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  1. Russel Duncan & Grant Munro had a joint testimonial...I remember it well!
  2. What a fantastic idea, Kingsmills...I, for one, would love to see this happen. Alan Hercher will never be forgotten....taken far too soon at a shockingly young age.
  3. I spotted Ryan Christie in the Eastgate Centre last week, but I'm not holding my breath for a return...!
  4. Ah, it's the time of the year for the obligatory 'Nick Ross spotted in Inverness' thread...?
  5. Hope so...look at how Dundee Utd managed to get a substantial amount of cash from the sell on clause they had when Andy Robertson was sold on.
  6. It does make you wonder how Robbo would have done with the budget that Yogi & Foran had....that's a pointless 'What If?' question, I know... Good to sign Jamie McCart on a permanent deal...a known quantity & a decent signing with plenty of potential. It shows one of the reasons Robbo was appointed this time around...he knew the club & took an interest in it, so he was, no doubt, well aware of McCart from his previous loan spell...
  7. No. Just No. Maybe get Mark Ridgers to ask his brother to do a funky remix, though.....??
  8. It says a lot for the way we ended last season, that our manager is being touted for a Premier league job (less so about how we started last season, mind you ?).
  9. I think we are reading too much into this...think the papers are on a fishing expedition, personally! I'd be suprised if Robbo left - once bitten, twice shy & all that....maybe if Craig Levien wants him as Hearts head coach, but Robbo lives up here, for one thing...I don't see the Livvy job as being that attractive to him, to be honest.
  10. Seems like a good solid signing...as much as I rate Austin & Oakley as a partnership, we can't rely solely on them...or Daniel Mackay either (who I rate highly as well). We need cover & competition for positions.
  11. I can't see it - he left us last time for Hearts, who I think would be the only club he would leave Inverness for. Once bitten, twice shy!! He lives up here, after all too.... Would agree that Livvy wouldn't be an attractive proposition for Robbo...personally, I see it as a positive reflection on the job he did last season (atrocious start notwithstanding) & the squad he is building here, for peanuts, that he's been linked with a Premier league job!
  12. If that is the case, then it makes the club's conduct look even more suspect
  13. It's symptomatic of the way the club was ran under the previous board....unfair that guys like Gary Warren should have to be forced out as a result. Yes, he was given a long contract which, I presume, didn't contain a relegation clause. You can hardly blame Gary for signing it! This is the same group of people that thought giving Richie Foran a 4 year contract as a rookie manager was a good idea, don't forget! I don't have a problem with the club saying to Gary "look, if you get a move to another club that suits you & your family, we won't ask for a fee & will let you go for free", but I DO have a problem with the club going public &, basically, forcing him out - it's a pretty shoddy way to treat a long serving player & captain, who would, clearly, run through a brick wall for the jersey! Said it before, but I feel that Gary still has a role to play at the club, even other than as a player. He's a great example to the kids on how working hard will bring you success.
  14. Would he improve the team as it stands? I'm not sure he would...maybe a bit of overseas experience may have been a good thing for his game, I'm not sure? Jury out on this one for me....
  15. Me too - as I said on the other Gary Warren thread, I think he has a lot to offer us - not necessarily just as a player. Given the fact he has had to work hard, playing non-league football, etc, he's a great example of what hard work can achieve & I always saw him moving into a coaching role, over time (a bit like Ryan Esson has done).
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