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  1. I'm in for that (even if I messed up and missed this year for the first in a few).
  2. Personally, my favourite from Islay (and overall) is Lagavulin 16yo, and has been for years. I set a company bar bill record at Gleneagles Hotel on Friday 29th May 2015, drinking that very stuff, with the first at about 11:10am (I tried ordering one about half an hour earlier, but, damn those licensing laws, the coffee was okay). The barman offered me alternative whiskies (priced up to about £120 a nip IIRC), but I'm a faithful chap. For anyone who remembers what happened the following day, that was a pretty good weekend, all considered.
  3. The bald assistant has to go on the far side.
  4. But surely, from North Korea, the West is to the South and the East?
  5. I don't know, I wasn't there myself. It was reported to me by A Murray.
  6. I just thought you usually have your finger on the pulse, and now time on your hands since Wimbledon's been cancelled.
  7. Yes, spotted in Starbucks in the last hour with Aaron Doran. I wonder, does CaleyTennis know anything about this?
  8. Only if you're using your very own definitions. https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/grave defines "grave" as "very serious, important and worrying". Given the potential effect of such an error on the mental wellbeing of someone unjustly accused in such a manner, it would seem considerably more than "only a game" to them, and may indeed result in death or injury.
  9. Is dòcha gu bheil barrachd ri chosnadh le bhith a ’brosnachadh ceangal IRA. Is dòcha gun tòisich thu ga bhrosnachadh ann am bàraichean Boston MA?
  10. That's Fané, pronounced Fanny. I would suggest that nobody searches "Caleyhq" as all the results seem to be Fané. I didn't search "CaleyTennis".
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