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  1. Who do you guys think is more suited to be the main striker? I'd play Sutherland but I think Storey would be better suited up front than on the wing. Could we change the system and play two up top?
  2. Who started up front? Was it Storey or Sutherland?
  3. Didn't watch the game live but from the highlights Kai Kennedy looks a really exciting player. Cant wait to see more from him. Let's hope we can do a deal to keep him for the full season.
  4. Out of curiosity if we were to get rid of Robbo, which I personally dont think we should, who would you like to come in?
  5. Good looking team. Really pleased to see Sutherland up front. Deas for McKay and Welsh for Vincent and that possibly is our strongest line up.
  6. McHattie, Toshney and Storey are still out. What's the problem now with Welsh?
  7. Just watched the goals. Great finish from Allardice but the goal we conceded was shocking defending. Duffy looked really slow getting back then the least said about McKays attempt at a tackle the better. He would of been better fouling the guy and getting a yellow than pulling out of the tackle. Then I'm not sure what Deas was doing. If he stayed on his feet surely he would of cleared the ball. Not sure why he slides in and slides past the ball.
  8. I think a point in the current circumstances was a good one yesterday. The average age of our team that finished the game was 21 and a half. Mark Ridgers was our oldest player at 30. I've no idea but that may be the youngest team to have played a league game for ICT. The guys should get enormous credit for coming back and getting a point against a good and experienced Ayr team.
  9. How does it look we are lining up? Is it a 352?
  10. What's the problem with Sean Welsh? Injured yet again is he?
  11. Disappointing result but we have to remember that we were without Toshney, Carson, Doran, Storey, Sutherland and Kennedy. That's six players that if were fit would most likely of started today's game. With us not having the biggest squad that's a huge problem. Any team would struggle to be missing six key players. Obviously not a great way to start the season but let's hope some of these guys can be fit and we see a better result and performance next week.
  12. Yeah I'd agree with that starting 11. Would be nice to have Shane fit and starting up top. I reckon he would of finished some of the chances Todorov has missed in the last couple games. Any word how long he's out for?
  13. It will be interesting to see who starts up front. Storey or Sutherland. Could be both I guess. Surprised to see Keatings on the bench. Anyone know if he is carrying a slight knock?
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