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  1. Great to see a full highlights package instead of just the goals. Nice work! Is this to be expected from now on?
  2. Apologies, didn't mean to keep everyone in the dark. I got a written reply by post last Saturday - been a bit busy hence why I haven't updated on here. I am not going to go into too much detail on the contents of the letter as the Chairman respectfully requested that I did not post his reply online for all to read. Overall the Chairman was very welcoming of my feedback and reiterated that the club encourages supporters to contact them whenever they wish. The main message of the reply was that I was the first person to actually contact the club directly regarding the matter, other than the supporters trust. So beyond my email and the message from the supporters trust, the club has not received any real feedback on the variation of the badge. Obviously people have voiced their opinion on this forum but even if the club have read this (and I'm of the opinion that they shouldn't be responding officially to comments on a fans forum) then it is till only a very small fraction of the support that they have heard from. I'm still of the opinion that the team kit should retain the official club badge rather than the variation but unless a much larger proportion of the support voice their discontent then (quite rightly) there is no reason for the club to consider reverting back. Perhaps that petition is in order to actually get some numbers behind this? As I say I'm not a fan of the variation being used on the kits, but if the majority of fans are happy with it, or aren't bothered either way than I'll accept it.
  3. I received a response with an invitation from the Chairman inviting me to go to the stadium to discuss the matter personally with him. Unfortunately I live down south so this wasn't an option. Instead I am awaiting a written response. I must give credit to the club and the Chairman for the speed of response, and openness to meet personally to discuss the matter face to face. I doubt there would be many club chairman willing to the same.
  4. I emailed the club yesterday evening with my thoughts and opinions on the matter, along with a few questions. Received a reply today saying it had been passed on to the Chairman and he would respond soon. I will post an update as and when I hear back
  5. Out of interest, does anyone know if the club has any intellectual property regarding "Pride of the Highlands"? I think it would fall under trademarking. Now that they are using it in a very official capacity they should do. Otherwise it is free for others to use and potentially create unwanted associations with the club.
  6. Ah excellent. Well I'll wait and see what the response is from the Chairman before following up with my own personal thoughts on the matter. Thanks for updating us on the situation. I look forward to hearing what he has to say.
  7. Is there anyone on the forum that is a recognised spokesperson for the supporters? I think it would be best for someone in that position to collate the thoughts and feelings of the fans and contact the club regarding this. If there isn't anyone, then does anyone have an email address for the club? I'd like to contact them but the message feature on the website has a character limit of 1000 and it's going to take more than that to convey my thoughts effectively
  8. Pride of the Highlands is a decent enough slogan for the club to use where appropriate, but I really disagree with it being used on the official club badge. In my opinion it just looks a little tacky. I think it would be worthwhile trying to get the opinion of the majority on fans on this, and then writing to the club if there is a clear consensus against the new design. A couple of years ago there was uproar when Everton changed their club badge. There was then discussion between the club and fans and a new badge was agreed upon for the following season.
  9. Yeah not particularly impressed with this either. Probably too late to do anything about it this season but can we petition the club to change it back next season?
  10. Any news on when the new shirt will be released, or at least unveiled?
  11. BBC commentators only just worked out that we can make the top 6 if Partick equalise. Top knowledge.....
  12. Personally I don't the the concession or scoring of late goals as a 'swings and roundabouts' situation whereby its nice when they go for you and bad when they go against but overall they will even themselves out in the long run. This philosophy is more applicable to dubious penalty awards, goals being rightly/wrongly disallowed for offside etc. In other words events that aren't under the control of the team. Regardless of whether or not we have benefited from scoring late goals, we should be doing better at making sure we don't concede late on and throw away valuable points. There are probably a number of factors that have caused this: the tactics when defending a single goal lead, physical tiredness, and also mental fragility which only compounds and becomes more and more of an issue every time we concede another late goal. I would suggest that all three of these factors needs to be looked at.
  13. Conceding late goals has been an issue for us all season long. I make this weekend the 8th time this season we've dropped points by conceding in the last 10 minutes of games. A total of 12 points dropped, with 9 of those due to conceding in the 90th minute or later! Date Opponent H/A Final Score Minute conceded in Points dropped 08-Aug St Johnstone A 1-1 90 2 29-Aug Dundee A 1-1 90+1 2 24-Oct St Johnstone H 0-1 90+3 1 21-Nov Partick A 1-2 90 1 26-Dec Aberdeen A 2-2 90+1 2 27-Feb Dundee A 1-1 86 2 09-Mar St Johnstone A 0-1 84 1 02-Apr Motherwell H 1-2 90+4 1 If we'd have held on to even half of those points we'd be comfortably in the top six, particularly when you look at the teams we've given the points to. The difference between a decent/average season and a poor one. Wherever we end up when this season finishes, learning how to close games out has to be a priority for next season!
  14. Exaclty. I think the survey could do with a broader range of questions, and more opportunity for written responses to convey specific opinions, but generally this attempt to gain the views of the fans has to be welcomed. I'm sure everyone has strong opinions on things such as ticket pricing, transport costs, safe standing, and alcohol availability so there will be no excuse to moan about these if people don't complete the survey. Whether or not the SPFL actually listens to the fans and acts on whatever the results show remains to be seen...
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