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  1. If Arbroath do manage to do us a massive favour we have to make sure we dont concede again. As things stand our goal difference is 1 better than Dunferlmine and we will be 2 points behind. A win and a draw for Dunfermline next week would then be enough for us.
  2. Dunfermline have a tricky game on Saturday. Arbroath are coming off the back of an excellent result against Ayr and are still only 2 points above the relegation play off place so they have plenty still to play for. I dont think we're down and out just yet.
  3. In a way I'm glad we dont have Dunfermline's fixtures. We always seen to struggle against Arbroath and Alloa so the games we have left might suit us better.
  4. Great news. Definitely a future captain.
  5. I think Friday is much better for us. Gives us an extra days recovery before we play a massive match against Dundee on the Tuesday night.
  6. What a turn around for Toddy. He was superb on Friday and yet another goal tonight. Really delighted for him, his attitude and commitment is great. Brilliant that he's now adding goals to his game. He's hitting from just at the right time.
  7. Beat St Mirren and we go away to Kilmarnock or Montrose.
  8. Todorov had been really good so far. His hold up and link up play have been excellent.
  9. If the result stays the same we move into the play off places on goal difference.
  10. Another good win for us. At this stage of the season I couldn't care less about performances. All that matters is grinding out 3 points. I'd gladly take scrappy 1 nil wins every game until the end of the season.
  11. Nice to see the bench looking so strong. Lots of options and experience to come on and change things if needed. Let's hope though the likes of Allan and Lyall can come on when we're 3 nil up and not to try and save the game.
  12. Delighted for Dan Mackay to get the goal. Seemed to get a bit of stick for his performance on Friday. I think we forget he is only 19 years old. He's not gonna be a world beater and be on it 100% every game. Not many teams, if any, in the Championship will be starting the majority of games with three 19 year olds that have come through their youth programme.
  13. I'd rather get a player or two in than another coach.
  14. If we dont get some kind of reaction from the players tonight we never will. McCann had a go in his interview after the Morton game then Allardice and Duffy have come out with stuff about how we've been embarrassing and not good enough and been in a relegation scrap. We'll see if talk is cheap or are the players up for the fight after tonight. Huge game and for some reason I think we might get the result. Maybe based more on hope than anticipation though.
  15. What a shambles that was. These guys are just not interested and so far have shown they have no desire to fight for our club. The performances have been a disgrace. I've never seen a team so poor and so limited in skill and ability as this one in all my years supporting the club. Here's hoping we can survive this season and somehow get rid of these **** poor players we have playing for us. Maybe then we can get guys in who will care about playing for ICT.
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