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  1. ilpadrino

    Inverness CT -V- Celtic

    Nah - he was put on the scales on Saturday morning, and definitely registered.
  2. ilpadrino


    YI man
  3. ilpadrino

    SHOOT FOR THE BOOT & Win £200 Cash

    Go ahead M********* PS - Are we off-topic yet? - You Gotta Love It
  4. ilpadrino

    SHOOT FOR THE BOOT & Win £200 Cash

    Go ahead M*********
  5. ilpadrino

    SHOOT FOR THE BOOT & Win £200 Cash

    I worked it out on a pitch size of 115yds x 74yds, which would make it about 68.4 to the flag. I must have overestimated the couple of yards I allowed for "just off". I'd still need to be carried a minimum of 39yds to the tunnel.
  6. ilpadrino

    SHOOT FOR THE BOOT & Win £200 Cash

    So, a kick that's over 70 yards, and you say "...if you score, you walk away with £100 Cash!!!" - "walk away" - not awfully likely really. £100 wouldn't even cover the vet's bill!
  7. ilpadrino

    Player Sponsorship 2014/15

    Do you take it all off?
  8. ilpadrino

    What the............

    Try it with some fava beans and a nice chianti!
  9. ilpadrino

    Merger Talk

    1949 rationing meant they were only permitted an hour every week on the internet. Anyway, they were only allowed them to mention the war, not the merger.
  10. ilpadrino

    Clach v ICT

    Yes, that's the 50-year-old trialist in question.
  11. ilpadrino


    Just to clarify my position (to Terry): (pre-Butcher) Ship jumpers: That's life - I've spoken to OTJ since he left, I still think he's a good man, and I likely always will. (post-Butcher) Ship jumpers: Malpas and Marsella - no hard feelings - i hope all goes well for you in the future. (Butcher): If only you'd not been having a jolly with your future employers on 9th November 2013, while pretending you still hadn't decided, I and many others would wish you all the best. However, the reality of what you did that afternoon makes us all rejoice at your current plight. I briefly felt sympathy for you when I saw your picture during the penalties earlier, and then I remembered how you shat on us. South American team to win the World Cup? Argentina for me.
  12. ilpadrino


    Malta? Valletta may be champions, but they play at Ta' Qali stadium, over 5 miles from the capital. The big comparison for me is last night, when Madrid played Madrid in the Champion's League Final.
  13. ilpadrino


    I made a special trip to Tesco earlier. I had reached for a bottle of whisky to pour a drink to Terry and his achievements this season, then realised I needed a bottle of Crabbie's. I now raise my (xth) green-tinged glass of whisky mac to next year's Edinburgh derbies.
  14. ilpadrino

    Should Hughes be SACKED?

    It's difficult to be sure. I thought he'd just left us... repeatedly. Anyway, in that case: