We could possibly drop to fourth though.
  13. Hamilton deserve it. Shocking goal to go with our shocking start to the game.
  14. I wouldn't want Robertson taking over again. To be honest I've no idea why we need to have Robertson and Scott Gardiner at the club. What do they both do? If they identify signings and neither could see we were in desperate need of defenders in January then I don't have much confidence in them. We must have one of the most unbalanced squads in the league.
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