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  1. Only if you're using your very own definitions. defines "grave" as "very serious, important and worrying". Given the potential effect of such an error on the mental wellbeing of someone unjustly accused in such a manner, it would seem considerably more than "only a game" to them, and may indeed result in death or injury.
  2. Is dòcha gu bheil barrachd ri chosnadh le bhith a ’brosnachadh ceangal IRA. Is dòcha gun tòisich thu ga bhrosnachadh ann am bàraichean Boston MA?
  3. That's Fané, pronounced Fanny. I would suggest that nobody searches "Caleyhq" as all the results seem to be Fané. I didn't search "CaleyTennis".
  4. I know it doesn't actually answer the question, but @AyrUnitedFC tweeted this at 6:49 tonight:
  5. As long the cameras don't use this listing to navigate.
  6. ...with half time and full time pundit CaleyTennis?
  7. Ах, дие Фреуден жон Гоогле Транслате.
  8. I'm impressed that you're an ICT fan despite working for King Billy!
  9. My mail actually finished with "Can you confirm that regardless of the outcome(s) of the replays, that both semi-finals will take place at Hampden Park?". They therefore needed to reply with either "yes" (it'll definitely be at Hampden), or "no" (we can't say). Unsurprisingly, in the 8 days between me mailing them and the announcement of the details, nobody at the SFA managed to find the time to do this.
  10. In July last year, if the SFA had added 13 April 2019 to the list of exceptions, we could have a later kick-off, and they could still televise it live. I can't see anyone that would otherwise have been going to a game, either spectating or playing, deciding to stay in and watch our semi-final instead. For next year, they just need to decide if it's going to be 11 April, or 18 April (as it was in 2015) - I would have thought they could figure that out in the next 4 months.
  11. That's not the case. UEFA Article 48 allows member associations to apply a block on Saturdays or Sundays if they wish to do so.