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  1. jingsmonty

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    I'm more interested in Gareth Bale saying he may move for regular 1st team football....he might just about cut it as a replacement for Vigurs....😁
  2. jingsmonty

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Personally, I'd rather have Nathan Austin over Storey..which, luckily, we do!
  3. jingsmonty

    Gary Warren told he can leave

    You have to wonder if Gary was offered the chance to stay on a restructured contract (which he would have been under no obligation to agree to)? Very sad - Warren may be getting on a bit, but it's a shoddy way to treat our Captain, who has given us years of sterling service!
  4. jingsmonty

    2018 Calender

    Yeah, I noticed that as well when I looked at the kitchen wall... Best (or worst!) example I can remember was seeing Pele on the calendar - just after he went along the A96 to the Sheep!
  5. jingsmonty

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Very reminiscent of when we let Munro & Tokeley go...ironically, Warren was one of the players who they made way for.... Brutal reality of football, I suppose....
  6. jingsmonty

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Probably! Not sure I'd rate Storey over Nathan Austin, mind you. If we're going for a blend of Youth, with a bit of experience, that's fine by me. Have to say that I agree with you about Gary Warren - even if he is past his best, he deserves better treatment than that! How long did he have left on his contract anyway?
  7. jingsmonty

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    There is a part of me that agrees with this - I've thought that Mckay/Donaldson was our best central defensive pairing last season. BUT still a very harsh way to treat our captain & an ICT legend...I saw Gary Warren staying & perhaps moving into a coaching role...not to be, it seems. I really feel for Warren...he may be getting on a bit & not be quite the player he was, but I've always thought that he was a great captain who leads by example - someone who would run through a brick wall for the jersey. End of an era, if true.
  8. jingsmonty

    2018 Calender

    It's become a tradition - buy the calendar & figure out which player/coaching staff won't be there by the time the month comes around...😁
  9. jingsmonty


    Not sure - think it was a 9 month loan deal? If OFW is happy at Indianappolis Eleven, here's hoping he gets the move that he's after - would suit both parties.
  10. jingsmonty

    Davie Balfour's End to End by Bike

    What a great thing to do...hats off to you, Sir! I'll make a contribution just now..
  11. jingsmonty

    New kit?

    Our black away top from season 08/09 with the red trim is my favourite yet (particularly the one with the fans names on it)...still have 1 of each of these! Happy enough with gold trim though...quite classy, imho!
  12. jingsmonty

    New kit?

    Definetly...agree 100%! If I'm been fussy, I'd have liked a red sleeve on the blue section of the home top (to match the other side) & wouldn't have minded kerping stripes too - that's nitpicking, though... Away top is a gem...will be getting that asap! Probably a home top at some point too.
  13. jingsmonty

    New kit?

    Hardly - red, white & blue? Looked like a cheap copy of a Rangers top...& that daft collar! If it had had black instead of white, it would have been better.
  14. jingsmonty

    Yvonne Crook - New Chief Executive

    Best of wishes in your new post, Yvonne - it's actually good to see progress being made behind the scenes to make the club more 'professional' in it's running...vital if we are ever to entertain any notion of being a Premier league club again..
  15. jingsmonty

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    I would say he is maybe being sensible, rather than lacking ambition - he may have a decent job/career outside football, that he can work in for another 20+ years, rather than take a punt at full time football & risk having no income in a year or 2. And, as others have mentioned, there's the moving kids from school, selling/renting a house, etc. It's a major decision for him! Different if he was younger & single, perhaps, but Kyle Hutton has to do what's best for him & his family...I don't have a problem with that.